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Rhythm & Truth - Emily Muli // OUT NOW3:303,630
Rhythm & Truth // BEHIND THE SCENES1:52376
Million Miles (Cover)1:105,173
Swing Low/He Still Loves Me - Fighting Temptations1:186,476
Elevation Worship - Fullness (short cover)1:602,462
Loimata e Maligi // Te Vaka (cover)3:1638,297
Oxygen // Emily.3:342,171
Draw Me Nearer // (Jireh Cover)3:5824,885
Drake (+) Medley //2:214,697
Ghost Town DJ's // My Boo (cover)0:538,368
You're The One That I Want (Grease Cover)3:507,933
Bring Me Down // Emily (prod. by EDY)4:904,497
hold me // janine and the mixtape (cover)3:378,295
Nobody Love (Tori Kelly Cover)2:4815,447
Mrs. Confident (Original) - Emily. ft. Ivan & Petra3:526,753
Bwana Yesu Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord) // Emily ft. UoA Fam!5:5014,164
All Of Me - John Legend (Cover)4:9029,498
17:20 - Emily. (Original)5:2618,209
Katinia (Tongan Song)3:40198,267
Rude by Magic! // (Emily. Cover)3:59799,038
DAY FIVE // Live Below The Line - Emily.4:335,998
DAY FOUR // Live Below The Line - Emily.1:503,953
DAY THREE // Live Below The Line - Emily.2:143,826
DAY TWO // Live Below The Line - Emily.1:404,038
DAY ONE // Live Below The Line - Emily.1:395,392
Below The Line - Emily.4:3712,908
One In A Million (Cover) - The Remake4:40160,021
Is This Love - Bob Marley (Allen Stone Rendition)3:5442,030
Will You Be - Emily.3:4362,944
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse Version (Cover)3:60120,063
"Know Him, Love Him, Serve Him" - Emily and The Hebronites ;)4:477,155
I'm In Love - Emily. (original) Demo Version3:3077,2201 list
End Of Time - Beyonce (Cover/Jam Sesh)2:41100,971
Thinking About You - Frank Ocean (Cover)2:21152,142
Boyfriend/Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber (Cover)3:2167,786
Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran (Cover)5:31167,262
Who You Are - Jessie J (Cover)2:2849,630
Waiting - Emily.4:4135,499
Don't Let Go / Ordinary People ft. Johnson!4:4798,589
Young Homie - Chris Rene (Cover)3:27100,271
1+1 - Beyonce (Cover)3:30177,477
We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris (Cover - Jam Sesh)3:44159,3061 list
Did It Hurt - Never Shout Never (Cover)2:8019,901
Don't Forget Your Roots - Six60 (Cover)3:12168,696
Hebron Mission Trip - AFRICA '11. (Part 2)3:263,220
Hebron Mission Trip - AFRICA '11. (Part 1)7:325,359
Next To You - Chris Brown ft. JB (Cover)3:5686,148
Someone Like You - Adele (Cover)3:19130,411
Cool Down/Let's Do It Again (Cover)2:29328,881
Roll With Me - J King (Cover) ft. Sam!2:17299,095
Jono's EPIC flip!0:126,205
Yeah 3x - Chris Brown (Cover)3:48120,002
Stay The Night - James Blunt (Cover)3:35281,492
Jam Sesh with Harley!1:4571,374
Just The Way You Are (Cover) - a little jam sesh. ha.3:1370,995
One in a Million - Neyo (Cover.)3:482,718,159
Alright - Emily (orig.)2:58152,071
DJ Got Us Falling In Love - Usher (Cover)3:24110,367

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