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WE MIXED 100 BATH BOMBS WITH 100L OF SODA2:301,923,519
Are You Right-Brained?1:35560,004
The High Guys Play Pokémon Go2:12591,816
Would You Survive This Zombie Attack?2:51530,259
Which Gross Bathroom Habits Do You Have?2:22664,800
Co-workers Get Pranked With A Tarantula2:32713,629
SKINNED OBJECTS - You Won’t Be Able To Look Away!1:302,125,322
Are You Reading Nutrition Labels Wrong?1:23399,570
Can You Tell Which Strangers Are Playing Pokémon Go?2:401,241,835
Should You Pop That Pimple?1:42849,254
Europeans Are Healthier Than Americans1:54422,274
The World's Blackest Material - An Inside Look At Vantablack3:451,000,670
How Dirty Is Your Keyboard?2:16688,197
This Pyramid Test Will Tell You Everything About Your Maturity Level2:471,480,100
How Special Is Your Body?2:142,969,009
Salad Isn't Always Good For You1:41320,120
4 Surprising Things That Stop Bullets2:12874,155
What Really Happened To TWA Flight 800?4:15267,408
I Was Abducted By Aliens7:541,164,721
How Neurotic Are You?3:321,025,702
BuzzFeed News Investigates Abuse At Mental Hospital2:161,122,604
This Balloon Test Will Help You Make a Difficult Decision2:53680,287
Stoned People Play With Cats On Catnip • The High Guys2:20984,123
People Have Their Nightmares Interpreted For The First Time4:421,864,850
We Recreated The Moon Landing To See If It Really Happened6:25705,697
The Horrifying Murders of the Zodiac Killer21:282,393,448
Grandmas Decode Hip-Hop Slang2:40372,572
What Actually Happens When You Swallow Gum1:501,464,013
The High Guys Get Hypnotized4:47995,221
Adults Play The Burrito Blanket Escape Game2:20699,455
People Try Sign Spinning3:00422,978
How Proportional Are You?1:41850,675
People Try Bubble Soccer For The First Time1:42653,006
This Is What Happens When You Are Struck By Lightning1:42558,282
Stoned Americans Try Fairy Bread2:411,288,886
Adults Try Using Snapchat For The First TIme2:26643,059
One Simple Trick For Bending Water1:50547,493
What Happens To Your Body When You Break A Bone2:30859,747
People Who Are Afraid Of Bees Meet Bees3:36449,758
5 Everyday Items in Liquid Nitrogen1:35557,045
People Try A Drunk Driving Simulator3:281,673,633
The High Guys Decorate Cakes8:402,256,908
Can You Spot The Bullshitter?2:201,784,776
Can You Guess If These Brain Facts Are True Or False?2:60304,301
5 Satisfying Latte Art Designs1:17275,546
Why You Can’t Lose Weight2:54840,280
People Give Up Porn For A Month2:531,970,269
How Dirty Are You?1:46405,117
Grandmas Shoot Guns For The First Time2:37327,387
Kid Magicians That Will Make You Believe // Presented By BuzzFeed & Now You See Me 22:41532,111
We Tested Our Phones For Diseases3:201,727,627
Your Body On Weed1:27746,780
Can You Guess The Prison Time?2:30381,524
The Mysterious Death Of Biggie Smalls | Part 29:321,371,236
BuzzFeed News Investigates Shady University3:301,283,444
Drunk Australians Answer Basic American Trivia2:29826,331
Can You Pass The Color Test?1:301,076,269
Can You Guess The Ages Of These Asian Celebrities?2:18826,319
Thoughts You Have When You Throw A BBQ // Presented By BuzzFeed & Weber Sauces & Seasonings2:48775,373
Seriously Gross Facts About Your Contact Lenses1:39625,234
People Who Are Afraid Of Clowns Get Pranked With Clown Makeovers1:351,629,451
The Mysterious Death of Tupac Shakur | Part 110:532,180,444
How Safe Is Airplane Air Really?1:38498,035
Is Iced Coffee A Rip-Off?0:58701,287
People Who Are Afraid Of Heights Jump Off A Cliff3:502,953,278
A Day In The Life Of Dr. Pimple Popper3:293,154,543
Regular People Try Lucha Libre Wrestling4:45310,661
How To Boost Your Mood2:12306,237
8 Ways To Try To Have Better Orgasms1:36579,549
Are You Smart Enough To Not Watch This Video?1:35584,460
The Overlooked O.J. Simpson Theory6:401,195,784
People Swim With Otters For The First Time3:231,440,081
How Does Fabric Get Its Color?1:24280,433
Can Americans Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test?2:15898,207
People Lie In Coffins For The First Time2:561,330,788
This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Die2:421,525,475
Is Your Vision Better Than These Animals’?2:12657,780
This Guy Rescues Dogs From Torture And Slaughter In Asia7:261,471,690
10 Showering Facts That Will Make You Feel Dirty1:321,369,437
Watch This Man Drink A Beer In 3 Seconds0:54787,789
How Well Can You Read People?2:241,124,274
A Close Up View Of Pimples Being Popped2:24743,552
This Is How Selfies Can Kill You2:12478,881
The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”9:102,370,019
6 Body Parts You Didn’t Know Could Be Transplanted1:48600,422
Does The 10-Minute Avocado-Ripening Hack Work, Or What?2:29668,721
People Destroy Stuff For Anger Management3:37792,181
A Guy Watches His Own Surgery7:193,998,775
Men Take A Resting Bitch Face Test3:36753,019
9 SEX-pectations Vs. Reality1:32911,890
Modern Art Or Kid Art?3:541,687,567
Drunk Vs. Stoned: Pizza Eating Challenge • The High Guys5:111,787,181
Facts About Pigs That'll Make Bacon Less Tasty1:33332,665
9 Weed Hacks You Never Knew You Needed1:391,692,412
People Try Typewriters For The First Time3:40844,521
14 Super Satisfying Sounds1:31723,726
This Is How Much Trash An Average American Produces1:26246,389
The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass7:101,381,036
3 Epic Ways To Escape Zip Ties1:16927,141
Teens Play Oregon Trail3:16408,787

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