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Feeding Dad's Ear Funny Ending !!!0:313,018
Baby Laughs at Farting Ketchup1:465,971
Jacks Clapping Feet0:523,576
Husky Makes Cabinet His Home0:5926,612
Two Headed Pug Dog0:5213,292
Grossest Cat & Baby Video Ever!!!!0:364,626
Baby Round and Around0:424,792
Tongue Flicking my Husky Dog0:3638,881
Baby Jack Politely Declines SO FUNNY!1:5313,184
Pug Undercover0:4418,657
Baby Loves Belly Kisses Makes Crazy Sounds1:2914,264
Baby Laughs at Pug Dog But Why?!?0:5317,896
Baby Jack Farts in Dad's Face0:4175,231
Baby Jack Laughs Hysterically at CRAZY Dad2:417,365
Kitty Gets it ON!!!1:009,904
Pug Dogs Living in SIN So Cute!0:3110,072
Pug Dog vs Camera0:4913,478
Pug Dog Chases Darts So Funny!0:5612,959
How Not to Dress Your Baby1:707,139
Kitty Cat Sneak Attack0:276,106
Cheap Cheap Entertainment Baby Ducks so cute!0:313,740
Kitty Cat Sleeps upside down CUTE!0:332,396
Coolest Pet Squirrel1:12167,437
The Mystery Paw So FUNNY!!!0:464,012
Baby Pacifies Parents0:392,049
Hypno Baby0:413,018
Baby loves Story time1:281,337
Catching Puggle Dog in Laundry Basket0:523,582
Bird wears Bells as Hats0:443,275
Pug Caught in the act!0:53279,3041 list
Cat in Toilet0:5011,813
Baby Jack SQUEAKS cuddling with kitty cat1:6010,465
Surprised Kitty by Baby Jack0:312,346
Newborn Baby Jack's Funny Dream Faces0:492,636
Baby Jack's First Month3:272,936
Husky Dog Caught in the Act!0:326,938
Newborn Baby Jack's Burping Montage0:466,623
SO FUNNY! DOG vs HOSE1:0016,506
Husky Water Therapy Our Miracle Dog Cure!0:583,369,2941 list
Cutest Video!!! Spooning a Surprised Kitty!0:4810,506
Cutest Husky Video!!! Squishy Face Drinks in his Sleep0:55405,0651 list
Pug Dog in Stroller & Baby Bonnet1:2951,5011 list
Pug in Tutu Dancing1:11104,9371 list
Pug Poops on Owner0:49239,0541 list
Cat Steals my Gabagool1:609,479
Husky Destroys iPhone & Dances5:412,485,9641 list
Trash Prank FAIL! Oogie Boogie Punch!0:4526,223
Giant Spider Attacks Husband2:6028,4151 list
Dog Mating With Stuffed Toy0:5045,027
Star Wars Toy shoots REAL Lasers!3:323,897
Warning about Pugs1:37141,8891 list
Dramatic Gecko0:457,487
Spoof of Drug Commercial Down the Toilet1:135,4371 list
My Cheating Wife Caught on Camera0:515,844,6891 list
Brocabulary1:5115,5411 list
DON'T TOUCH pugs new toy!1:131,786,9091 list
Pug Sneezes in Owners Face Repeatedly1:19126,3231 list
Pug BITES ME repeatedly after nail trim1:48226,6991 list
Cutest Ferret video Ever!!!1:1528,884
Baby Ferrets Funniest Video Ever!1:7079,933
Turtle Fart Makes Bubbles!0:4113,225
Warning About Ferrets1:21135,420
Turtle Bites Dog & Holds on for Life!!!0:51221,989
Talking Husky Dog1:2652,2061 list
Husky & Pug Dogs eat Peanut Butter SO FUNNY!1:3366,658
Baby Ducks Chasing Mama0:4011,307
Opening Tarantula Egg Sac2:40423,7611 list
Why Cats Attack!1:3925,276
Feeding Tarantulas Mantis & Centipede!!!2:3038,0361 list
Husky Steals the Pug's Dog Bed0:39149,3311 list
Dog Sings to Radio1:1512,117
Husky Communicates Using Computer0:3735,1731 list
Cutest Pug Video!!!1:29254,6351 list
Husky Tongue gets Stuck1:9057,5691 list
Man vs Pug Dog1:35235,9731 list
Cat Got your Glasses0:346,423
Ghost Prank Goes Bad2:21106,261
The Magical Mystery Shout Out Tour!!!8:542,999
Cutest Pug Puppy1:2527,222
Pranking Nurses2:115,458
Paralyzed Pug Walks again with Wheelchair1:4822,339
Santa Pug on Christmas gives shout outs with me5:4116,0611 list
Pug Dog Rips my clothes off1:5840,3121 list
Family Fights on New Years1:1530,9641 list
Man Falls in Toilet, Pug's Revenge1:58228,3251 list
Wife Beats Husband Caught on Camera8:47338,477
Cell Phone with Hemorrhoids applicator app1:325,2871 list
Banned iPhone ad0:4737,930
Husky sleepwalks into Pug Dog0:4896,4041 list
Crashing Weddings! Evil Betty Style!!!2:214,117
Pugs Falls Asleep Standing Up1:0061,648
Pug Dog Halloween Costumes2:1522,7611 list
Car Chase Shout outs!!!5:452,024
Man vs Cockroach!!!!0:3132,359
Husky Recovery8:2638,8081 list
Husky Dog goes NUTS1:60127,4991 list
Funny Kitty Cats0:5011,762
Peeing on Fans2:124,231
Baby Hedgehog 'Mr. Hoggy Pants'0:4723,040
Kronc27's Mr. Legs 2010 Video!!!3:377,3361 list

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