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Absolute COUPLE GOALS! | Britain's Got Talent13:19180,589
Lifford shows of his SOULFUL voice in this powerful GOLDEN BUZZER Audition! | Britain's Got Talent3:49466,506
KNIVES thrown at SIMON COWELL in DANGEROUS ACT! | Britain’s Got Talent6:28480,047
BGT's greatest AGE-DEFYING acts! | Britain's Got Talent35:00307,211
Unforgettable Audition: Jess Robinson | Britain's Got Talent4:39306,766
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Can these acts break WORLD RECORDS? | Britain's Got Talent19:11567,139
OMG Magic Moments from Series 13 | Britain's Got Talent17:581,128,630
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Unforgettable Audition: Masked Magician X gave us BGT's BIGGEST plot twist! | Britain's Got Talent6:50530,987
Unforgettable Audition: DVJ bring the ENERGY! | BGT 20194:11578,592
Unforgettable Audition: Katherine and Joe take on Frozen's 'Let It Go' | BGT 20195:31914,213
Unforgettable Audition: It's time for some Wiggle Wine with Donchez | BGT 20193:43850,999
BGT: The Champions Party Playlist | BGT: The Champions22:32137,595
Unforgettable Audition: Lorraine Bowen cooks up a treat on BGT | BGT 20194:10541,766
Then and Now: Jack Carroll | BGT: The Champions5:60115,234
BGT's Biggest Frights! | BGT 201917:54348,767
Then and Now: Jai McDowall | BGT: The Champions5:9046,317
Moments that made us cry | Britain's Got Talent: The Champions18:482,620,725
OMG moments from BGT: The Champions!20:122,792,530
The most HILARIOUS comedy acts from BGT: The Champions - PART ONE16:60432,375
All grown up! The child stars of BGT return to the stage | BGT: The Champions16:124,054,186
Every Glorious Golden Buzzer from BGT: The Champions21:80957,901
MIND-BLOWING magic on BGT: The Champions29:42245,515
Most DANGEROUS acts from BGT: The Champions30:5310,573,880
My BGT: The Champions Winners' Story: Twist and Pulse3:53161,082
Twist and Pulse are the winners of BGT: The Champions!3:90569,164
Paddy and Nicko have the time of their lives! | BGT: The Champions3:60876,488
Dance along with the LEGENDARY Stavros Flatley | BGT: The Champions2:22446,749
Is this the world’s GREATEST dog act? | BGT: The Champions2:561,191,061
Twist and Pulse get WILD at Wembley! | BGT: The Champions2:30936,774
DANGER! Have Bello and Annaliese Nock gone TOO far? | BGT: The Champions7:33458,124
MerseyGirls fight for their lives in the Final! | BGT: The Champions2:21115,667
Darcy Oake turns back time to honour his brother | BGT: The Champions3:51701,517
Kseniya Simonova's STUNNING Princess Diana tribute | BGT: The Champions6:30762,216
Preacher Lawson's HILARIOUS take on dating is too good! | BGT: The Champions5:901,235,742
Bars and Melody perform 'Lighthouse' | BGT: The Champions2:26676,972
FIRST LOOK: Nobody puts Paddy in the corner! | BGT: The Champions1:4040,221
FIRST LOOK: Alexa’s sweet doggies steal the show! | BGT: The Champions0:5835,674
FIRST LOOK: Darcy Oake’s emotional tribute to his brother | BGT: The Champions0:51104,906
FIRST LOOK: Twist and Pulse go for GOLD! | BGT: The Champions0:4697,515
FIRST LOOK: Stavros Flatley get their GREEK on for the Final! | BGT: The Champions0:59136,960
FIRST LOOK: MerseyGirls are UNSTOPPABLE | BGT: The Champions1:1051,977
Collabro's breathtaking rendition of 'Who Wants To Live Forever' | BGT: The Champions2:41443,886
Twist and Pulse get Alesha's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions3:241,604,906
Vicki Barbolak gives us COMEDY GOLD after shaky start | BGT: The Champions5:80188,064
WHAT just happened? Gennady leaves the Judges SPEECHLESS | BGT: The Champions3:80799,870
Bars and Melody perform 'Waiting For The Sun' | BGT: The Champions2:372,781,136
Fearless Alex Magala attempts DEADLIEST death drop yet! | BGT: The Champions5:33426,919
Ben Hart breathes life into a twenty pound note! | BGT: The Champions4:48348,830
SURPRISE! DMX Comvaleñoz STUN the Judges | BGT: The Champions2:15484,675
Daliso Chaponda's HILARIOUS take on single life | BGT: The Champions4:24660,448
FIRST LOOK: It's the return of Twist and Pulse! | BGT: The Champions1:20117,902
FIRST LOOK: Sword swallower Alex Magala turns up the heat! | BGT: The Champions1:1640,846
Audition for Britain’s Got Talent 2020!0:34101,330
FIRST LOOK: Can Collabro captivate once again? | BGT: The Champions0:5788,327
FIRST LOOK: Bars and Melody OWN the stage! | BGT: The Champions0:54371,337
CONFIRMED ACT - Daliso Chaponda | BGT: The Champions18:41417,166
CONFIRMED ACT - Alex Magala | BGT: The Champions9:11100,552
CONFIRMED ACT - Ben Hart | BGT: The Champions12:50261,822
The world's MOST DANGEROUS roller skaters! | BGT: The Champions3:17312,173
Colin Thackery sings Ed Sheeran's 'Supermarket Flowers' | BGT: The Champions3:21205,862
Legendary Stavros Flatley get Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions5:582,646,816
Preacher Lawson's OUTRAGEOUS comedy routine | BGT: The Champions6:201,979,704
Tape Face leaves the audience speechless! | BGT: The Champions3:331,049,639
Mirror Family shine bright at Wembley Arena | BGT: The Champions2:32276,666
Marvellous magician Issy Simpson stuns crowd with incredible trick! | BGT: The Champions4:571,037,001
Bonnie Anderson enchants Wembley Arena with 'You Say' | BGT: The Champions2:44136,093
George Sampson's extraordinary dance through time | BGT: The Champions2:491,638,197
FIRST LOOK: Are you ready for Stavros Flatley?! | BGT: The Champions1:60104,676
FIRST LOOK: Billy & Emily England's SHOCKING skating | BGT: The Champions1:1044,591
FIRST LOOK: Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson takes on the world! | BGT: The Champions1:2047,879
FIRST LOOK: Colin Thackery's emotional return to BGT | BGT: The Champions0:5439,487
FIRST LOOK: George Sampson takes a trip down memory lane... | BGT: The Champions0:56103,592
CONFIRMED ACT - George Sampson | BGT: The Champions9:57748,606
CONFIRMED ACT - Issy Simpson | BGT: The Champions11:90198,603
Cristina Ramos ROCKS Wembley with 'The Show Must Go On' | BGT: The Champions3:90755,339
DANGER! Darcy Oake has just 56 seconds to escape! | BGT: The Champions6:60303,124
Hip-hop dance crew bring The Fire | BGT: The Champions2:90164,679
Richard and Adam captivate Wembley Arena with 'The Power of Love' | BGT: The Champions3:23114,395
Salsa stars Paddy and Nicko get David's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions4:282,187,853
Joker Jack leaves the Judges speechless | BGT: The Champions3:42852,252
DJ Arch Jnr gets the party started! | BGT: The Champions2:201,997,093
Mayyas mesmerise with enchanting moves | BGT: The Champions2:27763,026
Richard Jones' emotional return to BGT | BGT: The Champions4:36713,422
FIRST LOOK: Mayyas' stunning synchronisation | BGT: The Champions0:57131,279
FIRST LOOK: DJ Arch Jnr is ready to PARTY!0:4794,319
FIRST LOOK: Jack's jokes has the crowd in stitches | BGT: The Champions0:52100,944
FIRST LOOK: Paddy and Nicko's spectacular salsa! | BGT: The Champions0:4546,574
FIRST LOOK: Richard and Adam's powerful return to the stage | BGT: The Champions0:5734,954
CONFIRMED ACT - Richard and Adam | BGT: The Champions7:35102,228
CONFIRMED ACT - Paddy and Nicko | BGT: The Champions11:25117,867
Jai McDowall proves he's a worthy BGT winner | BGT: The Champions3:40243,980
Deadly Games perform their MOST DANGEROUS crossbow stunt yet! | BGT: The Champions5:15150,093
The MerseyGirls emotional reunion with Simon Cowell | BGT: The Champions2:33740,366
Antonio Sorgentone sends audience WILD! What just happened?! | BGT: The Champions3:28263,706
Gao and Liu stun with breathtaking acrobatics | BGT: The Champions2:51212,395
Say whaaat?! Paul Zerdin left speechless by puppet! | BGT: The Champions5:311,245,153
Awesome Alexa gets Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer! | BGT: The Champions3:501,586,754
Lost Voice Guy leaves audience HOWLING with cheeky jokes | BGT: The Champions4:14324,634

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