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Languages of Love | Poke My Heart10:19476
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All the Holiday Feels3:80694
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19 Families Getting Bigger9:50596
Now, It's Gifting Season6:11441
33 Amazing Surprises6:121,178
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These Romantic Proposals Are The Ultimate Couple Goals10:601,037
Have you ever seen dogs happier to jump into these loving arms?? | Poke My Heart10:114,123
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The Top 12 Babes You Def Want at Brunch! | Poke My Heart10:14986
Classic Mom | Poke My Heart10:141,054
Yum VS Yuck10:28913
Turning Pro12:20734
Can't Stop Talking10:201,018
Celebrating the 4th!12:19677
ConGRADulations Life Students!12:16539
Such a Dad!3:191,556
Proud to Love You!3:30955
Families Back Together6:121,035
More Than Pets6:801,041
Athletic Misdirection3:30758
Spicy Pregnancy Reveal3:13816
Cheers, Friends!3:20693
Storybook Adoption3:90747
Gemini Season6:20726
Sisterly Surprise, Mom!6:803,009
What ARE You?6:14932
Dads and Their Daughters3:801,604
Short on Cash, Big on Gratitude3:10545
Double Surprise!3:30699
Teacher's Birthday Proposal3:14604
Force Families1:44590
Welcome to the World9:41773
Bride and Father are Amazing Dancers3:90527
Making Fuzzy Friends9:21697
Pep Talks3:14756
Dad Heroes!3:137,211
Save A Buck Or Two10:10650
Wonderful Surprises10:101,292
Curious Kids10:102,062
Toddler Takeover10:131,664
Babies and Furry Friends10:101,785
Sweet Moments10:102,724
Little Heart Melters10:141,838
The Best Of Poke My Heart10:102,968
This Week In Poke My Heart9:10822
Unlikely friends 23:141,393
Best Friends3:132,381
Making the Band3:57877
Bovine Beauties3:172,470
Talented Tykes 23:13417
So Kiss Me3:104,995
Come Back Summer3:131,088
Baby News3:181,241
Snow Angels3:90439
Dog Regrets Choosing Wrong Cup of Treats0:467,055
Confused Pups3:101,722
Poke My Heart's 2018 Heartwarming Moments8:184,443
Unexpected Reactions3:201,137
Best Friends Forever3:161,537
Biker Kids3:16537
Kids And Candles3:171,396
Babies Dancing3:147,545
Kids Hear For The First Time3:191,337
Animal Parents3:155,922
Tiny Tumbles3:14759
Kiddie Cats3:161,141
Dad Helps Baby Daughter Play Soccer1:131,151
Baby Steals Food From Dog's Bowl0:35709
Husky Enjoys Getting Pretend Makeup Done by Owner0:41822
Soldier Surprises Mom With Homecoming at Restaurant1:181,205
Parents Can't Stop Laughing While Filming Family Vlog1:562,003
Twin Toddlers Can't Stop Laughing While Drinking Juice0:46608
Dog Steals Cracker From Laughing Baby in High Chair1:541,489
Dog Makes Snarly Face at Being Licked by Cat1:123,381

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