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RATS got us engaged - Guinness World Records4:2628,606
New WORLD'S OLDEST MAN is 112 years old - Guinness World Records3:144,041,023
Real life fruit ninja - Guinness World Records2:4998,518
Dang, that's long! - Guinness World Records10:51843,122
He climbs stairs with his HEAD! - Guinness World Records3:26690,865
Amazing new January records! - Guinness World Records10:401,428,363
He built a racing monster machine! - Guinness World Records3:501,126,889
Tallest bed of nails sandwich gets even taller! - Guinness World Records3:30162,052
Longest Dog Conga - Guinness World Records10:60105,810
The most famous cat on Instagram - Nala - Guinness World Records3:30114,665
Longest Hot Wheels track ever! - Guinness World Records3:103,284,745
Life with the longest hair - Guinness World Records2:45383,088
Longest continuous vocal note - Guinness World Records2:211,581,311
14 Incredible New Records in December 2019! - Guinness World Records10:33621,585
Life As The Shortest Man In The World! - Guinness World Records1:52388,252
Oldest married couple! - Guinness World Records7:10164,247
Fastest time to eat 3 mince pies - Guinness World Records3:13116,392
Best of 2019 - Guinness World Records21:465,304,713
Most ghost peppers eaten in one minute! - Guinness World Records4:70509,835
Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” breaks chart-topping records2:37770,091
Star Wars Showdown! Who will win? - Guinness World Records6:48992,661
Fastest time to eat a burrito! - Guinness World Records5:201,521,857
Me & My Monster Mouth Gape! - Meet The Record Breakers3:133,071,985
12 Amazing New Records in November 2019! - Guinness World Records10:10390,697
The 20 Strongest Records in the World! - GWR Best of the Best!14:30723,637
He Built a LEGO® Ferris Wheel from 40,000 Bricks! - Meet The Record Breakers2:55208,242
He's broken over 100 records! - Meet The Record Breakers5:36279,281
Would You Walk this 1000ft Slackline? - Guinness World Records2:2366,551
Turbocharged Fastest Tractor! - Guinness World Records3:59550,675
Real life Iron Man 2: Is Tony back? - Guinness World Records Day 20191:43241,885
The Best of Guinness World Records Day 201912:10137,184
Mario Kart 8: Fastest 32-Track completion - Guinness World Records3:2851,780
How two fin-tastic Mermaids broke records - Meet The Record Breakers6:4568,496
Best World Records of October 2019 - Guinness World Records12:40141,333
Highest Jump on a pogo stick - Guinness World Records Italian Show3:4864,192
90 km/h standing motorbike ride! - Guinness World Records2:3258,615
Most tricks by a pig | Joy - Meet The Record Breakers4:4066,494
My life with the longest legs in the world! - Guinness World Records12:31205,853
Step inside the record-breaking Haunted Hotel! - Meet The Record Spookers4:9045,017
World's Largest Guitar Amp - Meet The Record Breakers2:2634,107
Fastest 7 m explosive pull up ascent (Salmon Ladder) - Guinness World Records Italian Show3:43662,032
Fastest 5 km shackled swim - Guinness World Records2:3052,467
Largest Game of Tag - Guinness World Records2:3132,581
They made a giant whoopee cushion! - Meet The Record Breakers2:4875,528
Oldest sloth in the world! - Guinness World Records1:2140,480
World's youngest DJ puts on a show! - Meet The Record Breakers4:4273,885
Autonomous car goes for speed record - Meet The Record Breakers2:5967,613
Fastest completion of Street of Rage 2 (Max on Mania difficulty) - Guinness World Records49:5325,622
One-armed drummer sets record title: Jason Barnes - Meet The Record Breakers4:1043,015
Juggler tries extreme circus records - Guinness World Records @ European Juggling Convention 201917:2630,853
Most flaming whip crack juggling catches in one minute - Guinness World Records1:4523,956
Longest bubble chain - Guinness World Records2:1689,892
Crossfit triple record holder | Michelle Kinney - Meet The Record Breakers3:4034,473
What's the best record this September? - Guinness World Records12:24105,338
Speedrun: The Messenger - Guinness World Records1:55:4724,949
Two finger push ups - Guinness World Records1:41161,646
Real life Gundam: Largest humanoid robot ever! - Guinness World Records5:5034,060
Ultimate Ice Breaker: Most blocks of ice smashed in one minute - Guinness World Records Italian Show3:44113,324
Ozuna receives three Guinness World Records titles - Guinness World Records1:4862,836
Largest grapefruit in the world! - Guinness World Records2:3738,546
Tallest Hat & Longest fingernail extensions | Odilon Ozare - Meet The Record Breakers4:3037,087
Gravy Wrestling Champions! - Guinness World Records6:2427,893
Fastest Any% completion of Spelunky - Guinness World Records4:3619,804
Longest mountainside water slide - Guinness World Records6:1267,191
Shortest Horse in the world! | Bombel - Meet The Record Breakers3:1867,501
He was a skater dog! - Guinness World Records4:1027,631
This record REALLY SUCKS! - Guinness World Records1:5848,447
Longest underwater walk with one breath! - Guinness World Records2:47174,427
Largest hula hoop spun | Getti Kehayova - Meet The Record Breakers5:00150,882
Gamer plays Fortnite with his mouth! - Meet The Record Breaker7:562,417,373
Meet The Stars of GWR 2020 - Guinness World Records2:3857,893
Largest model railway expanded! | Miniatur Wunderland - Guinness World Records3:70250,757
Largest oven lighter! - Meet The Record Breakers4:5848,895
Best of August 2019 - Guinness World Records17:20122,241
Most candles extinguished with nunchucks - Guinness World Records1:1154,583
World's largest sneaker collection! - Guinness World Records15:58633,307
Eating 4 jars of mayonnaise! | Michelle Lesco - Meet The Record Breakers8:42164,147
Longest Egg Noodle - Guinness World Records4:48113,682
Kosmic: Fastest warpless completion of Super Mario Bros - Guinness World Records20:2071,142
World's largest Afro (female) - Meet The Record Breakers3:4967,146
Humphrey: The Shortest Bull in the World! - Meet The Record Breakers2:5646,220
Largest Dragon Ball collection - Meet The Record Breakers Japan5:49208,899
Eclipse Hunters: Most eclipses seen! - Guinness World Records4:3144,266
Most toothpicks in the beard - Meet The Record Breakers4:16163,727
Most basketball three pointers in one minute - Guinness World Records1:31146,484
Record Breaking at Chimera Games - Meet The Record Breakers Japan2:1739,533
Loudest Mezzo-Soprano vocal note (female) - Guinness World Records2:1086,652
Most marshmallows caught in the mouth & Most desk bells rang with the chin - Guinness World Records2:5948,429
Most Tattooed Man! Lucky Diamond Rich - Meet The Record Breakers4:10149,470
Best of July 2019 - Guinness World Records10:1796,465
Fastest Hole of Golf - Guinness World Records6:20516,090
Speedrun: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Guinness World Records4:2428,928
Longest Plank - Guinness World Records3:234,645,228
Longest Pogo Jump! - Meet the record breakers Japan4:2254,367
Guinness World Records 2020 - Out Now!1:10250,525
A day out with animal record breakers! - Guinness World Records10:3631,197
Record Breaking Panda Twins! - Meet The Record Breakers2:1664,991
Akitoshi Moriguchi: Skipping Master! - Meet The Record Breakers Japan5:2484,324
Martin Rees: Skydiving Magician! - Meet The Record Breakers5:4150,992
Most power wheelchair spins in one minute - Guinness World Records2:22101,169

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