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Tree Update Episode 205:13147,941
How to be a climate activist | Workshops with Extinction Rebellion5:43105,157
Bolsonaro and the Amazon Fires | Mercosur Trade Agreement10:13133,116
Working at Ecosia | Startups with a purpose5:3113,469
3 Million Trees For Brazil1:1732,704
Tree Update Episode 192:51139,613
“Carbon neutral” is not enough: Ecosia has built its own solar plants2:19156,172
How to Help The Environment | Reading a Landscape6:2782,997
How Ecosia fights palm oil plantations0:42506,393
How can I stop Palm Oil?0:44600,299
5 Reasons to Switch from Google to Ecosia0:31103,278
Switch to Ecosia, the alternative search engine0:331,367,965
Tree Update Episode 182:15124,383
Can a music festival be green?3:30148,129
A message from EnjoyPhoenix1:297,010
Tree Update Episode 172:54130,391
Why boycotting palm oil is not a solution5:3982,910
How trees brought back Senegal’s national dish: with recipe2:25113,010
Tree Update Episode 162:41105,316
The strikers who are changing the fate of the planet2:247,062
Deforestation in Peru: a slippery slope10:3663,329
Why we plant fruit and nut trees in Ghana: Makada’s story1:4517,763
Turning the desert green in Burkina Faso1:3642,370
Tree Update Episode 153:4032,686
How 50 million trees have changed the world6:15343,976
Millennials at work: the new generation of farmers4:54106,165
Tree Update Episode 142:3731,713
Why Women Collectives Benefit Everyone: Meet The Baobab Collective3:4023,992
The doable New Year’s resolution idea that saves the planet0:3742,627
Your searches in 20180:4616,950
Tree Update Episode 132:3840,906
Ecosia Animation1:238,157
Tree Update Episode 122:109,751
Brazil's Atlantic Forest six years on1:2812,738
Working as a female tree-planter in Brazil1:564,140
Happy Halloween!0:2120,864
Uganda’s New Forests8:51115,101
Trees not profits: why Ecosia can never be sold1:339,010
40 MILLION trees planted with Ecosia0:5335,907
RWE's response to our €1M bid1:354,667
Ecosia offers RWE €1,000,000 for Hambach Forest1:557,213
Burkina Faso after the rainy season0:3520,108
Fred's tree-planting movement1:293,559
Tree Update Episode 111:589,301
No matter who you are. No matter what you search for. Ecosia plants trees.0:37114,427
Tree Update Episode 101:587,318
Chimps and humans, charcoal and trees2:905,825
Tree Update Episode 91:4413,808
Ecosia users have just planted 30 MILLION trees0:3929,661
Your searches with Ecosia bring trees back to Tanzania0:574,406
Ecosia is the privacy-friendly search engine0:285,070
The nurse who heals forests in Uganda2:509,338
What's the CO2 impact of an Ecosia search?0:4018,223
Tree Update Episode 82:2013,636
How do trees provide clean water?1:5015,511
Tree Update Episode 72:129,722
The landless farmer who saved his environment1:289,074
When our tree hero from Burkina Faso visited Ecosia1:901,832
Empowering women like Sara with your searches1:111,604
Tree Update Episode 63:104,312
You can restore the Atlantic Rainforest2:302,367
Ecosia interviews Dr. Jane Goodall4:1718,710
A message from Nebiyu in Ethiopia2:291,864
Ecosia has planted 20 million trees!0:3731,825
Your searches have changed her life1:4219,154
Have you tried the search engine that plants trees?0:392,226,777
Dr.Jane Goodall answers questions from Ecosia users6:121,738
L'espoir commence avec une recherche1:104,407
Hope starts with a search1:1010,481
Are you still using Google? Switch to Ecosia and start planting trees with your searches!1:306,752
Ecosia for Mobile: Plant trees from wherever you are1:542,848
Ecosia fürs Smartphone1:52306
Application mobile Ecosia1:52342
Tree-Planting Update: November 20175:501,661
Ecosia supports Jane Goodall's work in Uganda1:13552
1.6 billion people depend on firewood7:601,626
Ces deux amis ont planté plus de 5 millions d'arbres0:572,096
These two friends planted more than 5 million trees0:575,497
Von Reiseführer zu Baumpflanzer - wie zwei Freunde mehr als 5 Millionen Bäume pflanzten0:573,073
From deserts to forest - our project in Burkina Faso1:6013,373
De la pépinière à la terre: le voyage d'un jeune arbre1:18448
Das entsteht aus euren Suchanfragen1:18425
From nursery to earth: This is where your searches end up1:183,942
Tree-Planting Update: October 20172:2419,494
Malika's Tree Story0:431,625
15 million trees planted!0:2832,093
Are you still using Google? Switch to Ecosia and start planting trees with your searches!0:502,691,354
How to be a #TreeHero0:52911
Sei ein #TreeHero0:4610,939
Sois un #TreeHero0:4612,323
Be a #TreeHero0:4616,942
Tree-Planting Update: September 20171:546,175
The Hidden Superpowers of Trees0:40896
From Tanzania, to all Ecosians1:80516
Behind the scenes: your trees in Morocco5:703,163
Tree-Planting Update: July 20173:404,571
Part 1 of 3 - What Ecosia's founder learned in Indonesia2:36817
Reforestation in Madagascar: Rebirth of a vital ecosystem3:318,343
Tree-Planting Update: July 20173:20620
Tree-Planting Update: June2:361,418

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