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Centricity 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!3:15593
Aaron Shust's CD release show on Stage It2:193,047
Steve Shaves his head1:351,116
Behind the Scenes of Jason Gray's Nothing is Wasted Video Shoot1:501,236
Glorious - Official Lyric Video - Sixteen Cities3:369,101
I Need You - Official Lyric Video - Sixteen Cities3:438,522
Walk On Water - Official Lyric Video - Sixteen Cities3:588,093
Story Behind The Song "Rest" - Downhere1:495,9451 list
Story Behind Me In Motion's "Yes We Can"2:907,3671 list
Yes We Can - Official Lyric Video - Me In Motion3:16305,141
Without Running Away - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:57106,9321 list
The Sound of Our Breathing - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:3525,0401 list
The Other Side - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray4:2248,3211 list
The End Of Me - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:35317,9271 list
No Thief Like Fear - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:42150,8091 list
Jesus, We Are Grateful - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray5:3618,9631 list
I Will Find A Way - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray4:2271,7301 list
Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:56444,571
A Way to See in the Dark - Official Lyric Video - Jason Gray3:41156,7091 list
Turn This Around - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:5426,0031 list
On The Altar Of Love - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:1993,4181 list
Seek - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:5215,5401 list
Reveal The Kingdom - Official Lyric Video - Downhere4:4037,0361 list
Rest - Official Lyric Video - Downhere4:90127,2891 list
Only The Beginning - Official Lyric Video - Downhere4:7032,2151 list
Living The Dream - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:3682,8481 list
Holy - Official Lyric Video - Downhere4:3583,2781 list
Glory By The Way of Shame - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:5623,4301 list
For The Heartbreak - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:3533,5831 list
For Life - Official Lyric Video - Downhere3:5833,6781 list
Your Majesty - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:4950,8431 list
Wondrous Love (Featuring Kari Jobe) - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:3036,0251 list
We Are Free - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust3:5732,7431 list
This Is What We Believe - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:4944,0101 list
Sing Of My Redeemer - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:1736,5241 list
Risen Today - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:4067,8181 list
Never Been A Greater Love - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust4:4551,9531 list
Greater Is He - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust3:3046,9591 list
God So Loved The World - Official Lyric Video - Aaron Shust3:12140,2561 list
Jason Gray - Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video)3:489,255,6011 list
Aaron Shust - My Hope Is In You (Official Music Video)4:19338,2401 list
Downhere - Let Me Rediscover You (Official Music Video)4:10287,4221 list
Behind the Scenes- Remind Me Who I Am3:1022,253
Jason Gray- Remind Me Who I Am3:39184,204
Downhere EPK6:503,198
Interview About Our Identity In God2:411,584
High Valley Photoshoot4:23597
Aaron Shust EPK6:458,676
Aaron Shust- My Hope is in You3:2852,105
Downhere Promo.mov1:35257
Meet John Mays pt. 24:28171
Meet Jeff Berry- Part 12:24740
Downhere's "Let me Rediscover You"3:5896,280
Meet John Mays- Part 12:43197
Jason Gray Photoshoot3:37442
Downhere Photoshoot - Part 23:402,911
Downhere Photoshoot - Part 12:411,851
Eye of the Hurricane - Official Lyric Video - Me In Motion3:46162,083
A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How)3:3591,4961 list
Sixteen Cities - Morning Star3:289,9811 list
Andrew Peterson - Long Long Ago (Music & Lyrics)4:5014,0521 list
Matt Papa - Little Drummer Boy (Music & Lyrics)4:4311,3661 list
Me In Motion - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree3:218,3731 list
Jason Gray - Do You Hear What I Hear?3:4422,9541 list
Lanae' Hale - Carol of the Bells (Music & Lyrics)2:3563,7631 list
High Valley - Away In A Manger (Music & Lyrics)3:3712,6041 list
Jason Gray - I Am New (Live With Intro)9:1538,004
Jaime Jamgochian - The Stand (Music & Lyrics)3:5042,8851 list
High Valley - On the Combine (Music & Lyrics)3:3437,4161 list
Sixteen Cities - Pray You Through (Music & Lyrics)3:2713,9701 list
Michael Tait Loves Me In Motion1:472,355
About Me In Motion3:406631 list
Meet Sixteen Cities9:141,0511 list
Andrew Peterson - Dancing in the Minefields (Official Video)3:29536,192is in 2 lists
Sixteen Cities - The story behind "Sing Along"1:902,846
Matt Papa - Open Hands - Official Video4:3096,5761 list
Andrew Peterson Talks About Counting Stars - Part 13:2914,222
Matt Papa - Here Am I, Send Me (Music & Lyrics)4:5347,0351 list
Me In Motion - Seek Justice, Love Mercy (Music & Lyrics)4:7027,5671 list
Matt Papa - To the Least of These (Music & Lyrics)4:5715,8051 list
Andrew Peterson - "The Reckoning (How Long)" - Music & Lyrics4:1042,2131 list
Official Lyric Video - "You're Not Alone" - Downhere3:3538,7821 list
Me in Motion talking about "The God I Know"1:171,1371 list
High Valley - I Will Stand By You [Music and Lyrics]3:50195,971
Andrew Peterson - The Good Confession4:1846,2051 list
Everybody Loves "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray3:594,509
Jaime Jamgochian - God Unchanging - Music and Lyrics3:4715,0071 list
Lanae' Hale -Let's Grow Old Together - Music and Lyrics4:3039,2561 list
Lanae' Hale "Back and Forth" music and lyrics4:103,9091 list
Sixteen Cities "Sing Along" Music and Lyrics2:5859,1671 list
Sixteen Cities - Sing Along2:5757,6711 list
Jason Gray "For the First Time Again" music and lyrics3:52343,8631 list
Me in Motion - Story behind "Losers"2:315,897
Jason Gray More Like Falling In Love3:5031,290
Jason Gray Intro to More Like Falling In Love0:583,224
Jason Gray Fade With Our Voices Tutorial3:572,936
Jason Gray Intro to Fade With Our Voices Tutorial1:30380
Bethlehem Skyline 2009 Tour Promo1:703,274
Downhere Performing "How Many Kings"4:80120,817

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