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We Smuggled Ourselves Into New York's Abandoned City Hall Station8:111,172,803
$25,000 Car Vs. $503,000 Car12:502,967,882
Was Ben Franklin In A Sex Cult?15:531,517,188
The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart20:542,846,891
Keith Controls His Friend's Life In The Sims 4 • Eugene7:402,387,980
JonBenét Ramsey - Q+A10:301,117,045
Do You Have Trypophobia (The Fear Of Tiny Holes)?2:29847,022
Can You Survive This Game Of Thrones "Would You Rather"?2:46140,697
What Was It Like During The Last Solar Eclipse In The US?2:00263,485
What Percent Of Your DNA Is Banana?1:29196,888
We Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day For 30 Days11:253,914,897
The Tragic Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey17:454,192,183
We Ate The Highest Calorie Meals From Chain Restaurants (2000+ Calories)4:301,223,792
How To Escape Duct Tape Handcuffs3:22527,456
The Missing Family Q+A10:28955,506
PEELED FRUIT - You'll Feel Weirdly Satisfied!2:40316,195
We Trained Like Boxers For A Month12:401,042,864
Would You Eat Your Friend To Survive?3:49298,980
I Tried The Navy Seal Water Challenge5:523,812,719
Sneakerheads Try A Product That Keeps Their Shoes Clean3:38372,692
The Bizarre Road Trip Of A Missing Family14:403,000,915
Do You Exist In A Parallel Universe?4:11150,600
The Boy In The Box - Q+A8:49954,638
People Find Their Dream Daddy (A Dad Dating Simulator)14:53564,351
We Ate The Rock's Cheat-Day Meals3:002,535,124
People Try To Make Oobleck Fluid3:58616,868
How Expensive Is It To Die?3:58765,814
We Tried A Michelin-Starred Restaurant • Momofuku Ko6:14817,465
The Mysterious Death Of The Boy In The Box16:353,241,837
People Guess What Meat Is In Their Hot Dog4:33763,232
New Orleans Axeman - Q+A9:12873,960
We Went To An ASMR Spa7:11834,895
We Tried An Indoor Surfing Workout Class5:90322,684
We Tried Escaping A Broken Elevator4:382,031,421
People Try The Whole30 Elimination Diet10:701,734,351
The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans21:203,612,333
People Tried Burning Off Their Fast Food Calories4:23517,134
13 Real Phobias You Might Have1:30340,743
People Extract Their Own Earwax2:45684,411
I Lost All My Limbs・Ben And Ed: Blood Party (Gameplay)8:48158,003
People Try Tricks With Retro Toys2:32107,128
We Re-Created Superhero Movie Posters4:52297,216
Unsolved True Crime Season 2 Trailer1:48664,057
Is Napping Good For You?4:30329,380
I Lived In A Tree House For 24 Hours4:34921,620
We Scraped The Acne Off Our Backs3:542,132,996
We Went Inside The Secret Lego Vault5:34154,625
We Tried Summoning A Vengeful Spirit3:19259,613
People Guess MSG Vs. Non-MSG Blind Taste Test4:11662,145
People Experience The Coldest Temperature On Earth4:19677,435
People Try Hunting Ghosts With A Phone App3:44376,954
We Tried To Catch Nerf Darts With Our Teeth3:40298,213
We Spent the Day With Real Superheroes4:1896,033
Noobs Vs. Starcraft 2 Game Designers2:48179,448
People Try Weird But Oddly Tasty Food Combinations2:421,314,068
People Get Tricked Into Watching Pimple Extractions1:41451,617
I Sell My Poop For $7,000 A Year6:90487,208
Will You Live To Be 100 Years Old?2:14326,125
Your Body On Weed1:47475,646
'90s Kids Play RollerCoaster Tycoon5:35268,628
We Tried Some Of The Spiciest Hot Sauces in NYC4:14185,739
Adults Try A Weird Game They Played As Kids3:14124,968
Do Americans Know Who Lionel Messi Is?2:26396,468
What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking?3:80254,996
We Trained With A Fitness Coach For A Day3:10352,219
People Play The Floor-Is-Lava Challenge For A Day4:452,095,554
Former Mario Kart Fans Play The Newest Mario Kart6:59177,621
I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA10:401,395,951
We Tried The Spiciest Chicken In Los Angeles3:381,002,062
Left-Handers Vs Right-Handers: Who's Better?2:36258,224
Couple Gets Their Faces Tattooed Onto Each Other5:70589,276
I Tricked My Friends Into Electrocuting Each Other3:17360,796
Can You Guess The Object?3:49250,748
We Ate At The Tim Burton-Themed Restaurant2:17374,024
We Tried To Eat A Hot Dog With No Hands In 23 Seconds4:22176,433
Can You Pass The Easiest Sports Quiz?3:60233,771
We Ate Like The Rock For 24 Hours4:402,387,134
People Try Pimple Extractors4:801,263,033
We Played Super Mario Odyssey For The First Time15:44139,956
I Rode With A Bounty Hunter For A Day7:31639,309
New Orleans Voodoo - Q+A9:10833,204
Scared People Play Friday The 13th: The Game9:80696,984
Wonder Woman Fans Compete In A Lassoing Challenge4:10103,950
What Humans Will Look Like In The Year 30002:36836,021
We Tried To Rewire Our Brains7:19596,716
The Bizarre Voodoo World Of New Orleans25:330
Can You Solve This Classic Riddle?3:12462,403
Dauphine Orleans Hotel - Q+A8:22880,251
Tricks To Help Your Body Grow Muscle1:27321,760
Coffee Addicts Try Different Types Of Caffeine For A Week4:51789,132
People Drink Blended Fast-Food Breakfasts3:44237,304
People Get Eye Bag Removal Injections3:16711,600
The Haunted Quarters Of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel17:440
I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain16:562,748,133
What Happens To Your Body If You Don't Drink Enough Water?1:17414,397
Salem Witch Trials - Q+A9:29996,399
Candy Lovers Learn Disturbing Sugar Facts While Eating Candy3:90988,025
People Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Beers4:20310,779
Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica That Might Be True4:27530,281
We Broke The Fidget-Spinning World Record4:183,164,422

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