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Man Carjacks Woman in the Most Canadian Way ft. Matt Vincent & June Quan12:5810,332
Off The Record: Who is The REAL Epitome of Fitness? ft. Matt Vincent & June Quan20:50114,609
Cops Called to Hotel & Finds Surprise ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo11:58107,611
Chinese TV Criticized for Earring Censorship ft. Damien Haas & David So10:4593,859
Airplane Passenger is Gross on Airplane ft. Damien Haas & David So13:27158,996
Typo Led Man to Join a Stranger's Bachelor Party ft. June Quan & David So13:26112,999
China Launches App to Snitch on Debtors ft. Damien Haas & David So12:4992,337
Artist Finds Out She's Poisoned by Her Art?! ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo14:32167,074
Japanese Hotel Lays Off Half Its Robot Staff ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo13:28120,676
Coffee Plants at Risk of Extinction?! ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo12:14131,848
Chinese Table Manners You Should Know ft. Jazmine Garcia & Steve Greene12:00142,091
Man Gets Called Out for Making Up a Stalker ft. Nikki Limo & David So13:45140,031
Off The Record: Obsessive Thinking, Mexican Muslims, Meditation ft. Damien Haas & David So19:52143,248
WS - Update on Pregnant Woman at Nursing Home ft. Damien Haas & David So21:42158,335
Researchers Propose Eating DIRT to Lose Weight ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo10:20120,128
Man Goes Crazy with a Hammer ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo14:52121,345
Fyre Festival Docs: Is Hulu or Netflix Better? ft. Damien Haas & David So10:11129,276
WS - Doctors Save Man’s Life with Beer!? ft. Damien Haas & David So20:37133,186
New Trick Will Help You Remember Anything! ft. David So12:59127,757
Police Found Stolen Rolexes in a Fishy Place ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo11:20137,162
Girl Who Escaped Her Captor Gets the $25K Reward ft. Damien Haas & David So11:23141,554
What To Do With Things That Don't "Spark Joy" ft. Nikki Limo & David So14:50127,493
Talking About Masculinity ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn11:57188,711
Walmart Bans Woman for Having a Good Time ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo11:13138,575
Netflix Sued Over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo11:70149,269
Off The Record: Steve's HUGE Kidney Stones ft. Steve Green & Nikki Limo17:54235,888
Woman Awarded $21.5M for Being Forced to Work Sundays ft. Nikki Limo & Steve Greene11:10141,316
Doctors Find Leech in Woman's Sinuses ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo13:39135,765
Woman Obsessed With Officer Gets Arrested ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn11:50241,129
Nike Releasing New Auto-Lacing "Smart" Shoes ft. Nikki Limo & David So12:13156,425
Hawaiian Congressman Receives Backlash ft. Nikki Limo & David So12:38127,011
Man Allegedly Stole Roommate's $10M Lottery Ticket ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo11:49152,106
Bhad Bhabie Gets $900K Makeup Deal ft. Nikki Limo & David So12:48185,959
Man Makes Bet to Stay in Isolated Darkness for 30 Days ft. David So11:53223,539
Woman Shares Story of the Worst Parents ft. Steve Greene12:70179,044
Chris Hansen Arrested for Bouncing Checks! ft. Nikki Limo & David So13:52161,934
WS - Salt Bae Sued for Taking Employee's Tips! ft. Nikki Limo & David So18:56182,784
Burger King Sued After False Promise?! ft. Bobby Lee, Khalyla Kuhn12:44207,901
Man Accidentally Helps a Bad Dude ft. Jazmine Garcia & Steve Greene11:52131,380
Rihanna is Suing Her Dad Over 'Fenty' ft. Nikki Limo & David So12:10185,712
Gilette Faces Internet Backlash ft. Nikki Limo & David So14:15171,825
WS - The Song ‘Africa’ to be Played on Repeat in Africa ft. Nikki Limo & David So19:36159,790
How to Parent In The Digital Age ft. Silent Mike & Gina Darling14:30101,644
Woman Given the Wrong Cream for Her Eyes ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn12:33177,876
Off The Record: Eating Pie, Rain Stories & Houses ft. Nikki Limo, David So21:34184,435
Mommy Blogger Refuses to Stop Writing About Her Daughter ft. David So16:48171,050
11-Year-Old Saves Drowning Man! ft. Bobby Lee & Khalya Kuhn10:58171,920
Man Arrested for Eating Woman's Pet Fish ft. Bobby Lee & Khalya Kuhn11:39243,813
Man Disabled After Selling Kidney for iPhone ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn13:10232,087
Cops Caught In 'Love Rectangle'?! ft. David So13:56204,034
Top 5 Florida News Headlines So Far in 2019 ft. David So12:55156,041
Woman Finds Her Daughter's Dad After 12 Years!12:80129,572
Woman Leads Reform Protest at McDonalds ft. David So12:14158,158
Cheating Husband Gets Apology Tattoo!11:19155,854
Heartbroken Man Crashes Car Into Porsche Dealership ft. David So14:19157,621
Off The Record: Bobby Tells Incredible Stories ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn24:22355,013
Middle & High Schoolers Use App Delivery over Cafeterias (ft. Julia!!)12:39149,828
Polyana Viana Knocks Out Mugger in Brazil ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn12:29187,486
Off the Record: How Was Our Winter Break?! ft. David So20:52177,266
Kendall Jenner Duped Her Fans for Proactiv ft. David So13:90250,122
Police Investigating Nursing Home After Unexpected Birth ft. David So12:25193,330
WS - Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is Getting Divorced ft. David So19:13198,027
Woman Runs Over Nail Salon Owner ft. David So14:90171,159
Should YouTubers Promote Gambling? ft. David So12:10180,764
R. Kelly Is Now Under INVESTIGATION ft. David So12:49257,394
WS - Man Caught Licking Family’s Doorbell ft. David So21:49190,190
Police Stole Items from Homeless Shelter?? ft. Steve Greene, Nikki Limo, David So11:49129,241
Man Built a Mansion for His Dog?! ft. Dumbfoundead & David So10:41116,042
Actress Claims Fan's Lawsuit is Just to Meet Her ft. Jazmine Garcia & Steve Greene13:42138,767
Woman Arrested 39th Time in 8 Years ft. Nikki Limo, Steve Greene, David So11:35147,223
Many Have Lost Hope in the American Dream ft. Stephanie Soo & Gina Darling11:28128,501
Surprising Facts About Loneliness ft. Steven Lim15:18135,055
Friends Spend Retirement Giving Free Life Advice ft. David So13:17111,466
Knowingly Taking a Placebo STILL Offers Relief ft. D-Trix, Bethany Mota, David So11:30107,082
Woman Makes Art From Moose #2 ft. David So13:48102,398
USDA Approves Cotton Seeds as Food ft. Dumbfoundead & David So11:38102,919
Pretend Billionaire Threw Parties & Then Vanished ft. Anthony Lee10:34203,672
Big Reason People Stay in Bad Relationships ft. Stacey Diaz & Nikki Limo11:44145,218
Guy Sues After Coworker Farts on Him ft. Dumbfoundead & David So11:16143,768
Woman Tried to Hire Hitman But Got the Wrong Guy ft. Steve Greene11:47171,008
'Social Network' of Brains Transmits Thoughts ft. Steven Lim14:10102,438
Man Admits to Preying on Female Realtors ft. David So12:20162,134
Sitting Too Much is Worse than Smoking?! ft. Dumbfoundead & David So11:38125,400
Why You Should Reject the Idea of a Soulmate ft. Boze, Steve Greene, David So11:48154,461
Chinese City Keeps Pet Owners in Check ft. Boze, Steve Greene & David So13:80138,269
Guy Vanishes from Music Festival ft. David So12:54162,461
JROTC Members Suspended for Branding Incident ft. Boze, Steve Greene & David So11:30141,926
Why You Should NOT Get a Fake ID ft. Steve Greene15:31211,195
Evolution Favors the Lazy?! ft. Silent Mike & Gina Darling12:50119,538
Pizza Delivery Guy Drives 200 Miles?! ft. Dumbfoundead & David So13:50129,129
Should Parents Throw Chickenpox Parties? ft. Stacey Diaz & Nikki Limo13:47111,467
Survey Suggests Why You Might Be Single ft. Boze, Steve Greene, David So11:12147,221
Are Self-Driving Cars Ethical? ft. Steve Greene & David So12:18123,901
People Describe Weirdest Lies from Their Parents ft. Steve Greene11:90160,987
Cockroaches Used to Combat Waste ft. Simu Liu & David So13:14145,925
Christian Version of Pokemon Go! ft. Stacey Diaz & Nikki Limo14:10145,101
Certain People Absolutely HATE Water?! ft. Boze, Steve Greene, David So12:31218,737
Make These Changes to Your Life ASAP! ft. Silent Mike & Gina Darling15:22138,228
Dating App Introduces Anti-Ghosting Feature ft. Steve Greene & David So12:45185,140
Man Cleared of Charges for Train Mishap ft. Erik Griffin & David So12:58138,723

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