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Uncle Announcement3:8083,131
BEST Scary Clowns Short films - DM Films37:50526,160
Horror Short Film - Ezekielth4:36350,546
The Best Life Advice You'll Ever Hear3:31123,525
Scary Clowns Episode 12 - Bitcoin Short Film8:00860,558
Scary Clowns DURANKS™ Compilation! special - SHORT HORROR FILM10:132,222,163
Best Scary DURANKS™ Compilation! HALLOWEEN 2018 special - SHORT FILM10:223,536,415
The One Dollar Experiment3:59190,498
The Future Of Killer Clowns & This Channel4:58321,796
Scary Clown Horror Short Film - Episode 114:596,644,199
Killer Clowns - Out Of The Circus (Halloween Edit) [Official Music Video]4:191,974,968
JIGSAW Killer Scary Short Film!3:575,681,909
Killer Clown X Short Horror Film - Las Vegas Clowns Sightings6:214,947,175
Killer Clown 9 Scary Film - Shadow Plays4:3932,555,237
Extremely Mental Scary Killer Clowns short film. 2 hours in 10 minutes.10:232,018,078
Freddy Krueger - Nightmare Horror Short Film4:473,854,367
KILLER CLOWN 8 Short film - Creepy Clowns Sightings! The Clowns4:4627,854,273
SCARE CAMPAIGN (2016) Official Trailer HD1:55843,487
Scary Clowns 7 Short Horror Film - Resurrection!6:3425,361,866
Killer Bunny HORROR Short Film3:513,702,519
Fake Movie Scene Prank!6:122,091,464
Would You Steal From a Charity Foundation? SOCIAL EXPERIMENT5:60708,635
Clown Gets Shot Prank on TV Reporter4:336,944,552
Best DM Films Episodes of 201513:5813,520,943
Alien Invasion Short Horror Film8:134,796,477
Clown Pranks Gone Wrong & Reveals (Never Seen Raw Footage)25:372,723,291
Zombie Horror Short Film5:111,977,600
Zombie Invasion Short Film3:334,076,325
Scary Clowns 6 Horror Short Film - Episodes From Vegas5:2638,512,111
Michael Myers Horror Short Film!3:257,238,817
New Channel: DM EXPERIMENT (Only Social Experiments)1:50674,759
Ghost Child HORROR Short Film4:3723,260,144
Killer Clown 5 - Apotheosis! Scare Prank!5:3723,485,673
Autoblow Prank on Girlfriend Backfires4:321,234,177
Porn Prank (Wear Headphones)2:502,197,112
The Power of Marketing - Social Experiment3:561,625,483
Psycho Witch Scare Prank!3:364,069,173
Pub Fight Prank! - Kingsman3:415,223,291
Super Zombies Infection Horror Short Film3:5111,622,693
Best Scary Pranks of 2014 Compilation - Dm Pranks10:186,130,463
Psycho Santa Claus Scary Short Film3:4313,373,743
Scary Clown 4 - Massacre! Horror Short Film4:5471,835,771
Ferocious Mutant HORROR Short Film5:3017,754,022
Killer Clown 3 - The Uncle! HORROR Short Film5:30124,941,876
Killer Clown ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! #IceBucketChallenge #strikeoutals1:177,945,359
Devil's Daughter Scare Prank!5:1830,611,7701 list
Telekinetic Priest Attack Scare Prank!3:5117,943,810
Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank!3:1574,521,145is in 3 lists
Would You Recognize a Missing Child? (Social Experiment)3:506,127,852
Killer Clown Scare Prank!3:2447,711,0221 list
Would You Help a Wounded Homeless Man? (Social Experiment)4:134,814,402
Flamethrower Psycho Scare Prank1:5715,304,014
Dropping Cocaine in Public (Social Experiment)6:104,624,568
Kiss Me I'm Lonely2:235,942,334
Hit and Run (Social Experiment)4:203,230,267
880lb of Food For Homeless Dogs3:901,092,782
Would you help a girl? (Social Experiment)3:4912,126,883
Would You Pickup an iPad With Semen?2:523,501,222
Never Make Eye Contact While Eating A Banana (PART 2 + EXTRAS)2:431,361,829
Would people steal from the homeless? (Social Experiment)2:533,481,091
Zombie Axe Murder Prank!1:5710,436,582
Zombie Axe Attack Prank!1:547,229,720
Would You Stop a Pick Pocketing? (Social Experiment)3:002,744,274
Elevator Sneeze Prank1:572,623,733
Never Make Eye Contact While Eating a Banana Prank4:1014,376,305
Prank Gone Wrong Full Scene4:202,728,515
Appearances Matter? Homeless Vs Businessman (Social Experiment)3:223,659,777
Sleeping While Getting Directions Prank2:59564,078
Walking Through Couples2:381,227,416
Dropping The Wallet in Public (Social Experiment)3:315,142,973
Fake Bike Accident Prank3:292,929,423
Taking Pictures Of People's Food Prank4:201,341,728
Quit Smoking Prank2:291,867,326
Huge Sneeze Prank3:201,165,455
Putting Hats On People3:192,246,459
Confusing People4:501,539,007
Touching People1:591,671,891

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