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Ancient Aliens: King Tut's Dagger (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:2911,313
The Curse of Oak Island: Significant Finds Uncovered at Smith's Cove (Season 5) | History3:178,679
Swamp People: Landrys Compete for the Biggest Gator (Season 8) | History5:2724,032
UFO Hunters: Starchild Skull is Missing Link (Season 3) | History5:2716,619
Ancient Aliens: Vishnu's Ancient Guided Missiles (Season 8) | History3:2861,857
American Pickers: How the Pick Was Won (Season 20) | Exclusive | History3:4121,535
Vikings: Season 6 Official Trailer | Two-Hour Season Premiere Airs Dec. 4 at 9/8c | History2:50873,983
American Pickers: Harley Honey Hole in a Huge Barn (Season 5) | History4:2140,737
The Curse of Oak Island: The One With the Lead Cross (Season 5) | History4:1429,835
Ancient Aliens: Alien Technology and the Walls of Jericho (Season 8) | History3:4870,557
In Search Of: New Evidence of the Loch Ness Monster (Season 1) | History4:1615,990
Forged in Fire: US Army Officer's Sword Final Round: Tyler vs Fermin (Season 6) | History9:58145,714
ROBERT OBERST'S BIGGEST LIFTS: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History9:59278,923
UFO Hunters: UFOs in Corona, California (Season 3) | History4:2942,842
Swamp People: Vampire Gator Eats Troy's Money (Season 8) | History5:2574,130
Ancient Aliens: The Tomb of the Alien Pharaoh (Season 12) | History3:1370,590
The Curse of Oak Island: The One With Gary's Double Find (Season 5) | History3:3031,268
Swamp People: Willie is a One-Man Gator Master (Season 8) | History5:2059,762
In Search Of | All New Friday | HISTORY0:4310,810
American Pickers: Doin' It | New Episodes Return October 21st 9/8c | HISTORY0:437,154
UFO Hunters: Air Force Engages with UFOs (Season 3) | History4:7034,251
Forged in Fire: The Ram Dao Home Forge Tours (Season 6) | Exclusive | History2:2437,949
Ancient Aliens: Sky God Landing Pad in Baalbek (Season 8) | History3:1582,104
American Pickers: Surfs Up! (Season 20) | Exclusive | History2:4620,869
American Pickers: Mike Goes Wild for Pioneer Motorcycle (Season 9) | History5:3154,426
The Curse of Oak Island: Knights Templar Connection Revealed (Season 5) | History3:1135,960
Ancient Aliens: Carnac Stones Baffle Archaeologists (Season 9) | History3:5873,910
Forged in Fire: Greek Kopis Final Round: Mike vs. John (Season 6) | History10:19277,209
BRIAN SHAW'S RECORD BREAKING FEATS OF STRENGTH | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History7:11249,477
UFO Hunters: Alien Experiments at Secret Underground Base (Season 3) | History4:1314,611
Swamp People: Snapping Turtle Surprise (Season 8) | History5:2085,079
Kings of Pain: Outrageous Python Bite Leaves Adam Bloody | Series Premieres Nov. 12 10/9c | HISTORY2:25880,960
Kings of Pain: The Insane Bites/Stings This Season | Series Premieres Nov. 12 10/9c | HISTORY2:1249,172
Ancient Aliens: The Mayan Calendar Mystery (Season 14) | Exclusive | History2:56100,956
The Curse of Oak Island: FASCINATING FIND Revealed by Lab Tests (Season 5) | History3:48119,519
Swamp People: Gator Redemption for Chase (Season 8) | History5:2249,548
UFO Hunters: Secret Government Bunker Under Hotel (Season 3) | History5:3028,378
Forged in Fire: Napoleon's Saber Home Forge Tours (Season 6) | Exclusive | History2:5731,217
Ancient Aliens: Thunderbird Sightings at Lake of the Devil (Season 8) | History3:35120,045
American Pickers: Classic Cars Blow Mike Away (Season 20) | Exclusive | History2:3444,623
Unidentified: UFO Testimony from LT. Ryan Graves (Season 1) | History4:5374,109
American Pickers: Mike's Motorcycle Mega Bundle (Season 9) | History4:2971,453
The Curse of Oak Island: A Big Find Points to the Money Pit (Season 5) | History5:24132,008
Ancient Aliens: King Solomon's Flying Machines (Season 8) | History3:35111,089
Unidentified: Naval Pilots Witness UFOs (Season 1) | History7:43460,314
Forged in Fire: Gunto Final Round: Richey vs. Elijah (Season 6) | History10:17765,770
EDDIE THE BEAST HALL: STRONGMAN'S TOUGHEST LIFTS | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History12:60497,841
UFO Hunters: Huge Number of UFO Sightings in California (Season 3) | History3:2044,052
Swamp People: Massive Gator Nets Frenchy a Big Payout (Season 8) | History3:42108,642
Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrial Bacteria and the Origins of Life (Season 9) | History3:3990,079
The Curse of Oak Island: Evidence of Pirate Ship Wharf (Season 5) | History3:2251,505
Swamp People: Willie Tags Biggest Gator Ever (Season 8) | History5:29837,069
UFO Hunters: UFO Sighting in Triangle Alley (Season 3) | History5:3280,134
Forged in Fire: The Bhuj Home Forge Tours (Season 6) | Exclusive | History2:5731,754
Ancient Aliens: Sumerian Tablets' Mystic Ancient Messages (Season 9) | History3:38104,495
American Pickers: Mike Picks Iconic BMW Isetta Micro Car (Season 12) | History5:2348,507
American Pickers: Rare '55 T-Bird in Vintage Ford Collection (Season 20) | Exclusive | History2:3534,185
American Pickers: Mike Drives a Deal for Zundapp Motorcycle (Season 10) | History5:3754,888
The Curse of Oak Island: Shocking Bone Fragment Uncovered (Season 5) | History3:3951,145
Ancient Aliens: What is the Ark of the Covenant's True Purpose? (Season 9) | History3:32148,949
Forged in Fire: Steve's Javanese Kris Brings Home the Bacon (Season 6) | History4:41125,767
Ax Men: Dangerous Job on an Icy Mountain (Season 10) | History5:2140,581
Swamp People: Daniel Tags 13-Foot Gator Nemesis Grand Noir (Season 8) | History5:27312,033
Ancient Aliens: Egypt's Alien Coffins (Season 12) | Exclusive | History3:15106,064
The Curse of Oak Island: Gary's Exciting Find at Lot 24 (Season 5) | History3:4054,257
Forged in Fire: Jon's Javanese Kris Gets Outperformed (Season 6) | History5:17209,134
Forged in Fire: Blackbeard's Cutlass Home Forge Challenge (Season 6) | Exclusive | History2:4027,855
American Pickers: Tough Negotiation at Scrap Metal Yard (Season 20) | Exclusive | History2:4142,338
The Curse of Oak Island: Explosion at the Money Pit (Season 5) | History4:5498,426
Ancient Aliens: Where is the Ark of the Covenant? (Season 9) | History3:35148,706
Forged in Fire: Top 5 African Blades in History Tested | Exclusive | History5:411,171,382
BRIAN SHAW'S WORLD RECORD 733 LB STONE LIFT | The Strongest Man in History | History5:563,244,664
Ax Men: Deadly Logging Job Becomes "Worst Nightmare" (Season 10) | History4:5541,903
Mountain Men: Massive Payout From a Logging Job for Eustace (Season 8) | History5:20225,716
Swamp People: Troy is Not Happy With His New Captain (Season 8) | History5:18150,854
In Search Of | New Season | Friday, October 4th 10/9c | HISTORY0:43105,334
Ancient Aliens: Machu Picchu's Hidden Chamber (Season 12) | Exclusive | History3:13123,417
The Curse of Oak Island: Unbelievable Find at Lot 16 (Season 5) | History5:1195,816
Forged in Fire: Barbarian Sword Tests (Season 6) | History5:50954,491
Robert Oberst's RECORD BREAKING Shot Put Throw | The Strongest Man in History | History5:152,177,907
Ancient Aliens: Solving the Mystery of Puma Punku's Stone Blocks (Season 9) | History4:36154,022
American Pickers: Mike's Mega-Pick Freak Out Over Massive Car Collection (Season 11) | History5:7094,346
American Pickers: Valuable Car Gets Mike's Attention (Season 20) | History3:6034,380
American Pickers: Very High Offer for Rare Motorcycle (Season 10) | History5:17120,721
Ancient Aliens: The Impossible Stone Blocks of Puma Punku (Season 9) | History4:55117,700
Forged in Fire: Pinball Knife Tests (Season 6) | History5:00125,407
STRONGMEN VS. SCOTSMEN IN EPIC TUG-OF-WAR | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History7:165,008,398
CRUSHING A 400 LB BAG LIFT CHALLENGE: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History4:581,080,134
Mountain Men: Forging an Ozark Steel Blade (Season 8) | History5:3691,754
Ax Men: Close Call With a Widowmaker Almost Kills Dwayne (Season 10) | History5:1679,660
Ancient Aliens: Engineering Puma Punku (Season 12) | Exclusive | History3:14106,342
The Curse of Oak Island: Solving the Mystery of Captain James Anderson (Season 5) | History5:2575,004
Forged in Fire: The O-Katana Tests (Season 6) | History4:572,125,645
Forged in Fire: Falchion Shop Tours (Season 6) | Exclusive | History3:2126,394
The Strongest Man in History: Eddie Hall Carries a 600 Pound Piano (Season 1) | History5:181,703,243
Ancient Aliens: Mystic Obelisks in Egypt (Season 9) | History5:14132,951
American Pickers: Secret Collection of Retro Cars (Season 10) | History4:2467,798
American Pickers: Car Crazy (Season 20) | Exclusive | History3:5629,683
American Pickers: Bonnie & Clyde's 1934 Harley (Season 10) | History5:2067,253

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