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Best of Ruining Strangers' Relationships | Valentine's Day Compilation5:34177,658
Broken Legs, Crazy Kisses, & Flirty Fortune Tellers | JFL Throwback Pranks9:31208,951
Best of Hurting Ourselves Vol. 3 | Just For Laughs Compilation8:13211,347
Police Incidents, Runaway Dogs, & Ruined Photo Shoots | JFL Throwback Pranks7:55295,000
Best of Getting You Into Trouble | Just For Laughs Compilation8:17457,838
Terrible Parents, Petty Police Officers, & FaceTime Lies | JFL Throwback Pranks9:50662,719
Victims Watch People Disappear In Porta-Potty1:21226,591
Best of Being In Costume Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation8:34602,150
Genius Dog Masters The Toilet1:20232,990
Bad Parents, Evil Mailmen, & The Worst Kind of Joke | JFL Throwback Pranks8:55766,167
Football Player Tackles Helpless Man1:34264,835
Best of Being Terrible People Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation8:44473,579
Paramedic Stomps On Injured Woman1:34415,756
Terrifying Ghosts, Harpoon Accidents, & Living Puppets | JFL Throwback Pranks8:471,395,529
Proud Moms Show Off Their Babies' First Poops1:32173,503
Best of Destructive Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation9:30707,924
Blind Man Gets Burned Trying To Cook Hot Dogs1:55189,940
Scared Puppies, Magic Boxes, & Acupuncture Gone Wrong | JFL Throwback Pranks9:90734,171
Paramedics Bully Injured Biker1:33458,159
Best of Car Pranks Vol. 3 | Just For Laughs Compilation9:20677,363
Old Lady Destroys Rude Driver's Car1:35309,408
Best of Animal Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation9:27703,105
Stupid Cops, Crying Babies, & Phony Pick-Up Artists | JFL Throwback Pranks8:20358,538
Cop Loses Terrible Toupée1:42340,018
Best of Police Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation9:38499,241
Paramedic Steals From Victim1:35188,987
Top 10 Pranks of 2019 | Best of Just For Laughs Gags14:505,855,477
People Swaps, Dangerous Beds, & Hungry Babies | JFL Throwback Pranks8:40572,732
Best of Holiday Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:48750,575
Victims Tricked Into Fake Marriage Proposals1:36185,782
Best of Pranks At The Park Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation8:35922,174
Making Fire, Elderly Love, & The Almost Perfect Person | JFL Throwback Pranks10:21985,781
Victims Tricked Into Doing The Limbo1:24157,712
Best of Couples Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation7:34417,199
Clumsy Cop Chokes On Hot Dog1:35197,145
Best of Mall Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation8:23422,743
Fake Corpses, Ruined Weddings, & Miracle Cleaners | JFL Throwback Pranks8:201,206,782
Grocery Store Clerks Play Catch With Customers' Food1:32127,640
Best of Hurting Ourselves Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation7:51380,870
Mailman Steals From Birthday Cards1:35133,108
Best of Pretending To Be Blind Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation8:50505,192
Sick Elephants, Disgusting Delis, & Ruined Engagements | JFL Throwback Pranks8:70540,998
Sneaky Barista Puts All The Change In Her Tip Jar1:23141,210
Best of Terrifying Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:23986,068
Cop Gets Fired While Writing A Ticket1:28185,132
Best of Disgusting Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation7:45452,206
Mailbox Chicken, Horrible Bosses, & Incredible Heights | JFL Throwback Pranks8:44522,287
Injured Man Gets Slapped By Complete Stranger1:26125,354
Best of Reality Defying Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation8:182,528,371
Cop Passionately Kisses People's Drivers Licenses1:55122,135
Best of Destructive Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation11:10427,334
Ghillie Suits, Falling Clowns, & Oncoming Trains | JFL Throwback Pranks9:16928,398
Terrible Paramedics Break Victim's Arm1:24125,502
Best of Food Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation10:50533,409
Begging Hobo Drives Off In A Sports Car1:33262,185
Best of Kid Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation10:41888,992
Best Of Instant Accomplice Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:50741,352
Hungry Dog Eats Man's Finger Whole1:48154,315
Best of Car Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation10:00317,958
Old Couple Gross Out Everyone With Their Love1:51171,449
Best Of Old People Pranks Vol. 2 | Just For Laughs Compilation10:19725,703
Best Of Dog Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:38224,868
Irritated Cop Accidentally Slaps Old Lady1:59204,404
Best of Elaborate Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:511,824,249
Angry Stylist Tears Woman's Dress1:28297,297
Chef Tries To Cook Gassy Chicken1:30269,776
Man Destroys Customers' Food To Save The Planet1:44214,283
Drunk Soldier Forgets About His Kid1:56564,613
Victims Accidentally Create Powder Explosion1:25211,711
Old Lady Watches Her Son Get Hit By A Bus1:21244,703
World's Youngest Thief Gets Brought To Justice1:42752,823
Surprise Air Horn Deafens Customer1:30324,888
Doctors Find Giant Lice In Victims' Hair1:19280,072
Old Man Gets Knocked Out During Physiotherapy1:31315,251
Cop Cleans His Teeth With People's Drivers Licenses1:19217,687
Elderly Flirting Gets Incredibly Awkward1:50314,269
Victims Accidentally Wake Up Wild Bear1:40342,112
Police Officer Accidentally Helps Thieves Escape2:70421,199
Men Think Pretty Girls Want Their Picture1:47298,512
Cop Keeps Jamming Finger In Car Door2:00215,728
Greasers Get The Whole Street Dancing2:13333,844
Man Pays To Get Slapped In The Face2:30348,624
Old Man's Hand Gets Smashed To Prove Blindness2:30755,047
Nervous Groom Tries To Escape Wedding2:39506,902
Strangers Accidentally Flip Baby Stroller1:36191,843
Royal Guard Loses His Pants2:30303,874
Talent Show Judges Break Little Girl's Spirit2:40311,413
Severed Arm Bursts Out Of Garbage Bag1:43218,715
Little Boy Scares Strangers With Zombie Dog1:58304,225
Young Cowboys Destroy Fruit Stand1:45258,693
Blind Man Tricked Into Eating Dog Food1:35289,712
Pick-Up Artist Steals From Little Girl1:48281,128
Best Of Baby Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation8:45436,078
Victims Judge Farting Contest1:43427,996
Best of Pranks At The Park | Just For Laughs Compilation10:46622,881
Dog In Garbage Cart Chases Cat Lady1:41123,104
Best of Stealing Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation10:541,967,516
Best of Statue Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation7:57172,623
Best of Food Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation9:37872,709
Best of Mall Pranks | Just For Laughs Compilation11:29463,251

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