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Katy Perry - Never Worn White (Official)3:5126,563,263
Katy Perry - Making Of "Harleys In Hawaii" Music Video3:11233,750
Katy Perry - ASMR: Harleys In Hawaii6:23786,893
Katy Perry - Making Of "Cozy Little Christmas" Music Video3:23619,138
Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas3:6015,498,754
Katy Perry - Surprises A Biker In A Dramatic Reading Of Harleys In Hawaii3:57278,025
Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii (Vertical Video)3:501,559,903
Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii (Official)3:1526,365,614
Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #41:18210,397
Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #32:00164,961
Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #22:41216,736
Katy Perry - Making of "Small Talk" / Episode #11:51182,418
Katy Perry - Small Talk (Vertical Video)2:50774,212
Katy Perry - Small Talk (Live On The Ellen Show)3:21767,986
Katy Perry - Small Talk (Official)2:4925,481,059
Katy Perry - Small Talk (Lyric Video)2:5014,023,440
Katy Perry - Never Really Over (Lyric Video)3:501,270,358
Katy Perry - Never Really Over (Vertical Video)3:491,623,366
Katy Perry - Making Of “Never Really Over” Music Video3:161,487,084
Katy Perry “Never Really Over” YouTube Space Premiere Event3:55954,723
Katy Perry - Never Really Over (Official)4:10121,895,025
Katy Perry – Never Really Over (Trailer)0:46888,943
Zedd, Katy Perry - 365 (Official)4:24114,778,684
Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas (Audio Clip)0:461,105,716
Katy Perry - Power: In The Studio7:35357,640
Katy Perry x Oprah Winfrey - WITNESS: Coming Home7:40256,324
Katy Perry - Making Of “Hey Hey Hey” Music Video4:525,416,160
Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Behind the Scenes with Just Dance)2:331,082,852
Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey (Official)3:46129,488,019
Katy Perry - Making Of “Swish Swish” Music Video ft. Nicki Minaj5:198,872,008
Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?1:26:500
Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness? - Official Trailer2:363,296,264
Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Music Video Trailer)0:54920,811
Katy Perry Invites You Backstage! // Omaze0:4398,523
Katy Perry - #OneLoveManchester Behind-The-Scenes4:701,877,839
Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Live from Witness World Wide Finale Concert)3:22555,878
Katy Perry - Reacts To Her Music Videos (Witness World Wide)8:807,741,675
Katy Perry - Serenaded By Pentatonix (Witness World Wide)3:56838,659
Katy Perry - Memory Lane With Jeremy Scott (Witness World Wide)2:4295,205
Katy Perry - Choir Surprise Wake Up With Crystal Lewis (Witness World Wide)4:47258,468
Katy Perry - Movie Night With Gigi Gorgeous (Witness World Wide)1:44282,674
Katy Perry - Deja Vu (Piano Version by Nico Casal) (Witness World Wide)3:2523,251
Katy Perry - Mind Blown By Neil deGrasse Tyson (Witness World Wide)50:601,552,817
Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Piano Version by Nico Casal) (Witness World Wide)2:2641,747
Katy Perry - Roulette (Piano Version by Nico Casal) (Witness World Wide)3:5018,520
Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey (Piano Version by Nico Casal) (Witness World Wide)3:4412,533
Katy Perry - Witness (Piano Version by Nico Casal) (Witness World Wide)4:8028,423
Katy Perry - Bonding With RuPaul (Witness World Wide)4:42274,875
Katy Perry - Boys & Girls Club Chat with Mario Lopez (Witness World Wide)13:1071,656
Katy Perry - Discussion With Veterans (Witness World Wide)2:4548,603
Katy Perry - Downward Dog With Nugget (Witness World Wide)1:30269,689
Katy Perry - Spills Her Guts With James Corden (Witness World Wide)6:353,630,998
Katy Perry - Spoken Word Performance by Zariya Allen (Witness World Wide)3:5085,206
Katy Perry - Rehearses "Witness" with Fans (Witness World Wide)2:34182,093
Katy Perry - Make-Up Tips with Kandee Johnson (Witness World Wide)3:60218,655
Katy Perry - Nugget Finds Her "Power" (Witness World Wide)0:58224,696
Katy Perry - Mural Art Reveal (Witness World Wide)1:3943,269
Katy Perry - The Therapist on Viceland (Witness World Wide)58:533,203,614
Katy Perry - Rose & Thorn Dinner With Special Guests (Witness World Wide)3:36370,580
Katy Perry - Left Shark Surprise Wake Up Call (Witness World Wide)2:23388,778
Katy Perry - Glam Session with Laura Lee (Witness World Wide)1:19198,024
Katy Perry - Gordon Ramsay Cook Off (Witness World Wide)4:512,147,574
Katy Perry - Power (Live from Witness World Wide)1:5298,384
Katy Perry - Save As Draft (Live from Witness World Wide)2:2556,592
Katy Perry - Thinking Of You (Live from Witness World Wide)3:46131,668
Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey (Live from Witness World Wide)2:47254,138
Katy Perry - Yoga with Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Witness World Wide)1:5894,736
Katy Perry - Domino Art with Lily Hevesh (Witness World Wide)3:58253,334
Katy Perry - Livestream Concert Announcement (Witness World Wide)0:5666,963
Katy Perry - Witness World Wide Live Stream Reveal0:4992,153
Katy Perry - WITNESS: The Tour Europe Announcement0:43151,878
Katy Perry: Witness0:32948,205
Katy Perry - SUNDAY SALUTATIONS1:22:50362,550
Katy Perry - Submit your #BestCoverEver of Firework. Win a chance to perform with me!1:1249,122
Katy Perry - WITNESS: The Tour Announcement0:31153,492
Katy Perry - Bon Appétit Music Video Chat36:131,083,494
Oblivia - Grand Opening February 21, 20170:32533,958
The Prismatic World Tour Live0:16213,510
Katy Perry - PRISMATIC World Tour1:20581,543
Katy Perry -- The PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR 20141:29392,936
Katy Perry 'PRISM' Album Sampler24:56530,498is in 3 lists
"Katy Perry: Part of Me" in 3D clip: Adventure0:54281,716is in 2 lists
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D Official Trailer2:703,722,795is in 3 lists
Katy Perry's Got a Golden Ticket!0:41328,795is in 2 lists
Katy Perry's Music Video Creator's YouTube Playlist4:14123,8721 list
Katy Perry - "Part of Me (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)"6:50512,573is in 2 lists
Katy Perry - "The One That Got Away (Acoustic)" Official Chord & Lyric Video4:213,886,1771 list
Katy Perry - "The One That Got Away (Acoustic)"4:202,587,505
Katy Perry Concert Candy: Mexico4:16468,409is in 2 lists
Katy Perry Concert Candy: West Coast4:50397,289is in 2 lists
Katy Perry Concert Candy: East Coast4:52327,041is in 2 lists
Katy Perry Concert Candy: Atlanta3:44252,110is in 2 lists
Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [feat. Missy Elliott]" Official Lyric Video4:001,512,7671 list
Katy Perry "The Smurfs Movie Audience Appeal"0:52105,024
Creating Smurfette Character1:0090,6261 list
Katy Perry "The Smurfs Take Manhattan"0:2178,6151 list
Katy Perry As Smurfette With Gutsy Smurf0:23644,349
Katy Perry - Recording the Voice of Smurfette0:42224,7191 list
Katy Perry "The Smurfs - Meet Smurfette [Trailer]"0:183,682,504
Katy Perry talks about The Smurfs - Animation0:40299,8021 list

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