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Our Church in Hawaii & Punahou Carnival || Mommy Monday29:595,571
24 Hours with 6 Kids on Valentine's Day 202034:1989,197
Bubble Run 5K Honolulu 2020 - Why We Finished VERY LAST!12:4461,809
Mom Hack - Easy Way to Earn Cash!!7:2247,318
HORRIBLE News About our Dog Kona, Chris Lost & Owen Kicked Out of Gym || Mommy Monday37:51242,283
Very First Soccer Practice Routine7:2061,343
Burried in Sprinkles!!5:1983,523
Singing on the Street for Money || Mommy Monday26:34183,435
Character Breakfast, Snorkeling & VIP Luau - Aulani Day 225:5298,385
HUGE Surprise! - Disney Aulani Part 113:36210,252
Dog Tackles Owen at Michael's First Soccer Game & Adult Bullying Situation || Mommy Monday30:56242,729
9 Puppy Bathtime Routine13:29166,338
Unwanted House Guest: A HUGE FROG!!8:5394,008
Forced to Leave Hawaii! || Mommy Monday31:38248,159
Someone Stole Our Stuff! We Caught it in Our Video!24:10299,646
Epic Lightsaber Battles with Hasbro’s Star Wars Scream Saber9:4381,249
Very First Soccer Game Ever...RUINED || Mommy Monday30:22336,629
Eating Only Expired Food for 24 Hours Challenge17:24126,577
Move In Day, Costco & New House Tour || Mommy Monday19:50307,263
We Join DISNEY ON ICE Show ON THE ICE!! + Exclusive Behind the Scenes19:14128,034
ONE-ARM Slime Challenge!17:17202,937
Our LAST Day in California! Chaos, Presents & Packing! || Mommy Monday Christmas at Grandparents23:10382,679
Snow Tubing, Ice Skating, THRILL Rides Family Fun Pack Winterfest FUN!!15:32344,359
10 Years Old!! Twins Birthday Special19:33330,474
Up On the Housetop - Handbell, Guitar & Ukulele Family Fun Pack Christmas Song4:60191,020
24 Hours with 6 Kids on Christmas!!45:17854,500
Jingle Bells Remix - Handbells, Piano & Singing - Family Fun Pack Christmas Song2:41204,094
Burnt Hand, Broken Guitar, Braces Update, Clothes & Fan Mail || Mommy Monday26:53462,990
Christmas at Universal Studios with 6 Kids!!16:41103,991
Frozen 2 Family Fun!!9:29486,242
Family Bowling Challenge!14:21897,744
Eating Only Foods that Start with the Letter of Your Name for 24 Hours Challenge!34:151,236,925
Feliz Navidad - Guitar & Ukulele - Family Fun Pack2:17250,066
Twins 10th Birthday Party! Limo & Skydiving!!22:33206,078
Vaseline Mess, New Train & Christmas Party || Mommy Monday16:39138,530
Family Ninja Challenge!!18:40117,553
Michael's First Concert!20:50386,270
We Had to Stop!7:51102,618
24 Hours NO MOM!10:40165,012
Crazy Midnight Shopping, Family Updates & Huge Announcement || Mommy Monday35:17230,183
Bake the Perfect Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie || Kid Size Cooking13:26476,671
Alyssa's Annual Kids Only Christmas Party Skit!!21:53275,449
Behind the Scenes: How to Make Cotton Candy Burrito - Creamberry Las Vegas18:24190,944
Trying to Leave for Las Vegas || Mommy Monday10:41385,148
Something New in the Game Room!17:12124,138
First Friendsgiving!12:30174,945
SO ANGRY!!17:13724,197
Decorating for Christmas!! || Mommy Monday24:58227,281
When Women Aren't Allowed to Play Basketball || Mommy Monday8:33114,570
Puppy Morning Routine || Family Fun Pack Hana7:60868,357
Amazing Pool Light Show - Nighttime Pool Backyard Tour!10:46257,058
Where Did My Kids Go?! Science & Soccer || Mommy Monday22:25685,883
Owen's First Obstacle Course Challenge!! (SO CUTE!!!)7:45716,538
Taller Than Our HOUSE! | Family Fun Pack Brik Tower Challenge!!14:20294,008
The Pause Challenge Switchup8:463,198,215
Parents vs Kids Soccer, New Toys & Owen Vlogs || Mommy Monday24:29302,016
Christmas Face Paint, Soccer & Huge Fish Food Mess11:15893,831
24 Hours Baby Home Alone!22:33473,397
Tricked Into Doing Chores!! Massive Cleaning CHALLENGE!!!15:25174,690
He Came Back!! Emotional Reunion!27:32320,908
He Left Me...I Can't Do This... || Mommy Monday32:20565,026
24 Hours with 6 Kids on Halloween!51:602,122,047
Never Have I Ever......Shocking Secrets Revealed to Parents!!13:51127,923
COSTUME PARTY and Birthday Lunch with My Mom!22:34189,866
Someone Took Our Dog! || Mommy Monday22:591,155,231
Very First Time Camping!!!18:40441,597
Last to Leave a FREEZING COLD Room WINS!!8:55295,779
Family Fun Pack Knott's Scary Farm 201916:31104,293
Halloween Bedroom Makeover! || Mommy Monday22:13279,106
Costume Party & Spooky Haunted House Halloween Skit17:31732,470
Spooky Halloween at Great Wolf Lodge16:53178,975
Make an ICEE || Kid Size Cooking6:13285,335
ABC Order Challenge at Great Wolf Lodge!!8:44421,703
New Swing, Soccer & Braces! || Mommy Monday19:41363,986
After School Routine in ABC Order!!!10:17734,867
Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours!!!27:4115,065,034
Halloween at Disneyland with 6 Kids! Oogie Boogie Bash Fun!18:22774,775
Last to Escape the Security Guard Wins!13:47204,190
Spin Till You Drop! || Mommy Monday24:21636,412
Who's the Better Driver?7:19128,113
Kristine's Birthday Special!23:001,101,543
Emotional Surprise!4:12212,260
The Truth About Rainbow Ice Cream13:46208,721
Hilarious Twisting Contortion Challenge || Family Game Night13:51292,183
Best Ever Sleepover Routine!!12:102,082,671
Alyssa's 13th Birthday Party! How Do We Have a Teenager?!!15:54504,911
Butterfly Habitat Escape!!10:12227,827
20 Facts About Alyssa from Family Fun Pack4:43120,644
First Vlog Back!! Emotional Homecoming || Mommy Monday21:48232,321
Learn to Ride a Bike without Training Wheels with Michael!6:51166,478
Dog Saves the Day when Wild Boar Chases Family!10:39256,453
24 Hours with 6 Kids on the First Day of School!!45:46518,155
School Morning Routine7:46189,924
Aunties Day 2019!! - Mommy Monday12:46210,567
Unwanted Guest Came Home with My Kids From Camp!24:50210,448
24 Hours with 6 Kids - 4 Missing!!39:42696,494
WE GOT OUR DOGS BACK!! *emotional*10:20188,334

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