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10 Flamin' Hot Snacks You Never Knew Existed..10:27302,124
$10,000 Ninja Warrior Obstacle - Challenge13:80462,690
Don't Choose The Wrong Mystery Drink for $10,000 - Warning11:231,005,928
10 Things Not To Do in a Hotel..10:17862,248
Dropping Watermelons VS Aquarium From 500cm ~ Splash11:451,325,714
DIET COKE and MENTOS Underwater Experiment11:502,143,834
10 Things Not To Do in The Wild West...10:801,091,309
Cheeseball Hot Tub Bath Challenge ~ Splash8:47500,460
Horror HIde and Seek at the OFFICE.. ~ 3PM11:28761,603
I Ordered Everything From The JOLLIBEE Menu..13:311,477,575
Can This Seat Cushion Protect The Egg? ~ Sploom10:90807,963
Guava Juice Podcast47:30219,476
Ice Bath Lego Hot Tub ~ Frozen 2 Elsa11:54656,673
10 Things Not To Do at Apple HQ.. ~ (iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Arcade, etc)8:501,466,017
10 Things Not To Do at the Playground..10:316,427,551
10 Things You Can Waffle Maker Hack pt. 2 ~ Experiment10:49502,559
Which Water is the Healthiest to Drink?13:191,006,133
Don't Try To Pop a Giant Weather Balloon ~ Pop10:601,022,713
10 Everyday Objects That Are Expensive For No Reason.. ~ Clout13:521,980,678
3 Hours Awake VS 27 Hours Awake ~ Challenge14:34729,101
10 Money Gadgets You Never Knew About.. ~ Strange10:541,051,455
I Tried The Hot Ones Challenge ~ First We Feast10:23669,529
Do Not CALL FORKY at 3AM.. ~ Ghost Challenge12:352,311,334
10 Foods You Can Lil Nas X Panini Hack ~ Experiment12:44595,934
10 Things Not To Do Playing Basketball..8:163,312,888
Dropping Watermelons vs Trampoline From 500cm ~ Bounce13:122,042,852
$10 MILLION MANSION HIDE AND SEEK - Challenge ~ Bounce10:39469,666
I Went To The Worst Rated Mansion on YELP.. (One Star Reviews)12:471,306,576
10 Things Not To Do Back To School..10:303,518,189
10 Foods You Can Deep Fry Hack - Experiment9:56853,480
Do Not Survive the Spaceship at 3AM..10:31748,687
Can You Fix a Toilet with Ramen Noodles?7:801,357,590
Dora The Explorer Goes to Area 5110:115,268,771
10 Things Not To Do in Virtual Reality (VR)..10:50900,938
10 Oddly Unsatisfying Things You Can't Ignore..10:341,048,574
Fake Food vs Real Food Taste Test - Challenge11:302,385,591
Do Not Survive Button World at 3AM..11:442,326,488
Survive the Deserted Island..5:583,376,585
10 Things Not To Do in a Space..10:401,409,437
I Ate Like the LION KING for 24 Hours!10:50882,530
I Ate Like Stranger Things for 24 Hours10:571,035,401
I Ordered Everything On My Custom McDonalds Burger8:571,686,159
DO NOT HIDE in a Doomsday Bunker at 3AM! Part 212:25757,695
Escape The Abandoned DOOMSDAY BUNKER! Part 113:00505,393
Hot Wheels id TRICK SHOTS! - Challenge11:12591,137
I Ordered 1/2 Toppings On My Custom Pizza Delivery (Dominos, Papa Johns, Chuck E Cheese)10:10759,194
Ultimate GIANT BOARD Game - Challenge for $50,00013:393,043,896
I Spent a Day with THE DOG WHISPERER (ft. Cesar Millan)12:27337,242
10 Foods You've Been Eating Horribly Wrong..12:43781,563
EATING ONLY GUMMY FOOD FOR 24 HOURS! Vs Real Food - Challenge10:701,569,429
10 Foods You Can Air Fry Hack - Experiment8:35925,740
Extreme Floor Is Lava - $10,000 Challenge 9,999,99%7:50949,973
Transforming into a Drag Queen (Rolanda 2.0) - ft. Ongina12:241,474,587
10 Things Not To Do as a Sidekick (Spider-Man)12:201,953,670
10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew About - Watermelon10:101,973,048
Don't Pretend Play at Prison!4:242,693,485
Choose Your Own Adventure | Guava Juice1:451,020,239
10 Foods You Can Waffle Hack - Experiment11:181,603,145
10 Superstitions You Shouldn't Believe..5:243,810,294
Trying Weird Summer Gadgets You Never Knew About!12:161,320,778
10 Things Not To Do At The Office..10:484,164,190
10 Things Not To Do At The Beach..6:176,627,398
10 Things Not To Forget Before Going To Disney..4:211,097,590
Alligator Hot Tub Bath - Challenge7:49904,586
I Tried Being a Zookeeper For a Day10:101,417,292
10 Things Not To Do at Disneyland..5:281,822,553
Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door 3!10:90670,485
Giant Snake Hot Tub Bath Challenge!10:15974,213
Jumping Through Impossible Shapes 210:511,107,186
Dont Pretend Play at the Movie Theaters!3:485,173,646
I Tried PARKOUR in a CHUBBY Suit12:44947,785
10 Things Not To Do In The Movies Theater Part 2 (Spider-Man)8:487,432,021
Don't Give Out Wrong Directions..4:36976,278
I Tried Getting My Bones Cracked (Chiropractor)10:131,255,593
I Think I'm Psychic6:541,577,447
10 Summer Hacks That Will Change Your Life..14:261,787,683
10 Magic Tricks You Never Knew About.. (REVEALED)12:541,680,532
UNBOXING a $3000 AVENGERS Mystery Box (Far From Home)12:405,785,399
I Tried 80's AEROBICS FOR THE FIRST TIME!7:33457,104
I Ordered Every Cheesecake From CHEESECAKE FACTORY!15:19849,494
Tablecloth Trick Shots | Guava Perfect7:541,593,840
Escape The ABANDONED Castle Mansion..16:35699,008
LAST TO LAUGH WINS $10,000 (Silent Library Challenge)10:70907,067
10 Rejected Shark Tank Gadgets You Never Knew About..11:551,374,141
10 Things Not To Do in a Library..6:172,636,574
Escape The ABANDONED Library15:162,000,311
I Only Ate RICK AND MORTY FOODS for 24 HOURS!17:701,468,171
Trying MORE Weird Money Gadgets You Never Knew About!14:543,088,726
10 Things Not To Do in a Castle..8:473,158,192
This $10,000 Glass Cannot Be DESTROYED! (UNBREAKABLE GLASS CHALLENGE)12:373,993,165
10 Things Not To Do as a Super Villain (Avengers Endgame)11:422,817,733
Trying Weird Pizza Gadgets You Never Knew About10:201,770,502
WHAT'S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE (ft. Quin & Ben Stiller)12:45489,459
Unboxing a $10,000 Real Life IRON MAN Suit (Avengers End Game Fortnite)10:584,715,648
Escape The ABANDONED Train10:511,350,340
Guess The Mystery Chair - Challenge8:36582,244
Food or Not Food Challenge10:103,811,652
I Ordered Every Drink From STARBUCKS (Pinkity Drinkity)10:373,861,386

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