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I Tried Living On Tokyo Vending Machines For 24 Hours12:399,872
I Let My Kids Plan My Newborn's First Big Day Out13:1044,245
Your Fun Side Vs. Your Practical Side // Presented by BuzzFeed Canada & vitaminwater3:204,209
Black People Play 'Black Card Revoked' • Part 28:1838,775
We Let Our Instagram Followers Control Our Valentine’s Day12:12241,376
$1,300 Rent: Philadelphia Vs. St. Louis7:5788,325
Retired Police Officer Guesses Who's Drunk Out Of A Lineup10:17245,756
10 McDonald's Hacks That Will Save You Money4:55200,334
Will She Choose To Date A Fitness Model Or A Southern Gentleman?19:80272,513
People Share Their Emergency Room Horror Stories7:26270,205
Sam Bird & Adam Collard From “Love Island” Explain British Slang10:1167,979
American Vs. Japanese Starbucks10:57165,905
IKEA Employees Answer Your Questions8:37212,768
I Tried The Rarest Steak In The World10:20372,183
People Learn Their Income Privilege6:58178,115
I Had A Baby • Hannah's Birth Story14:531,397,198
Single Woman Picks A Date Based On Their Phone14:36338,122
Which European Language Is The Sexiest? • Part 26:29145,709
Never Have I Ever: Lying Edition6:5975,488
I'm Deaf, But I'm Not...7:32124,329
Apple Store Employees Play Never Have I Ever6:9086,582
8 Ways To Get Over A Break Up6:5856,499
Subway Employees Play Never Have I Ever7:49172,779
Is American Yoshinoya Better Than Japanese Yoshinoya?10:10172,199
Foot Doctors Answer Most Commonly Googled Foot Questions9:40145,147
Men Try the Tik Tok Soy Sauce Challenge7:26150,888
Millennials Watch Iconic Black Movies For The First Time8:1361,763
Americans & Koreans Swap School Lunches6:573,967,569
Americans Try To Identify All 44 US Presidents8:55129,746
Men And Women Compare Their Money Spending Habits9:16667,783
Mob Boss Reviews Mafia Movie Scenes9:203,221,377
How Do You Date? • Men Vs. Women10:36175,211
I Only Ate Food That I Grew Or Foraged For One Year10:391,928,130
Foot Doctor Horror Stories8:21172,975
I Tried American Vs. Japanese Wendy's10:80230,124
Apple Store Employees Answer Your Questions5:58251,252
I Made The World's Biggest Sushi8:13505,779
How I Fell In Love With My Coworker18:283,285,692
Can You Guess The Serving Size Of These Foods?11:59260,125
$2,000 Rent: Seattle Vs. Austin7:10269,379
Preschool Teachers Play Never Have I Ever7:46447,320
Gymnasts Share Their Performance Horror Stories7:00145,684
American Vs. Japanese McDonalds8:38542,085
Gym Employees Answer Your Questions9:32170,611
The Surprising Truth Behind Hyperrealistic Baby Dolls7:33168,945
What My First Heartbreak Taught Me5:48519,505
We Tried To Eat 50,000 Calories In 24 Hours15:57415,031
I Made The Crazy Bubble Tea Lava Cake From Taiwan17:59784,797
Strangers Try to Build Legos While Speaking Different Languages6:46123,712
How I Stole $8 Million A Week As A Mafia Boss8:245,846,865
Apple Store Employees Share Horror Stories5:28417,720
Single Men Pick Dates Based On Their Cooking12:38876,426
Men And Women Compare Their Dating App Horror Stories13:36506,995
We Surprised Firefighters With A Spa Day // Presented By 9-1-1: Lone Star4:56332,259
Americans Identify South American Countries7:30113,617
Subway Employees Answer Your Questions4:12267,601
Non-Runner Trains For A Marathon In 30 Days9:24205,488
I Recreated My Friend's Favorite Ube Cake From The Philippines14:15664,843
Drama Teachers Play Charades8:5570,720
I Burned My Bare Arm With An Iron4:3665,037
Preschool Teachers Share Horror Stories9:59193,134
We Trained Like Instagram Fitness Models For 30 Days14:701,041,082
Black Grandparents Play Never Have I Ever7:30152,884
Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults: Horse12:22273,660
A Week of Food: South Korea Vs. USA12:231,522,836
I Only Ate Clear Foods For 24 Hours17:511,538,675
5-Minute Vs. 25-Minute Vs. 50-Minute Workout15:80112,817
People Share Their Tattoo Horror Stories10:24294,916
I’m A Trans Woman Trying Out For The WNBA11:20207,667
People Swap Trash On A First Date10:1066,208
Black Siblings Play Never Have I Ever9:00384,885
Private Investigator Guesses Who's Sober Out Of A Lineup13:381,487,954
How My Mom Taught Me To Love Myself6:2052,063
Gym Employees Play Never Have I Ever8:31350,968
What's The Best Alcohol To Mix With Oat Milk7:1794,270
$9 Lotion Vs. $1,300 Lotion10:10151,114
Kid Professional Challenges 6’3 Adult In Basketball9:11433,202
Arm Wrestling: Bodybuilder Vs. Sumo Wrestler4:901,151,438
Drama Teachers Recreate Iconic Scenes Without A Script8:5458,447
Hannah Reacts To Her First Video7:8085,672
Meat Eaters Guess The Vegan Taco From A Lineup8:41200,157
Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad7:5652,145
Blind People Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Being Blind5:482,262,968
Private Investigator Guess Who Cut The Cheese Out Of A Lineup9:59467,528
Steven And Andrew React To Their First Fried Chicken Episode13:26427,650
Which Is The Best Stain Remover Pen?7:2678,838
Indian People Taste Test Trader Joe’s Indian Food8:17531,833
BBQ Lovers Rank Cheap Vs. Expensive BBQ Sauce6:8063,726
Essence Pays It Forward // Promoted by State Farm & BuzzFeed4:1333,890
Mall Santas Answer Your Questions8:1473,279
Meal Swap: Pho Vs. Ramen11:38147,241
Regular People Dress Like NBA Players For A Week10:58168,490
Adults Eat Only Lunchables For A Week14:54744,050
$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $20 Fried Chicken Sandwich17:354,994,884
Amateurs Vs. Professional Chef: Fast Food Challenge11:33413,063
Hannah Reacts To Her Craziest Mom In Progress Challenges10:25112,753
Meat Eaters Guess The Vegan Pizza From A Lineup7:46196,241
Gym Employees Share Secrets8:50448,495
Preschool Teachers Share Life Lessons9:2947,355
Dog Person And Cat Person Swap Pets For A Day17:131,349,332

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