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The X15 & XM42 Personal Flamethrowers!10:205,261,490
DP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun6:406,122,967
Weapons of Mobile Strike!4:301,962,288
APC Home Destruction with Richard Ryan!9:592,780,922
458 SOCOM with Explosive Melons!5:142,029,939
37mm Anti-Toilet Gun!4:102,080,942
Napalm/Bowling Ball Cannon!4:341,868,061
CMMG Mutant Machine Gun!6:323,226,732
FPS Armor Piercing Ammo!2:341,405,245
M4 Sherman Tank!6:192,744,503is in 4 lists
AR500 Body Armor Test!8:556,404,373is in 3 lists
The M60 Machine Gun!3:396,007,407is in 2 lists
The Kriss Vector!7:0020,632,129is in 2 lists
FPSRussia HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle)4:382,415,126is in 2 lists
FPSRussia- SilencerCo Salvo-12 Shotgun Suppressor!5:287,574,525is in 4 lists
My New AR-15! Houlding G2L Carbon Fiber AR6:482,426,563is in 3 lists
Smith & Wesson .500 MAGNUM!5:524,668,481is in 3 lists
Fully Automatic SCAR-17!5:192,447,493is in 3 lists
WW2 Weaponry!7:583,544,500is in 4 lists
FPSRussia's Day Off With Dan Bilzerian!!!4:346,326,237is in 3 lists
AK Legacy! (Saiga-12 SBS, Romanian PSL, & AK Pistol)8:166,766,613is in 3 lists
Saiga AK74!5:273,412,065is in 2 lists
Custom UZI + Double Barreled 10 Gauge!5:366,589,808is in 3 lists
HK-93 Machine Gun5:293,445,882is in 3 lists
Custom Fugly Mosin Nagant4:502,922,184is in 4 lists
3-Round Burst AUG4:163,825,517is in 3 lists
THE FN SCAR!3:595,497,181is in 3 lists
12 Gauge Bullpup!4:532,604,779is in 4 lists
AK-47 Bacon Sundae3:294,643,254is in 2 lists
Secret Service Weaponry!4:5610,844,585is in 2 lists
FPSRussia- My Top 4 Handguns!6:204,894,441is in 3 lists
FPSRussia: UTS-15 12 Gauge!4:313,463,825is in 3 lists
DRD Paratus-18 (Suit Case Gun)4:188,769,786
50 CAL SNIPER SLOW-MO!3:324,193,626is in 4 lists
Far Cry 3 Weaponry!4:376,369,517is in 2 lists
A Very Bad Day!2:526,512,656is in 4 lists
Hitman2:555,613,0461 list
TOP 3 WEAPONS TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE6:1610,847,141is in 3 lists
AUG A3-CQC ASSAULT RIFLE!!!3:403,739,437is in 3 lists
Assassins Creed 3: Revolutionary War Weaponry!4:203,270,113is in 4 lists
200LB TANNERITE EXPLOSION WITH L96!2:123,229,716is in 3 lists
Russian PPSH-41 Sub-Machine Gun!!!3:174,002,859is in 4 lists
FPSRussia- The 1216 Shotgun!5:256,073,456is in 4 lists
Zombie Apocalypse Training3:244,652,929is in 2 lists
SAIGA-12 FULLY AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN!6:307,902,983is in 3 lists
DESERT TACTICAL HTI 50BMG SNIPER!4:247,389,843is in 4 lists
76MM HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER!5:134,649,300is in 5 lists
FPSRussia Goes to Whitecastle - In a tank...8:208,477,878is in 5 lists
ACR CHOPPER GUNNER!3:534,638,983is in 4 lists
AR-15 STYLE 12 GAUGE!5:506,492,867is in 3 lists
Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!5:1226,250,238is in 5 lists
Fully Automatic FAL!4:443,113,473is in 3 lists
WW2 German MP44!4:203,625,908is in 4 lists
CUSTOM M14 JUGGERNAUT ROGUE!5:207,378,221is in 2 lists
GOLD DESERT EAGLE 50 CAL5:166,348,046is in 2 lists
RUSSIAN BASEBALL!3:116,424,866is in 3 lists
UMP45 INCENDIARY AMMO4:134,815,042is in 3 lists
TOP SHOT :: FN FS-2000 & Mossberg Chainsaw7:443,116,802is in 2 lists
Act of Valor4:245,884,297is in 3 lists
900 RPM AR CIVILIAN LEGAL!3:356,088,890is in 2 lists
Ultimate Glock Torture Test6:385,200,8531 list
The AAC Honey Badger!3:464,940,8771 list
SILENCED NIGHTHAWK 19115:386,368,4791 list
SA-80 A2 TIRE LAUNCHING!5:103,690,1551 list
Montage Of Destruction2:171,793,5391 list
The Chopper Gunner!4:313,807,780is in 2 lists
The Thanksgiving Massacre!2:593,020,7861 list
The SWAT Sniper3:425,569,342is in 2 lists
Dragon 50cal Explosive Ammo!5:217,077,894is in 3 lists
M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?4:187,405,3301 list
Guns & Explosives!5:343,688,278is in 2 lists
FPSRussia - THE MINIGUN3:3712,523,605is in 3 lists
YouTube Subscriber Day!3:492,212,308
EXPLOSIVE CROSSBOW, AK47, & CUSTOM SHOTGUN2:388,201,019is in 2 lists
BAD NEWS SNIPER!3:159,359,255is in 3 lists
50 Cal Machine Gun vs. 250 Watermelons5:2112,405,834is in 4 lists
12 Gauge Tracers - FN 5.7 - SKS2:322,953,472is in 2 lists
LAW ROCKET & 50BMG!3:5011,181,6541 list
Glock 17 Explosive Ammo!2:4513,868,074is in 4 lists
FLAMETHROWER MASSACRE3:6012,089,417is in 3 lists
M240 Bravo2:366,666,090is in 2 lists
The Ultimax Machine Gun5:436,707,7481 list
82mm Mortar Fail1:1016,353,456is in 2 lists
The Russian Sniper6:318,416,025is in 2 lists
Exploding Zombies!2:224,113,8901 list
Living Legends4:374,216,291is in 2 lists
The 40mm Machine Gun!!!3:2715,102,865is in 8 lists
12 Gauge Dragons Breath5:1817,572,613is in 3 lists
AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!!5:5742,289,044is in 6 lists
M249 SAW Rampage!2:1411,919,9921 list
Explosion with ACR Assault Rifle3:9012,074,5741 list
SHOOTING WHILE PEPPER SPRAYED2:3712,836,966is in 3 lists
Dual Wielding M16's!2:3510,892,724is in 2 lists
Dual Wielding Mac-10's1:286,252,947
ULTIMATE XBOX DESTRUCTION2:3210,980,381is in 2 lists
Most Powerful Handgun on Earth3:4713,546,070is in 2 lists
M4 Carbine Assault Rifle1:583,141,2641 list
Human Target Range2:501,614,188
Say hello to my little friend0:494,237,267

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