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(Frozen 2) Show Yourself - Sungha Jung4:6095,850
(Justin Bieber) Mistletoe - Sungha Jung3:21104,918
(Frozen 2) Into The Unknown - Sungha Jung3:15248,669
(IU) Blueming - Sungha Jung3:44311,221
(Ariana Grande) Santa Tell Me - Sungha Jung3:33172,920
(Bee Gees) How Deep Is Your Love - Sungha Jung4:10670,625
(Maroon 5) Memories - Sungha Jung3:181,508,763
(IU) Love Poem - Sungha Jung4:32182,502
VLOG #10 - Introducing My Recording Equipment12:0082,468
(Stephanie Poetri ) I Love You 3000 - Sungha Jung3:28329,261
(Anne-Marie) Friends - Sungha Jung3:34168,682
(Karina) Slow Motion - Sungha Jung3:46104,862
(AKMU) How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love - Sungha Jung4:50283,450
(TAEYEON) 그대라는 시 A Poem Titled You - Sungha Jung3:46293,525
(Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello) Señorita - Sungha Jung3:141,817,855
(Anne-Marie) 2002 - Sungha Jung3:16409,256
(Younha) 비가 내리는 날에는 On a Rainy Day - Sungha Jung4:18144,045
(Toy Story) You've Got a Friend In Me - Sungha Jung2:15432,188
(Anohana) Secret Base - Sungha Jung4:44270,487
윤하(YOUNHA) X 정성하(Sungha Jung) - '비가 내리는 날에는' (On a Rainy Day) Acoustic ver.4:11391,898
(Aladdin) Speechless - Sungha Jung3:22334,940
You Are My Rainbow - Satoshi Gogo and Sungha Jung (live)4:4864,384
(Sungha Jung) Wedding Bell - Sungha Jung (live)5:9070,735
(Your Name) Zen Zen Zense 前前前世 - Sungha Jung4:52375,315
(Aladdin) A Whole New World - Sungha Jung3:361,932,192
(잔나비 JANNABI) 주저하는 연인들을 위해 (For Lovers Who Hesitate) - Sungha Jung4:47193,954
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!2:15:10139,629
(Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber) I Don't Care - Sungha Jung3:37260,212
(Kotaro Oshio) Wind Song - Sungha Jung4:52123,010
(Naruto Shippuden) Silhouette - Sungha Jung3:51502,101
(Eraserheads) Ang Huling El Bimbo (Ukulele Ver) - Sungha Jung3:41190,751
Fly Me To The Moon - Rynten Okazaki and Sungha Jung (live)3:3091,073
(BTS) Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) - Sungha Jung3:35481,995
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!2:00:2391,493
(Naruto Shippuden) Blue Bird (Ukulele Version) - Sungha Jung3:33235,779
(Sungha Jung) Irony - Rynten Okazaki & Sungha Jung (live)5:2538,194
(Your Name) Sparkle - Sungha Jung5:51622,794
(The Greatest Showman) Rewrite The Stars - Sungha Jung3:57621,989
(Eraserheads) Ang Huling El Bimbo - Sungha Jung3:47725,942
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!1:58:56105,350
(Payung Teduh) Akad - Sungha Jung (Ukulele Version)3:40618,774
(Naruto Shippuden) Blue Bird -Sungha Jung3:401,391,716
(Queen) Queen Medley | Bohemian Rhapsody + We Will Rock You + We Are The Champions - Sungha Jung5:412,181,436
(Kenshi Yonezu 米津玄師) Lemon - Sungha Jung4:18299,382
Tetris Theme - Sungha Jung (Ukulele Ver)2:53230,023
VLOG #8 - Home Tour!7:44207,907
(Your Name) Nandemonaiya (何でもないや) - Sungha Jung5:301,460,039
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!2:42:32113,229
(Original) Etude - Sungha Jung2:20102,798
The Best of Sungha Jung - Pop Compilation 146:5548,447
(Don Mclean) Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - Sungha Jung4:44145,321
The Best of Sungha Jung - K-POP Compilation 135:3647,334
(Original) Wedding Bell - Sungha Jung (live)5:8065,921
(Origianal) Gravity - Sungha Jung live4:2270,987
Canon - Sungha Jung (Ukulele Live)3:59204,770
(Kotaro Oshio)Fight - Sungha Jung (live)2:5056,122
(John Mayer) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - Sungha Jung4:491,094,091
Vincent - Sungha Jung (live)5:6056,198
VLOG #7 - USA 211:3040,101
(Mariah Carey) All I Want For Christmas Is You - Sungha Jung3:59414,365
(Up Dharma Down)Tadhana - Sungha Jung3:90497,650
VLOG #6 - USA 18:5439,539
Havana & Girls Like You - Sungha Jung (live)5:51189,815
(Tokyo Ghoul) Unravel - Sungha Jung4:262,113,945
[정성하 연말 공연] Seoul & Busan 12.22 - 230:3923,952
(Ha Hyun Woo) Ithaca - Sungha Jung (Acoustic Guitar Ver)4:0028,353
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!3:01:1787,658
VLOG #5 - Vietnam6:1024,541
It's Time / With or Without You - Trace Bundy and Sungha Jung (live)8:4373,314
Remember Me from 'Coco' (Classical Version ) - Sungha Jung2:40271,057
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!1:36:2786,165
Meet Sungha Jung in Taiwan 臺灣 in December!0:4319,657
VLOG #4 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia6:4319,370
(Ed Sheeran) Happier - Sungha Jung3:28232,565
(Payung Teduh) Akad - Sungha Jung3:47759,256
에피톤 프로젝트(Epitone Project) X 정성하(Sungha Jung) '첫사랑' (First Love) live clip3:1051,218
(Yiruma) May Be - Sungha Jung3:59194,963
Sungha Jung talks about his Hongkong Tour in November!0:4024,449
(Elvis Presley) Can't Help Falling in Love - Sungha Jung - Cover Request3:18415,336
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!1:30:5956,245
VLOG #3 - Disney Sea in Tokyo with Best Friends4:5932,539
Fly Me To The Moon - Satoshi Gogo and Sungha Jung (live)4:2461,382
[Original] Andante - Sungha Jung4:3894,037
VLOG #2 - Trip to Tokyo with Best Friends4:2830,423
[Vocal Cover] (John Mayer) St. Patrick's Day- Sungha Jung5:70121,440
Sungha Jung + Trace Bundy 7 Show USA Tour in October!0:3521,441
(BTS) Fake Love - Sungha Jung (live)3:4691,873
(Kit Chan) Home - Sungha Jung (live)3:5230,715
VLOG #1 - Andante Tour in Singapore6:5039,372
Isn't She Lovely - Jaehoon Jang and Sungha Jung (live)4:3668,556
Englishman in New York - Sungha Jung (live)4:0053,392
(Zico Feat. IU) Soulmate - Sungha Jung3:4078,833
Sungha's Live On Youtube!!1:24:1856,203
Sungha Jung speaks about his September tours!0:4022,761
[Original] Blue Day - Sungha Jung3:3778,495
Havana - Sungha Jung (live)2:57119,702
[Original] Pit a Pat - Sungha Jung (live)4:1522,677
[Original] Andante - Sungha Jung (live)4:5230,545
가을아침 - Sungha Jung (Ukulele Live)4:5032,717
Canon - Sungha Jung (Ukulele Live)3:54136,743

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