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Party Princesses Share Their Horror Stories18:201,696,507
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I Challenged Myself To Make Taylor Swift's Dessert For My Friends • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 313:34282,709
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Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines12:4890,662
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Cheerleaders Share Their Cheer Horror Stories7:44596,098
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A Dermatologist Answers Questions About Female Hair Loss10:32490,346
We Followed A Day In The Life of Zendaya8:00186,065
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Tall Women Wear Platform Shoes For A Day9:50423,752
A Dermatologist Answers Questions About Skincare9:35257,744
We Followed A Day In The Life of Billie Eilish13:90133,986
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Brides Guess The Cost Of Engagement Rings10:50258,064
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Bantu Knots Tutorial • Hair Flick5:3061,847
$17 Vs. $2200 Halloween Costume18:221,764,587
I Said Yes To The Wedding Dress At This Famous Salon9:17805,668
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I Only Ate Gwyneth Paltrow's Recipes For A Week13:15341,981
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Cornrows Tutorial • Hair Flick5:4599,671
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What You Don't Know About Elle Mills15:49441,732
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Beauty Store Employees Answer Your Questions8:70412,406
Makeup Artist Recreates Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks6:2047,949
Ponytail With Extensions Hairstyle Tutorial • Hair Flick5:1170,569
I Tried to Sell 32 Pieces of Clothing In 48 Hours10:70148,021
Brides Play Never Have I Ever10:30356,142
I Tried Meghan Markle's Favorite Beauty Products8:30123,689
Makeup Artist Recreates A Pennywise-Inspired Halloween Makeup Look6:5039,310
Pregnant Women Share Pregnancy Horror Stories10:271,276,995
Beauty Store Employees Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Makeup6:22221,423
Slicked-Back Ponytail Hair Tutorial • Hair Flick6:1039,622
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Brides Share Their Wedding Horror Stories11:13973,857
Best Friends Pick Each Other's Halloween Costumes11:53602,431
Honey B Is The Relatable Beauty Vlogger You Need Right Now!6:00120,983
Beauty Store Employees Play Never Have I Ever8:29604,025
$28 Vs. $3000 Evening Gown14:561,366,793

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