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Cheap Vs. Expensive: Pizza6:3813,496
Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide My Haircut7:3888,153
Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo6:50131,004
Americans & Israelis Swap Snacks8:3686,004
Couples Reveal The Dumbest Fights They Ever Had5:1590,318
Private Investigator Guesses Who's Dating Out Of A Lineup8:28395,835
$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito14:313,680,426
Starbucks Employees Play Never Have I Ever6:40323,178
I Only Ate Yellow Foods For 24 Hours9:47525,747
I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week15:37618,517
We Transformed Ourselves Into Mermaids • Ultimate Bucket List11:1980,431
I Tried To Make Zero Trash At My Birthday Party7:42400,473
Blind Taste Test: Apple vs Onion8:11130,715
Japanese Millennials Try Drugstore Sushi5:50267,370
We Draw Your Profile Pictures • Live Stream3:15:35163,660
5 Types Of Friends Who Come Up To The Cottage // Presented by BuzzFeed Canada1:5047,774
We Tried Fast Food Popsicles8:4077,925
I Accidentally Ended Up In Travis Scott's Song7:58709,996
Southern USA Vs. Korean Barbecue6:51448,584
Physical Therapists Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Physical Therapy10:40170,682
Cheap Vs. Expensive: Burgers6:52434,474
Which European Language Is The Sexiest?7:221,300,812
Tattoo Artist Vs. Painter: Body Paint Challenge5:12662,549
American & British People Swap Snacks6:511,365,865
Animator Vs. Cartoonist Redrawing Classic Cartoon Characters8:361,809,922
Private Investigators Share Their Craziest Stories5:53773,974
Grandparents Play Never Have I Ever8:11333,959
Japanese Millennials Review Instant Noodles5:15163,467
I Gave My Kids Their Dream Days16:461,361,449
We Flew Like Superman 100 Feet In the Air • Ultimate Bucket List14:3693,059
People Get Surprised With A Popsicle Of Their Favorite Food4:10183,337
Couples Imitate Each Other9:4268,696
I Sang The Song "Friday" : Rebecca Black11:236,025,311
Fighting Instructor Tries The Bottle Cap Challenge3:24126,559
We Worked Out Like Zac Efron For A Week10:39586,513
Swedish Vs. Italian Meatballs4:14122,976
$100 Egg McMuffin Eating Competition7:12111,333
FaceTiming People Who Unfollowed Me11:21186,252
Tattoo Artists React To Assumptions About Tattoo Artists4:59301,759
Americans and Armenians Swap Snacks9:24900,977
Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Famous Cartoons7:491,027,300
Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box2:50123,090
Which Of These People Is Secretly Drunk?8:49926,065
I Let My Kids Meal Plan Our Week17:193,295,119
We Fought A 500-Pound Sumo Wrestler • Ultimate Bucket List13:4760,895
Black Dads Do Their Daughters Hair For The First Time8:141,269,675
I Tried Zero-Waste Skincare For A Week7:12340,617
I Only Ate Purple Foods For 24 Hours11:00849,561
Space Experts Review Movies About Space9:1391,288
People Pick The Best Boxed Brownies8:57273,110
High People Take A Celebrity Doppelgänger Quiz5:35113,051
Teachers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Teaching5:29457,724
People Learn Surprising Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Facts While Eating Them5:00260,465
I Married The Person I Divorced7:43405,985
Which Taco Is Hiding $100 • Challenge4:47262,003
Single People Get Married For A Week • Ryann And Destinee9:40352,650
American & Koreans Swap Snacks Part 212:48658,072
Never Have I Ever: Dating Edition5:54168,065
Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory8:191,294,674
Queer Guy Chooses A Blind Date Based On Their Texts9:17114,341
Who's Secretly Drunk?7:55241,145
Fast Food Lovers Try Low-Calorie Items From Wendy's3:1483,837
We Transformed Ourselves Into Action Figures • Ultimate Bucket List12:20115,762
I Tried To Make Mac 'N' Cheese With Zero Trash8:441,071,927
I Tried To Make Edible Jewelry9:12719,054
Black Moms Try Other Black Moms' Soul Food7:465,323,055
People Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Chocolates4:40181,977
Try Not To Scream Challenge: Slingshot Amusement Park Ride4:40316,652
Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask A Refugee // Presented by BuzzFeed and USA for UNHCR3:3842,186
People Test 5 Ways To Come Down From A High5:13151,020
Bartenders Reveal Secrets About Bars • Part 25:121,107,501
People Learn Facts About Chocolate While Eating Chocolate5:11106,191
How I Became A Disney Animator6:5986,943
$100 Chicken Nugget Eating Competition5:12272,557
$3.7 Million Trump Royale Apartment Tour7:40211,569
Mail Carriers Reveal Secrets About Your Packages5:56470,595
American & Scottish People Swap Snacks7:48623,523
Black Men Reflect On Fatherhood5:2846,559
Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory8:301,084,520
$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring14:701,339,120
We Try Healthier Menu Items From Burger King3:10159,349
Girl Chooses A Blind Date Based On Their Texts9:20368,918
Can You Guess Who's Drunk | Part 39:12105,166
We Tried The Weirdest Therapy Techniques • Ultimate Bucket List12:5679,102
Black Dads Try Other Black Dads' Barbecue8:204,924,555
I Tried To Get Fast Food With Zero Waste7:501,088,403
I Transformed An Ugly Pear Into A Beautiful Dish7:2485,613
We Tried Everything In 7-Eleven Japan8:11803,652
People Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Water3:58219,427
Chefs Reveal Secrets About Restaurants4:50248,236
People Learn Disturbing Facts About Coffee While Drinking Coffee4:46204,440
Men vs. Women: Pain Tolerance6:58369,124
Italians Try Pasta From Olive Garden5:48852,367
Handmade Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love In 15 Minutes or Less // Presented by BuzzFeed & GEICO3:31172,848
People Share Hilarious Childhood Stories4:51125,838
American & Mexican People Swap Snacks9:32612,329
Queer Asian Americans Talk About Coming Out & Dating4:5475,099
Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw '90s Characters From Memory8:271,782,246
We Try Low-Calorie Menu Items From McDonald's3:50248,191
Guy Chooses A Blind Date Based On Their Texts8:59170,324

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