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Volleyball Workout - Volleyball Exercises to Get a Body like a Volleyball Player10:34121,389
10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout - Fitness Blender Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone11:15548,047
Quick & Simple Toning and Cardio Boot Camp - 10 Min No Equipment Cardio Workout10:37129,590
Express Calorie Blaster - 10 Minute Toning & Cardio Workout to Lose Fat Fast10:19810,205
Standing Abs Exercises - 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat10:135,711,456
Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video - Express 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine10:20602,461
8 Minute Abs Workout Routine - At Home Core Workout8:50178,301
10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workouts at Home - Express Glute & Thigh Toning Routine10:102,455,128
Upper Body Dumbbell Workout - Weight Training with Dumbbells28:43206,300
Challenging Exercise Ball Ab Workout - Physioball Workout for the Core12:52313,191
Full Length KettleBell Workout Video - Total Body Kettlebell Routine39:13564,187
Upper Body Mass Workout - Killer Bodyweight Workout for Strength20:1293,911
Bodyweight Workout for Mass - Core and Leg Workout for Men without Weights35:3376,663
Upper and Lower Back Workout - At Home Back Exercises to Tone & Strengthen25:17460,899
Fitness Blender's Butt Lift Workout - Butt Toning Exercises33:14426,180
Total Body Slosh Pipe Workout by Fitness Blender - Slosh Tube Exercises for Strength & Toning28:1024,888
10 Min Abs Workout -- At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises10:1316,861,389
30 Minute Booty Boot Camp - Butt and Thigh Workout30:29707,032
Calorie Burning Wii Zumba or Just Dance Workout - Bodyweight Toning Workout15:35358,088
Total Body Physio Ball Workout - PhysioBall Exercises25:46239,351
Shoulder and Neck Exercises and Stretches - Neck and Shoulder Stretching Routine34:1633,648
Strength, Balance & Flexibility Exercises for Golfers - Fitness Blender Golf Workout35:1183,364
Kelli's Favorite Bodyweight Workout - Total Body Toning & Functional Strength Training Exercises32:16325,053
Jump Rope Weight Loss Routine - 20 Minute Home Cardio Workout20:30292,871
Calorie Blasting Cardio Boot Camp Workout - Fat Loss Workout at Home19:38720,382
Jump Rope Workout Routine - Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises21:14301,634
Best Calf Workout Routine - Calf Exercises to Tone and Shape14:70109,039
Bicep & Tricep Super Set Workout - Resistance Band Exercises16:18483,857
Bodyweight Workout Routine - Nonstop Total Body Workout24:57204,064
Fitness Blender Upper Body Stretching Routine11:13228,489
Pilates Core Series Workout - Fitness Blender Pilates Abs and Obliques Workout17:13107,835
30 Minute At Home Abs & Cardio Workout - Fitness Blender Cardio & Abs Exercises29:43321,924
At Home Cardio Workout - High Intensity Interval Training Workout by Fitness Blender17:141,511,445
Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout - Exercises to get Curves25:27428,908
30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout - Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training31:28294,706
28 Minute Snowboard Workout - Fitness Blender Conditioning Workout Routine28:41109,565
Natural Brazilian Buttock Lift Exercises - Fitness Blender's Butt Lifting Workout34:132,675,399
Lower Body Stretching Routine for Flexibility - Fitness Blender Cool Down Stretches13:29881,753
Brutal 35 Minute Bodyweight Workout - Fitness Blender Functional Strength Training35:32358,310
Total Body Warm Up by - Warm Up Cardio Workout8:20321,953
Fitness Blender 100 Rep Workout - Toning & Weight Loss Workout Challenge24:23254,204
Fitness Blender Butt & Thigh Workout - 20 Minute Bodyweight Workout20:50538,272
20 Minute Home Upper Body Workout Routine - Fitness Blender Workout to get Toned Arms20:40511,978
25 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout by FitnessBlender.com25:111,180,435
Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender.com18:121,955,731
Lower Back Stretches for Sciatica Pain - Sciatica Exercises for Back Pain by FitnessBlender.com8:57755,852
15 Minute Total Body Boot Camp - Fitness Blender HIIT Workout15:29871,861
20 Minute Home Abdominal Workout - Fitness Blender Ab and Oblique Exercises20:30381,360
Shell Stretch0:3910,097
Pilates Swimmers (Lv 2)0:554,588
Pilates Swimmers (Lv 1)0:4932,687
Pilates Shoulder Bridge0:5414,117
Pilates Shoulder Bridge Prep (Lv 3)0:503,895
Pilates Shoulder Bridge Prep (Lv 2)0:534,618
Pilates Shoulder Bridge Prep (Lv 1)0:416,524
Pilates Heel Taps (Lv 2)0:5616,239
Pilates Heel Taps (Lv 1)0:565,135
Full Body Stretch0:3010,297
Cobra Stretch0:3218,470
Bicycle Crunch0:3811,096
Band Reverse Fly0:4310,454
Band Bent Over Row, Wide0:4211,216
Band Bent Over Row, Close0:457,054
Supine Push Up0:3536,331
Burpee (Lv 3)0:3914,515
Jump Turns (Lv 2)0:308,554
Lateral Hops0:2610,993
Side Push Up (Lv 1)0:4913,652
Ventral Hops0:278,400
Band Ventral Raise with Palm In0:421,964
Band Ventral Raise with Palm Out0:411,726
Band Ventral Raise with Palm Up0:422,505
Band Ventral Raise0:412,388
Jump Turns (Lv 1)0:313,678
Plank Jacks0:34184,568
Push Up Jacks0:4555,019
Scissor Kicks0:425,540
Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raise (Lv 3)0:449,816
Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raise (Lv 2)0:442,019
Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raise (Lv 1)0:437,891
Double Leg Circles (Lv 2)0:4232,426
Double Leg CIrcles (Lv 1)0:3844,874
Band Upright Row0:433,282
Band Overhead Press0:384,667
Band Lateral Raises with Palms Back0:391,722
Plank Extensions (Lv 2)0:369,188
Push Up Plank (Lv 2)0:343,499
Pilates Toe Taps, Single0:4522,644
Pilates Toe Taps, Double0:4321,623
Flutter Kicks0:3841,659
Band Upright Row, Wide0:432,316
Band Lateral Raises with Palms Up0:361,776
Band Lateral Raises wIth Palms Forward0:374,165
Push Up Plank (Lv 1)0:327,650
Pilates Leg Pull Facing Down (Lv 2)0:3982,734
Pilates Leg Pull Facing Down (Lv 1)0:4111,378
Overhead Tricep Stretch0:348,638
Band Overhead Tricep Extension0:447,590
Band Lateral Raise0:395,876
Band Bicep Curl0:4014,557

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