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The Worst Season Finales of All Time10:4027,415
10 Weirdest Jobs You Never Knew Existed8:4219,188
The Most Corrupt Countries In The World Right Now10:5589,181
10 Deadliest Armies of All Time10:4754,355
10 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle10:5754,426
10 Worst Movies of the 2010s11:6035,862
10 Barack Obama Controversies You Forgot About11:2046,319
10 Shocking Ways Elections Can Be Rigged10:4618,539
10 Huge Companies With Strange Beginnings10:3233,008
These Are The Biggest Traitors In US History10:3760,646
10 Unexplained Plane Disappearances11:1440,969
10 Biggest Presidential Mistakes11:2981,962
10 Mysteries of the Wild West10:5277,592
10 Bizarre Criminal Sentences10:1140,422
10 Most Iconic Events of the 2010s10:5331,422
10 Murder Mysteries With Shocking Conclusions10:2058,095
10 Most Wanted People of 201911:00365,421
10 Crazy (Deleted) Movie Plot Twists10:5730,914
10 Insane Solutions To Climate Change11:3127,355
10 Insane Theories About The Apocalypse11:3687,871
10 Most Extreme Bets of All Time10:3350,702
10 Insane Predictions For 202011:5654,054
10 Huge Mistakes Made By Massive Brands10:4867,941
10 Most Insane Pieces of Star Wars Lore11:1848,532
10 Weirdest Dating Sites9:5242,618
10 Misconceptions About Crime Scene Investigations10:2041,993
10 Tragic Disasters With Unexpected Causes11:0065,176
10 Weird Military Plans That Actually Worked10:2543,234
10 Insane Undercover Cop Stories10:2783,037
10 Plot Holes That Ruin 2019 Movies10:4030,728
10 Times Psychics Solved Crimes11:2135,560
10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Australia10:5329,535
10 Failed Doomsday Predictions10:4737,944
10 Strangest Bible Stories You've Never Heard10:5056,570
10 Creepiest British Urban Legends10:2071,296
10 Most Ridiculous Vehicles Ever Designed10:1035,377
The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Of Our Oceans11:1655,728
10 Incredible Scientific Breakthroughs You Missed In 201910:2852,951
10 Ways You're Being Manipulated (Without Even Knowing)9:1537,189
10 Mysteries of Ancient India11:1763,866
10 US History Myths You Probably Still Believe11:7052,016
10 Secrets To Win TV Game Shows11:2135,306
10 Things You Weren't Taught About World War 111:90138,391
10 Myths About The Prison System10:3534,976
Is This How The Universe Began?10:5840,889
10 Strictest Schools In The World11:1961,973
10 Criminal Plans So Ridiculous They Actually Worked11:20105,266
10 Greatest Actor Transformations11:2835,679
10 Secrets of the White House10:2051,889
10 Weirdest Pieces of Fan Fiction10:1921,928
10 Most Terrifying Movie Characters Ever11:5238,613
10 Foods That Won't Exist In 202910:10153,713
10 Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs11:1663,425
10 Most Secure Places On Earth11:44157,359
10 Abandoned Asylums With Horrifying Backstories12:32100,976
10 Times Governments Broke Their Own Laws11:3145,754
Is Disney Lying To You? - Fact Wars 20199:4021,479
10 Insane Historical Weapons11:37152,497
10 Myths Of The Vietnam War13:14120,708
10 Apocalypses The Government Is Preparing For10:25487,793
10 Most Dangerous Kids Toys12:2440,288
10 TV Shows That Would Never Be Made In 201911:5732,024
10 More Strange Unexplained Internet Videos11:1467,636
10 Memes That Got Out Of Hand11:2143,059
10 Most Dangerous Tourist Hotspots11:1567,979
10 Terrifying Cursed Objects11:3843,647
10 Horrifying Tales From Asian Folklore11:4340,278
Is This The True Price Of Friendship? - Fact Wars 201910:4915,810
10 Weirdest Celebrity Demands11:1354,670
10 Actors Who Did Awful Films For Big Bucks11:1870,114
10 Countries With The Worst Human Rights11:4283,570
10 Disasters Waiting To Happen11:17509,514
10 Viruses That Almost Wiped Out The Human Race13:14102,413
10 Most Notorious Gangsters In History12:3677,637
Can Too Much Pleasure Kill You? - Fact Wars 201910:1633,210
10 Parties That Got Ridiculously Out Of Hand11:5046,458
10 Stunts You Always Assumed Were CGI10:5554,284
10 Myths About The Iraq War Debunked11:1045,402
10 Most Protected People In The World12:11585,329
10 Kids Who Saved Their Parents' Lives11:2030,988
10 People Who Confessed To Crimes They Didn't Commit11:4445,777
10 Unsolved Mysteries From Around The World11:47118,045
10 Movies That Changed The World11:3858,264
10 War Heroes Abandoned By Their Countries11:20147,191
10 Unbelievable Discoveries In Storage Units10:5947,595
10 People Who Could End The World12:1060,095
10 Undeniable Consequences Of Climate Change11:4533,388
10 Iconic Characters Who Were Actually Rip-Offs12:1151,055
10 Insane Theories About Area 5112:1779,955
10 Most Expensive Movie Flops11:32284,946
10 Wars Started For Stupid Reasons11:23112,693
10 Weirdest Rituals From Around The World11:1256,704
10 Unexpected Things That Could Cause World War 311:18109,377
10 Terrifying Cases of Demonic Possession11:4853,501
10 Most Incompetent Governments In History12:2580,618
10 Creepiest Urban Myths From Europe11:4290,926
10 Vegan Myths Debunked11:3333,869
10 Creepiest Kids Movies Ever10:1851,143
10 Things Canada Does Better Than The US9:2450,782
10 Frauds Who Were Massively Successful11:9087,758

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