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Sunday Shoot-a-Round #739:3859,881
Winchester Model 70 Pre-War Chapter 215:50243,030
Dan Wesson Valor Commander 9mm16:51115,115
Sunday Shoot-a-Round # 651:48124,265
Walther PPQ Q5 Small Game Hunt5:4794,102
Deep Woods Thought # 290:4552,589
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .450 Bushmaster18:90688,844
Sunday Shoot a Round # 531:27103,305
Bond Arms Texan Woods Walk7:56122,076
1841 Mississippi Rifle Chapter 225:53123,035
Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde28:45193,609
Sunday Shoot-A-Round # 424:3069,057
Gun Model vs Year5:1890,325
Remington Tac 13 vs watermelons0:33127,795
Colt 1911 Pre-Series '70 Vintage 196922:80284,863
Sunday Shoot-a-Round # 321:3866,798
Rossi Overland Coach Gun Slugfest19:41789,419
CMMG Resolute .350 Legend27:40461,753
Colt 2020 Python35:29528,061
Sunday Shoot-a-Round # 246:40110,715
XDM 5.25 10mm Range 214:24140,202
IWI Galil Ace19:12193,406
Sunday Shoot-a-Round #127:38129,983
Mauser K98a Chapter 215:191,930,778
Marlin JM Model 1895 .45-70 Big Game Hunt12:37165,396
Armed in 198825:40169,231
S&W Model 41 .22 LR 30th Anniversary17:44119,169
M60 Machine Gun Woods Walk5:571,578,463
Smith & Wesson Model 43C 22LR21:43142,917
Christmas Tree Hunt 20191:3592,130
Wards Western Field 47C .22 LR Small Game Hunt6:4861,242
IWI Masada23:38210,149
Shooting the Breeze # 441:05:5969,849
Benelli Super 90 Shotgun 30-year Anniversary18:59114,761
Martini Henry vs Springfield Trapdoor22:36163,721
M1 Garand Range 210:182,304,682
Glock 32 .357 SIG Chapter 223:40124,225
Original Cavalry Colt SAA Chapter 217:4097,281
Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Slugfest15:17110,657
Kimber K6s DASA 3 inch26:56223,821
Colt 1991A1 Series 80 Chapter 215:49153,174
SIG P365 SAS28:39373,018
Colt Python 6" Barrel 1981 Vintage29:58162,129
Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Range 28:31299,093
Shooting the Breeze # 431:10:3457,371
Brownells Retro XM177E223:11123,152
Thompson Center Hawken Rifle Chapter 233:4477,178
Deep Woods Thought #281:6063,409
Springfield M1A Scout Squad Chapter 219:42144,298
Pumpkin Killing Methods X0:511,056,455
Washington, D.C. Second Amendment Rally Reminder !!!!1:2366,530
Springfield Armory Hellcat27:431,022,662
US Military Handguns since 177642:291,672,071
BCM RECCE-16 KMR Alpha Lightweight25:40141,626
Mini Uzi vs Water Barrel2:331,404,279
U.S. Army Colt Model 190934:0099,211
Shooting the Breeze # 421:13:3862,403
Rock Island Armory M200 Revolver20:30284,321
Colt Frontier Six Shooter Close-up6:3494,486
Pumpkin Carving with World War II .45 Colt 19112:31135,290
2nd Amendment Rally in Washington, DC!1:2861,043
SIG P320 XFive Legion20:28104,564
Benelli M4 Change of Seasons1:1066,924
Marlin STP .45-70 Trapper Chapter 218:56114,567
SIG X-Carry Chapter 217:27107,440
Shooting the Breeze # 411:19:2950,423
Remington Rolling Block Big Game Hunt23:43211,969
Remington V3 TAC-1319:56103,075
M60 Machine Gun Close-up1:13265,557
Glock 43X Chapter 221:11129,540
Pedersoli Lightning Pump Action Rifle27:45146,145
Martini-Henry Woods Walk6:4771,896
Fixed Sights VS Adjustable Sights21:48101,306
Shooting the Breeze # 401:26:1961,443
Wards Western Field 47C AGAIN16:3781,459
Maadi AK4719:54202,370
Ruger Wrangler VS Heritage Rough Rider23:37103,940
FAQ Video # 88 Voice & Weight7:3469,026
S&W Model 65 .357 Magnum Small Game Hunt11:2672,423
M14 SA by LRB "Authentic Vietnam Era" Range 27:10288,113
Winchester Model 1866 Big Game Hunt9:3860,129
Swedish Mauser Model 38 Chapter 218:34105,932
Video Dump5:4473,560
M60 vs Bullet Proof Glass1:53731,912
SIG P365 XL21:48180,106
Henry vs Marlin26:10345,494
LWRC SIX8 A5 AGAIN14:44158,422
Lee Enfield No4 MK1 Chapter 217:10113,685
M60 Machine Gun28:38337,809
Colt King Cobra23:17171,566
Martini-Henry Rifle23:541,051,987
Shooting the Breeze # 3950:1677,971
Emperor Arms Duke Silver26:41325,931
Benelli M4 Slugfest14:14164,988
S&W Model 19 Classic vs Original29:4099,096
Full Auto Glock Carbine vs Bowling Pins0:42134,105
FAQ Video # 87 Favorite Firearm1:30112,767
Colt New Army Model 189227:4888,136
Walther PPQ Q5 Match24:20156,383
Trojan AR 9mm Pistol Raze Iland20:40116,323

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