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timeviews Countering disinformation with AI3:406,942
Google — Find your Scene (:15)0:168,479,440
Google — Find your Scene (Santa Cruz)0:7026,619
Google — Find your Scene (Singapore)0:7020,505
Ideas to Reality: Gringgo Trash Tech3:3046,819
Google — Find your Scene1:1013,270,074
Google for Nonprofits stories: Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline2:4025,218
Google Health - Helping clinicians focus on their patients2:4035,654
A little help before the Super Bowl0:167,607,586
A little help before the Super Bowl0:163,816,951
A little help before the Super Bowl0:7045,338
A little help before the Super Bowl0:7024,946
A little help before the Super Bowl1:319,576,914
Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 20201:3154,008,803
NAACP is preparing future history makers with support from Google.org0:31327,853
The Most Searched: A Celebration of Black History Makers1:3144,237,083
Supporting the Deaf community: contact an ASL agent today0:3323,384
Google Translate: Connect with locals (featuring Zhu Ting 朱婷)0:2642,645
What Michael B. Jordan and Bryan Stevenson are searching for3:20811,822
Google Assistant Interpreter Mode1:80852,105
Privacy On Google Assistant1:39231,933
Santa Tracker: Out Like A Light1:23627,043
Wildlife Insights: Saving Biodiversity with Tech and AI5:9090,481
Anne’s Story: From student to planet hunter2:59183,385
Digital Skills for Everyone1:2039,573
Danette Matthews: Ready for what’s next2:1621,603
Jake Foreman: Building better futures1:5329,578
Google — Year in Search 20192:60152,519,035
Environmental Insights Explorer: Now available in 100+ cities worldwide1:1596,972
Introducing SuperMe - an official video game from students in Chicago1:8072,766
Google for Nonprofits stories: GoVolunteer2:5994,771
How I’m making Maps better for wheelchair users like me4:1217,950
My Storytime: Helping families stay connected with the Google Assistant1:11434,586
Google Health - Helping you get the most out of healthcare2:1332,737
Google Health - Tools to help healthcare providers deliver better care4:2578,763
Ideas to Reality: Cinnamon - AI to restore work life balance to Japanese workers2:5035,465
Partake Foods: Baking from the heart2:5617,279
PwC partners with Google to scale #IamRemarkable in the Middle East2:8013,647
How do you pronounce anemone? Practice with Google Search0:42120,830
Google Classroom accessibility empowers inclusive learning2:2720,947
Google Developers Experts Presents - Chord Assist: The accessible guitar3:1433,705
How to Set a Wake Up Routine0:59128,667
Google One1:40363,693
Teachable Machine 2.0: Making AI easier for everyone2:90266,473
Google Assistant – One Shoe0:31138,226
Google Assistant – Vacation0:31167,825
Google Assistant – That Song0:31141,412
Google Assistant – Digestion0:163,510,557
Google Assistant – Artist0:169,032,822
Connect with local customers on Google, National Veterans Small Business Week Livestream1:26:5341,529
Google Fi: If Paragliders made a phone plan0:1620,751,553
Google Fi: If this Nature Lover made a phone plan0:168,400,945
Google Fi: If Beach Bums made a phone plan0:1610,995,205
Google Fi: If Beach Bums made a phone plan0:7027,100
Google Fi: If Paragliders made a phone plan0:7012,974
Google Fi: If Boyfriends made a phone plan0:7019,371
Google Fi: If a Couple of Campers made a phone plan0:317,920
Google Fi: If a number one fan made a phone0:163,666,377
Google Fi: If a Band’s #1 Fan made a phone plan0:311,419,655
Google Fi: If the youngest of four made a phone plan0:163,663,383
Google Fi: If Boyfriends on social media made a phone plan0:1611,925,769
Get your news in any language, together in one app with Google News0:237,930
Propel Bikes: Always moving forward1:109,071
Ideas to Reality: Portal Telemedicina, technology helping rural patients get crucial medical care2:5928,065
Grow with Google: Veteran-Led Small Businesses1:102,127,636
How one woman is using Google Maps Platform to transform the trucking industry1:21878,035
Strider Bikes: Inspiring riders worldwide2:11272,668
How to use your built in password manager1:7034,231
First Responders' Day: A Moment in Search1:3211,009,849
How machine learning is being used to help save the world’s bees1:271,567,645
How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes)5:1616,657,869
Pete Eckert, Blind Photographer: An Accessibility Story1:5222,461
Introducing Digital Wellbeing Experiments1:29170,747
Desert Island - A Digital Wellbeing Experiment0:3546,782
Post Box - A Digital Wellbeing Experiment0:3164,703
Morph - A Digital Wellbeing Experiment0:3751,793
We Flip - A Digital Wellbeing Experiment0:3459,704
Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy4:434,586,190
Google Books: 15 years of preserving knowledge from around the world3:20106,111
Made by Google '191:07:90808,170
Introducing Live Caption, now on Pixel 40:51205,110
Introducing a New Kind of Audio Recorder1:30996,708
Google Assistant – Garlic Knots0:3194,087
Ideas to Reality: TerraTalk - Technology to empower Japan's teachers2:5939,690
Scan Text with Google Lens0:1172,767
Translate with Google Lens0:11271,584
Translate with Google Lens0:119,860
Scan Text with Google Lens0:115,890
Shop Faster with Google Lens0:114,622
Shop Faster with Google Lens0:113,397
See what’s popular on menus with Google Lens0:116,606
See what’s popular on menus with Google Lens0:114,410
Search what you see with Google Lens0:115,556
Search what you see with Google Lens0:115,544
Save Time with Google Lens0:1113,581
Save Time with Google Lens0:116,335
Google Assistant: Now with the voice of Issa Rae0:3984,697
Check the security of all your saved passwords : Take a Password Checkup1:2016,870
Melinda Williams: Aspiring IT Support Specialist2:5895,309
Lifelines: How technology is transforming the world of emergency rescue3:5651,257

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