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Chris Brown Undecided Challenge #TianneKing1:4023,119
Tips for a Happy and Healthy Halloween #CrestHalloween1:2851,747
Heaven Learns Ballroom!7:101,667,881
Heaven's Play Day with Party Popteenies11:00143,804
Tianne and Heaven POWER 105 Interview BTS24:5242,814
Zedd | In The Middle, Heaven and Tianne King1:11480,751
Back to school 20182:39290,685
Phenomenal Woman | Tianne King2:2088,249
Heaven and Tianne Cleaning Dance Challenge!3:143,557,206
Heaven King Dance Tutorial – Everyone’s Invited!!8:561,328,674
McClure Twins dance with Heaven King9:41231,693
Challenge- Not My Arms3:38226,835
Bruno Mars and CardiB - Finesse Remix with Heaven King3:2711,200,533
Heaven's Room- Hair Salon5:33226,600
What's My Name - Descendants 22:3114,436,443
Try Not To Laugh Challenge7:372,198,632
Meetings with Heaven4:1767,484
Lemon w/ Pharrell and Rihanna1:30508,813
WE'RE BACK!!!!1:59188,547
PIZZA CHALLENGE w/ Heaven King21:60238,938
Heaven King at The Dentist3:56283,285
Back to School Shopping with Heaven and Tianne3:38853,409
Heaven as Simone Biles (Behind The Scenes)2:43331,770
Kendrick Lamar "Humble" With Heaven King3:601,173,669
How to make Pizza Bites with Heaven King8:16327,047
The Heaven Show14:532,644,298
Heaven and Tianne Dance Tutorial - Break a Sweat8:56751,764
Hot Topics with T - It's T-Time1:2526,756
Heaven and Tianne Big Trip22:36236,266
The Heaven Show is BACK0:31141,091
Heaven and Tianne King0:49190,014
Dove Love Your Hair2:53884,075
Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles #BlackBeatles with Heaven King1:50118,695
Heaven and Tianne Rise Up4:251,619,846
Heaven and Tianne Rise Up| BTS1:3261,978
Raising Heaven22:132,373,381
2016 ELECTION0:2648,889
Heaven & Tianne Reality Show0:38162,394
Heaven Starts First Grade5:54587,129
Heaven Graduates Kindergarten7:212,708,436
Heaven King All the Way Up - Fat Joe, Remy Ma #FatJoeDanceOn2:204,831,032
Tianne King Mother's Day Treat3:16201,094
Kids Read Love Letters To Their Moms2:15496,613
Heaven NYC Summer Intensive0:36267,644
Heaven King Formation1:3110,270,385
Heaven King | iLoveMemphis - Lean & Dabb #LeanDabbDanceOn2:7015,955,279
Heaven & Crew Party "DJ Lilman – Team Lilman Anthem #LilManDanceOn @DanceOnNetwork"2:411,000,760
Mommy and Daughter duo in Cheerios Commercial0:31630,938
Heaven King BTS as Misty Copeland2:32797,327
Becky G - Break A Sweat #DanceAndSweat2:191,519,301
The Making of Heaven's Becky G video5:111,131,915
How to Whip and Nae Nae like Heaven King2:145,815,093
Heaven King and Crew - Behind the scenes2:30412,917
Heaven King "WIZ HEAVEN"6:252,701,023
Heaven and Tianne King Gymboree Commercial2:31469,843
Heaven and Tianne King - A Day in The Life| Behind The Scenes Exclusive!4:401,092,564
Heaven King - Hit The Quan Dance | #HitTheQuan #HitTheQuanChallenge - iHeart Memphis2:4052,968,690
Heaven's Birthday8:124,986,495
Heaven Beyonce 7/11 Tutorial11:1710,587,793is in 3 lists
Tianne and Heaven King 7/111:425,162,9271 list
Silento- Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) #WatchMeDanceOn3:13184,870,917is in 4 lists
Tianne and Heaven King Interview w/ The Phil Taitt Show3:80872,168
The Heaven Show-Heaven's Countdown to 20151:34550,5941 list
Heaven's Surprise Christmas Gift3:191,187,5741 list
Heaven Is BACK!3:10627,403
Heavens Holiday Show!6:20928,7701 list
Heaven Is Thankful For Ellen Degeneres!1:41232,1001 list
Happy Thanksgiving from Heaven!2:12339,9231 list
Heaven King and Tianne King Freestyle After Hearing Beyonces 7/113:423,929,763
The Heaven Show7:5510,894,6191 list
"Broken Tail Light" Starring: Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Heaven King3:8011,791,6971 list
Heaven Wants You To Check Out Her Acting Debut in "Broken Tail Light"0:15632,2541 list
Heaven's Dancing School1:1255,0011 list
Heaven talks about her Studio0:46110,8251 list
Heaven's Big Surprise0:18594,4771 list
Heaven and Tianne King's Mommy and Me Dance Classes!3:15984,7181 list
Heaven Talks about Ellen Degeneres2:41642,8501 list
Heaven Dances Again!4:36340,0521 list
Heaven & her mom does the NaeNae and the D-low shuffle3:37553,017
How to Dance Like Tianne and Heaven King: Beyonce "End of Time"15:501,152,1341 list
Three Year Old Beyoncé Dancer, Heaven on ELLEN!4:5986,900
"Stay" Choreography by Tianne King1:6055,581
Dancer Heaven and her mom update for 20141:2280,520
Heaven Meets Beyoncé6:295,926,449is in 2 lists
Tianne King Speaks1:2747,473
"Love More" Choreography by Tianne King (KIDS)0:55122,6951 list
"Love More" Choreography by Tianne King0:55124,0381 list
"Bad" Choreography by Tianne King0:35117,9041 list
3 YEAR OLD Heaven KING DEBUT on THE Ellen Show2:3352,9941 list
3 year old Dance tutorial! HEAVEN BREAKS HER BEYONCE CHOREOGRAPHY DOWN!1:481,000,4771 list
Choreography to "Body Party" - Ciara1:39187,4251 list
Cutest lil girl introducing her self0:47239,6331 list
Heaven Dances to Beyonce at 2 years old3:20583,0911 list
2 yr old and her mom ... Kills choreography !!! 2years old !3:404,980,2711 list
Beyonce dance. 2 year old kills choreography !3:388,787,7901 list

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