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Ancient Aliens: METEORITES SENT TO SAVE HUMANITY (Season 13) | History3:271,899
Forged in Fire: 9-RING BROADSWORD SHATTERS KUNG-FU FINAL ROUND (Season 7) | History10:1531,454
The UnXplained: What Happens When We Die? (Season 1) | SERIES RETURNS 2/29 at 9/8c | History3:2621,916
D-DAY IN THE PACIFIC (Part 2): Americans Hunt Down The Imperial Fleet | Battle 360 | History5:6054,245
Swamp People: 400 LB GATOR CAUGHT ON FIRST DAY (Season 11) | History5:5028,161
George Washington’s Vision For America | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History4:456,920
Ancient Aliens: The Easter Island Mystery (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:4625,074
Forged in Fire: Genghis Khan's Sword BARBARIC FINAL ROUND (Season 7) | History10:36289,596
Washington Commands the Continental Army | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History1:135,489
Project Blue Book: CIA MK Ultra Program (Season 2) | History4:4423,295
The Curse of Oak Island: EVIDENCE OF TUNNELS UNCOVERED (Season 7) | History3:21165,406
Pawn Stars: Presidents' Day Pawns | History5:12107,615
Ancient Aliens: Rocket Scientist Sends Russia Into Space (Season 13) | History3:5139,280
Swamp People: GIANT GATOR = BIG BUCKS (Season 11) | History5:3050,758
Revolutionary War: Bet You Didn't Know | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History2:518,600
Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen? | Dogfights | History5:5414,660
The Curse of Oak Island: MUSKET BALL FIND at Lot 27 Points to French Military (Season 7) | History3:9069,763
Pawn Stars: Rare Casino Game Has a Hefty Price Tag (Season 12) | History4:30140,046
What Was the Tea Act of 1773? | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT MINISERIES EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History3:537,979
Ancient Aliens: US SPACE FORCE to Explore Universe (Season 13) | History3:33158,049
Forged in Fire: Napoleon's Saber LACERATES in FINAL ROUND (Season 6) | History10:47540,413
PRIMITIVE SURVIVAL (30 DAYS, NO TOOLS) | Alone: The Beast | History10:3123,753
D-DAY IN THE PACIFIC (Part 1): Americans Capture Saipan, June 15, 1944 | Battle 360 | History5:43105,887
Swamp People: Troy Hunts Giant Gator on Neighbor's Land (Season 11) | History4:4752,910
Ancient Aliens: THE OCTOPUS FROM OUTER SPACE (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:56125,289
Forged in Fire: BLACKBEARD'S CUTLASS ATTACKS THE FINAL ROUND (Season 6) | History10:24580,219
Vikings: BJORN VS. IVAR IN BRUTAL COMBAT (Season 6) | History4:52825,703
George Washington's Dogs | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT MINISERIES EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History1:127,370
Project Blue Book: AREA 51 ALIEN ABDUCTION (Season 2) | History5:1078,581
The Curse of Oak Island: Puzzling Find Unearthed in the Swamp (Season 7) | History3:42291,973
Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE NAPOLEON LETTER (Season 12) | History5:60282,877
Ancient Aliens: How Old Are the Maoi Statues? (Season 13) | History3:2068,981
Swamp People: Frog Hunt for Gator Bait (Season 11) | History5:4347,927
The French and Indian War Explained | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT MINISERIES PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History3:2316,888
The Curse of Oak Island: GARY'S LUCKY FIND at Smith's Cove (Season 7) | History3:35129,541
Pawn Stars: CHUM DRIVES A HARD BARGAIN (Season 13) | History2:37107,114
The Founding of the 13 Colonies | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT MINISERIES EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History1:4611,158
Ancient Aliens: Tiki Gods Linked to Unexplained Phenomenon (Season 13) | History3:33160,335
Forged in Fire: THE FALCHION CUTS THROUGH THE FINAL ROUND (Season 6) | History10:421,687,751
30 DAY SURVIVAL CHALLENGE (1 MOOSE, NO TOOLS) | Alone: The Beast | History10:2231,831
The Battle for Truk Attol (Part 2) | Battle 360 | History4:40153,339
"Eating History” Official Promo l Season Premiere Airs March 11 at 10/9c l History0:438,897
The UnXplained Image | Premieres February 29 9/8c | History0:3311,135
Swamp People: Troy and Ashley's Gator Hunt (Season 11) | History5:5868,583
Ancient Aliens: Mystery of the Betz Sphere (Season 12) | Exclusive | History3:10118,932
Forged in Fire: SPIKED MACE SMASHES THE FINAL ROUND (Season 6) | History10:361,222,611
Vikings: Ivar and Hvitserk Plot Revenge (Season 6) | History5:11500,849
Project Blue Book: Alien Autopsy Hoax Uncovered (Season 2) | History5:7023,659
The Curse of Oak Island: REMARKABLE EVIDENCE of Money Pit Treasure Shaft (Season 7) | History3:46300,852
Pawn Stars: ONE-OF-A-KIND CREEPY ART WORTH A PRETTY PENNY (Season 12) | History4:43261,307
Ancient Aliens: ALIEN ABDUCTION IN SHEFFIELD, MA (Season 13) | History4:70192,467
Swamp People: Little Willie's First Big Gator (Season 11) | History5:90201,198
The Curse of Oak Island: FINDING ANSWERS IN THE SWAMP (Season 7) | History3:26251,674
Pawn Stars: SELLER UPSET By Low Appraisal of Autograph (Season 13) | History4:57168,632
Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrials Edit Human DNA (Season 13) | History3:47261,437
The Battle for Truk Attol (Part 1) | Battle 360 | History8:19186,479
Swamp People: Big Gator Rewards for Troy and Terrel (Season 11) | History4:3455,398
Ancient Aliens: UFO Artifact Found Next to Dinosaur Bones (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:48256,588
Forged in Fire: CONQUISTADOR SWORD FINAL TEST (Season 7) | History10:18934,514
Vikings: Hvitserk Faces Bjorn's Wrath (Season 6) | History4:491,313,758
Project Blue Book: ROSWELL COVER-UP EXPOSED (Season 2) | History5:4044,130
The Curse of Oak Island: SILVER FOUND In Earth Shattering Discovery (Season 7) | History4:60326,332
Pawn Stars: RARE FOOTBALL PAWNS | History4:55240,841
Ancient Aliens: GIANT ALIEN BONES FOUND IN SARDINIA (Season 13) | History3:25328,872
Project Blue Book: Season Two Sneak Peak from "The Roswell Incident - Part I" | History1:4412,270
The Curse of Oak Island: THE MONEY PIT IS VERY CLOSE (Season 7) | History3:59283,300
Pawn Stars: GAMBLING ON A HISTORIC OLYMPIC PIN (Season 12) | History2:23210,619
Ancient Aliens: Giant Hybrids Descended From Aliens (Season 13) | History3:27165,139
Forged in Fire: The Cane Sword: DEADLY SLICES & BRUTAL BLOWS (Season 6) | History10:193,501,520
Washington: Oath | 3-Night Miniseries Event | Premieres Sunday February 16th 8/7c | HISTORY0:43472,081
Swamp People: WILLIE'S TOP 7 GATOR BATTLES | History16:19130,429
Washington: Official Trailer | Three-Night Miniseries Event Premieres Feb. 16 @ 8/7c | History2:60115,860
The USS Enterprise: Hero Ship of WWII | Battle 360 | History6:12199,946
Ancient Aliens: Stonehenge's Sacred Alignments (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:5586,428
Forged in Fire: Charlemagne's Sword CUTS DEEP (Season 7) | History10:24654,513
Vikings: Queen Lagertha Joins Ragnar in Valhalla (Season 6) | History4:562,645,606
Alone: The Beast | New Series | Premieres Thursday January 30th 10/9c | HISTORY0:4356,499
The Curse of Oak Island: DISCOVERED OAK BEAMS Connect to Money Pit (Season 7) | History3:59244,151
Pawn Stars: RARE ROBOT TOYS WORTH A LOT OF MONEY (Season 12) | History2:18169,923
Ancient Aliens: Ancient Pyramid Portal (Season 13) | History3:54149,375
Vikings: A Funeral Fit For A Shieldmaiden | The Ice Maiden Airs Jan. 15 at 10/9c | History2:23669,254
The Curse of Oak Island: EXCITING FIND at Shaft 2 (Part 2) | Season 7 | History3:41222,102
Pawn Stars: ONE-OF-A-KIND SURF BOARD IS VERY EXPENSIVE (Season 12) | History5:70675,819
Ancient Aliens: Giorgio Explains the Benben Stones (Season 13) | History3:11210,512
Forged in Fire: THRUST and SLASH With Attila's Sword of Mars (Season 6) | History10:23712,277
The Battle of Tarawa: How the US Won in the Gilbert Islands | Battle 360 | History5:3990,576
Swamp People: Troy's GIANT GATOR CATCH Ends the Hunt (Season 8) | History4:26103,811
Vikings: King Harald Sends Assassins After Bjorn (Season 6) | History4:38415,189
Ancient Aliens: Russia's Stonehenge (Season 12) | Exclusive | History2:55140,382
Forged in Fire: LETHAL and EPIC Broadsword Final Round (Season 7) | History10:211,106,477
Vikings: Farewell Shieldmaiden | The Ice Maiden Airs Jan. 15 at 10/9c | History2:34646,157
Vikings: Bjorn Says Goodbye | The Ice Maiden Airs Jan. 15 at 10/9c | History2:401,010,508
The Curse of Oak Island: EXCITING FIND at Shaft 2 (Part 1) | Season 7 | History3:29263,481
Pawn Stars: WWII Machine Gets a Tough Appraisal (Season 10) | History5:10975,453
Vikings: Bjorn Makes An Ally | The Ice Maiden Airs Jan. 15 at 10/9c | History1:59117,564
Ancient Aliens: SECRET MARS COLONY PLANNED BY US GOVERNMENT(Season 13) | History3:42206,633
The Curse of Oak Island: METALS REVEALED by Swamp Scan (Season 2) | History3:53237,594
Pawn Stars: Rick Restores a Moorish Pulwar Sword (Season 16) | History5:90350,867
Ancient Aliens: AREA 51 MILITARY TUNNELS (Season 13) | History3:46210,332
Forged in Fire: The Chinese War Sword ONE SHOT KILL TEST (Season 7) | History10:391,045,434

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