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Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day - Corpus Christi (No Fun Mondays Cover)3:27130,000
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day - Manic Monday (Appearing Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles)3:50662,169
Green Day - Wild One (Otis Big Guitar Mix) [Official Audio]4:2469,814
Green Day - Oh Love (Otis Big Guitar Mix) [Official Audio]4:5380,994
Green Day - Lazy Bones (Otis Big Guitar Mix) [Official Audio]3:39112,067
Green Day - Sugar Youth (Fan Lyric Video)2:20172,493
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Cover)3:31306,861
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day - I Think We're Alone Now (Cover)2:15852,016
Green Day - Meet Me on the Roof (Behind The Scenes starring Frank Storm)4:18106,112
Green Day - Stab You In The Heart (Official Audio)2:13385,385
Green Day - Sugar Youth (Official Audio)1:57203,354
Green Day - Graffitia (Official Audio)3:20460,530
Green Day - Take The Money and Crawl (Official Audio)2:11297,077
Green Day - Junkies On A High (Official Audio)3:90397,294
Green Day - I Was A Teenage Teenager (Official Audio)3:47529,287
Green Day - Meet Me On The Roof (Official Music Video) Starring Gaten Matarazzo2:512,599,885
Green Day - Oh Yeah! (Behind The Scenes)2:55103,850
Green Day - Oh Yeah! (Official Music Video)3:124,451,364
Green Day - Fire, Ready, Aim (Official Audio)1:552,393,054
Green Day - Father Of All... (Behind The Scenes)2:27212,926
Green Day - Father Of All… (Official Music Video)2:337,179,252
HELLA MEGA TOUR w/ Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer + The Interrupters1:46769,661
Green Day YOUNGBLOOD - Merry Xmas 2018!2:33570,466
Turn It Around - The Story of East Bay Punk - Now On DVD / Blu-Ray2:14111,209
The Jeff Matika Show- Mike Dirnt - S01E0612:2854,573
Green Day - Revolution Radio Tour - South America8:49377,906
Green Day - Back In The USA (Behind-The-Scenes)2:59311,680
Green Day - 2000 Light Years Away2:261,016,397
Green Day - She (Official Audio)2:151,135,094
Green Day - Ordinary World feat. Miranda Lambert (Official Audio)3:20413,498
Green Day - Back In The USA (Official Music Video)2:5613,429,478
God's Favorite Band Playing Now on Godify1:70123,479
Green Day - Ordinary World (Performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)3:26326,013
Green Day - Too Dumb to Die (Official Lyric Video)3:267,412,188
The Jeff Matika Show - AGAINST ME (JAMES & ATOM) S02E03 - Green Day6:7028,618
The Jeff Matika Show - Dog Party - S02E02 - Green Day7:4627,870
The Jeff Matika Show - MATT SKIBA (Blink 182, Alkaline Trio) S02E01 - Green Day8:4065,926
Green Day Bunny Upgrade! - Wrigley Field, Chicago 8/24/173:18137,505
Green Day Hometown Show! Saturday August 5th Oakland Coliseum0:4983,704
GREEN DAY US TOUR 20171:10108,259
LONDON, ENGLAND Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody - Hyde Park July 1st, 20175:5021,074,300
Green Day @ Oakland Coliseum - Saturday, August 5th0:2968,949
Green Day - Revolution Radio (Official Music Video)3:3010,015,747
Mike Dirnt - The Jeff Matika Show - S01E059:3944,642
Billie Joe Armstrong - The Jeff Matika Show - S01E028:1999,935
Tré Cool - The Jeff Matika Show Edición Internacional S01E076:4486,997
Mike Dirnt - The Jeff Matika Show S01E0410:4485,573
Billie Joe Armstrong - The Jeff Matika Show S01E016:46214,892
Green Day - Troubled Times (Official Lyric Video)3:807,184,486
Green Day - Bang Bang (Live from the 2016 American Music Awards)3:492,482,712
Green Day - Still Breathing (Behind The Scenes Of The Music Video)3:26301,617
Green Day - Bang Bang (Live From The 2016 MTV EMA Awards)3:38471,727
Green Day - American Idiot (Live from the 2016 MTV EMA Awards)3:111,145,660
Green Day - Still Breathing (Official Music Video)4:2315,466,612
Green Day - Revolution Radio (Live at KROQ)3:80245,677
Green Day - Holiday (Live at KROQ)3:58263,696
Green Day - Basketcase (Live at KROQ)3:90527,546
Green Day - Bang Bang (Live at KROQ)3:21135,675
Green Day - Say Goodbye (Official Lyric Video)3:405,987,265
Green Day - Revolution Radio Photoshoot #REVRAD0:57171,139
Green Day - Ordinary World (Official Lyric Video)3:103,922,194
Green Day - Youngblood (Official Lyric Video)2:343,911,145
Green Day - Still Breathing (Official Lyric Video)3:4513,632,858
Green Day - Bang Bang (Video Shoot Behind The Scenes)1:50306,809
Green Day - Bang Bang (Official Music Video)3:294,487,144
Green Day - Revolution Radio (Official Lyric Video)3:109,791,300
Green Day - Bang Bang (Official Lyric Video)3:3215,535,637
Green Day - Xmas Time Of The Year2:181,575,405
Green Day - Heart Like A Hand Grenade [Official Theatrical Trailer]1:37499,095
Green Day Best Rock MTV EMA 20130:32377,201
Another message from Billie Joe0:39460,119
A message from Billie Joe0:43439,953
Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #42:41222,127
Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #32:41182,162
Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #20:58116,696
Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #12:11200,839
Green Day - X-Kid [Video Contest Finalist]3:42602,863
Green Day 'The Forgotten' [Video Contest Finalist]4:59476,599
Green Day - Nuclear Family - [Animated Music Video] Contest Winner3:601,328,3071 list
Green Day - Mike and Tre Meet the fans Milano, Italia0:47115,015
Green Day - Thanks to Prima Donna and The Crooks at Ohibo' Milan, Italy0:48101,479
Green Day - "Cuatro" - The Trailer2:371,097,051
Green Day: "Know Your Enemy" - [Official Video]3:1310,018,3131 list
Green Day: "Holiday" - [Official Video]4:4233,089,373is in 2 lists
Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]4:4899,458,308
Green Day - "X-Kid" - Album: ¡TRE!4:112,448,388is in 2 lists
Green Day - ¡TRE! [Official Trailer]0:54394,710
Green Day - "Stray Heart" (Official Video)3:5514,092,411is in 4 lists
Green Day: "The Forgotten" - [Official Video]5:1410,211,099is in 3 lists
Green Day: Live At Irving Plaza, w/ Nokia Music and AT&T23:50319,074
Green Day - ¡Dos! [Official Trailer]0:51352,557
Green Day TV Spot: CBS "CSI: NY," Friday, Oct.190:31131,358
Green Day - Troublemaker [Official Video]2:502,472,158
Green Day: Live At Irving Plaza, w/ Nokia Music and AT&T22:39867,827
Green Day: "Stay The Night" - [Official Video]4:394,227,5881 list
Green Day: "Nuclear Family" - [Official Video]3:134,153,2641 list
Green Day: Coming To A City Near You!1:53332,518
Green Day - American Idiot3:20467,503
Green Day Tour Update 2012 - UK / France1:59122,993

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