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Kelli's Upper Body Workout for Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back - Upper Body Superset Workout50:23205,644
Is Diet or Exercise More Important for Weight Loss & Health? Why We Hate "80/20 Diet/Exercise"8:0054,860
At Home Butt and Thigh Workout Video with Cardio Intervals - Fat Burning Cardio Workout + Lower Body34:39781,220
Stress Busting Yoga Pilates Workout - Relaxing Stretch Workout for Flexibility9:56130,855
Brutal Anaerobic Threshold HIIT - Fat Burning HIIT Cardio14:20338,420
Upper Body Superset Workout with Fat Burning Cardio Intervals - Arm, Chest, Back & Shoulder Workout37:17260,115
Brand New 8 Week Fat Loss Program & 4 Week Meal Plan Now Available! Happy New Year!4:3321,445
Upper Body Active Stretch Workout - Arms, Shoulder, Chest, and Back Stretching Exercises14:10243,896
Cardio Workout At Home - Abs Workout and Bodyweight Cardio to Burn Fat Fast36:54593,925
Hey YouTube! Announcing Your 2014 Surprises; New Meal Plans, Fat Loss Programs, Food Journals & More6:3736,013
Total Body Warm Up Cardio - 5 Minute Warm Up Workout5:57337,781
Interval Cardio and Strength Blend to Burn Fat - Total Body Sandbag Workout Video22:5047,021
8 Minute Abs Workout - Quick Abs and Obliques Workout7:52106,577
Mom and Baby Workout - AKA The Difficulties of Working Out With a Baby7:9054,679
Mass Building Workout for Legs - 35 Minute At Home Lower Body Barbell Workout for Strength35:3550,512
What Workouts Should You Do When You're Pregnant? Fitness Blender Pregnancy Workouts11:9038,880
Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend35:221,085,524
Your Diet & The Holidays - How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight - Answer Might Suprise14:3457,611
Kelli's Abs and Upper Body Strength Training Workout - Chest, Back, Arms and Abs Superset Workout27:21420,132
FB News! New 8 Week Fat Loss Program Round 4 Release Date Announced2:2022,364
Total Body Boot Camp Workout for Lean Muscles - Work for What You Want13:2367,023
Kelli's Personal Weekly Workout Structure & Favorite Fitness Blender Workout Videos3:6056,487
Pilates Butt and Thigh Burnout - Squat Free Pilates Workout for a Lifted, Round Butt & Toned Thighs9:14148,689
26 Minute Sandbag Workout Video - Total Body Sandbag Training for Fat Burning, Strength & Endurance26:7054,932
Metabolism Boosting 5 Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout7:7034,312
Before and After Workout Snacks & When to Eat Them - Pre and Post Workout Snacks6:3489,598
56 Minute SweatFest Butt and Thigh Cardio Workout - Calorie Blasting Interval Cardio for Lower Body56:12898,786
FB News: The First Ever Fitness Blender Meet Up!1:4616,023
Upper Body Kettlebell Training for Strength - 30 Minute Kettlebell Workout Video31:1276,346
Total Body Strength Barbell Workout - Dumbbell or Barbell Exercises for Strength10:5940,027
Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout - 30 Minute Lower Body Sculpting - Drop it Like a Squat!30:361,417,861
Abs Boot Camp Workout - Abs and Obliques Workout15:31979,038
Fast Paced High Intensity Workout - Descending Ladder of Pain - HIIT Workout12:4491,751
Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners - Recovery Cardio Workout with No Jumping27:271,680,912
Low Impact 4 Week Fat Loss Program for Beginners Now Available!2:7043,068
Low Impact Workout for Beginners - 40 Minute Total Body Beginner Workout40:38209,216
Fitness Blender Before and After Pictures #2 - Weight Loss Pictures & Fitness Tranformations3:32326,110
Are Fitness Blender Workouts Enough to Lose Weight? + Our Personal Workout Programs6:3570,588
Butt and Abs Tabata Workout - Fat Blasting Cardio Interval Workout28:901,380,996
Total Body HIIT Boot Camp Workout - Quick Tabata Workout12:5197,566
Relaxing Pilates Yoga Blend - Calming Yoga and Pilates Workout for Strength and Flexibility15:10222,941
43 Minute Low Impact Workout for Endurance - Descending Ladder Total Body Burnout Challenge43:6099,367 Preview - 100% Free Full Length Workout Videos Online0:262,761,820
The Truth About Thigh Gaps - The Myth About How to Get A Thigh Gap8:41120,204
450 Rep Home Cardio Workout - Total Body Endurance Cardio Workout to Banish Fat24:1492,825
Funny Puppy Video / Just for Fun: Fitness Blender's Unofficial Mascot, Loki2:32772,415
How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day? How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?6:1870,942
1000 Calorie Workout - HIIT Cardio, Strength, Kickboxing and Abs Workout to Burn 1000 Calories1:04:26619,478
Bodyweight Cardio Workout - 23 Minute At Home Interval Cardio Training23:291,143,323
Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Butt and Thighs with Yoga Cool Down - 27 Min Interval Cardio Training27:20264,011
4 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People is now Available!1:1028,757
Advanced Abs and Core for Strength - Abdominal Strength Training18:5393,315
Announcing FB's New 4 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People + How to Win a Free Early Release Copy1:5627,185
Quick Cool Down Stretching Workout Routine - Cool Down Workout5:21260,717
Upper Body Strength and Cardio Workout - 27 Minute Upper Body Superset Workout27:40142,000
Kelli's Booty Workout - 32 Minute Ultimate Butt and Thigh Workout for a Round Lifted Butt32:50601,638
Berserker HIIT Workout Challenge - Crazy Intense Home Workout18:31112,988
Fast 5 Minute Cool Down and Stretching Workout for Busy People4:53330,791
Freeze and Squeeze Bodyweight Boot Camp - Active and Static Workout Interval Challenge29:30211,826
Jumping Rope Workout - 18 Minute Cardio Interval Workout17:47139,859
Do You Need Protein Supplements to Lose Weight and Get Fit? How Much Protein Do You Need?8:5654,012
Can You HIIT like a Girl Round 2 - 28 Minute Fat Burning Cardio HIIT Workout Challenge28:20576,195
Low Impact Abs, Butt and Thighs Workout - Feel Good Total Body Sculpt and Stretch10:36154,276
Happy, Healthy, Strong Total Body Boot Camp -- Strength and Cardio Tabata Workout12:1774,008
What Supplements Should You Take to Be Fit and Healthy? Do You Need Supplements for Weight Loss?10:2832,626
Kickboxing and HIIT Workout: 38 Minute Fat Burning Interval Cardio Workout at Home38:21146,622
Goodbye Stress Calming Stretching Workout -- Full Body Yoga Infused Stretching Routine13:40671,316
Quick and Fearless Kettlebell Cardio Workout - Ultimate Fat Burn Workout for the Entire Body11:39187,244
30 Minute At Home Abs & HIIT Cardio Workout for Fat Loss - HIIT Happens31:21578,091
Spartan 500 Workout Round 2 - 500 Repetition Workout Challenge by Fitness Blender17:40100,326
Chest and Back Superset Workout - At Home Dumbbell Workout for Strength and Size21:1259,946
How to Lose Belly Fat - The Truth About Belly Fat, Abs, and Six Packs8:70247,464
Bikini Body Pilates - 27 Minute Abs, Butt and Thighs Pilates Workout by FitnessBlender.com26:54853,644
Total Body Strength Training & Bodyweight Cardio Intervals - Sore Today Strong Tomorrow28:32145,248
HIIT Quick and HIIT Hard - Tabata Style High Intensity Interval Training Workout8:1297,832
Short Workouts or Long Workouts? Are Short Workouts Really Effective?3:4636,027
How to Eat on Vacation; Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain, Cheat Meals + How We Eat on Vacation6:2028,255
Fitness Blender Before and After Pictures - Fitness Blender Results3:44195,509
15 Minute At Home Bodyweight Cardio Interval Workout - Sweat Like You Mean It14:43285,998
Pilates Glute and Thigh Workout for a Round Butt - Fitness Blender Pilates Butt Lifting Workout16:22102,689
Kona Beach Bikini Body Workout - No Equipment Body Sculpting Workout - Sand, Surf & Sweat11:4258,881
No Burpee HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout -- Fat Burning Bodyweight Cardio without Burpees33:53372,711
The Most Effective Squat Challenge: 100 Rep Fitness Blender Squat Challenge8:275,645,080
Tank Top Arms Round 2 - Upper Back, Arm and Shoulder Workout for a Strong, Lean Upper Body12:26617,926
Jump Rope Cardio HIIT Workout - Jumping Rope Workout17:4699,945
Fitness Blender 8 Minute Abs Workout - No Equipment, No Excuses Abs and Obliques8:32384,714
Cardio and Abs Workout - 10 Minute Abs and Cardio Blender Mashup10:3380,318
15 Minute Kettlebell Workout Video - 1X10 Kettlebell Burnout15:51397,874
1000 Calorie Workout Video - 88 Min Abs, HIIT Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching1:28:421,346,178
The new is now live!1:3644,048
New 1000 Calorie Workout Sneak Peak - AKA: We Struggle Too0:2167,409
Fast Paced Total Body Cardio & Strength Workout - Time Saving Fat Burner8:1596,347
Push Yourself Harder - Total Body Training for a Lean Strong Body - Dumbbell or Kettlebell Workout23:70202,285
Brand New 8 Week Fat Loss Program Round 3 Now Available!0:3842,795
Total Body Toning Low Impact Cardio Workout - 30 Minute At Home Cardio Workout29:231,249,203
Fitness Blender PFT - Physical Fitness Test4:14104,263
Fat Burning Cardio Workout - 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home37:1012,524,7771 list
Quick Total Body Warm Up Cardio - Easy Low Impact Cardio Warm Up Workout6:23424,752
How Much Weight Should I be Lifting for Best Results?3:5739,325
Advanced HIIT Workout - Total Body High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT Me Again21:34184,463

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