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It's Showtime Online: Go or Gong online auditionee Erwin Deraco sings Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka5:20116
It's Showtime Online: Visayas contender Lea Jessica Alarcon shares her experience in auditioning6:20102
It's Showtime Online: Luzon contender Princess Carillo shares about her father's amnesia6:1197
It's Showtime Online: Defending champion Rafaello Cañedo shares about his trip in Singapore5:211
It's Showtime Online: Metro Manila contender Rdee Asadon became a school ambassador4:4264
TWBA: Art Guma shows some dance moves for Tito Boy1:206,305
TWBA: Art Guma shares the journey of his viral video2:225,637
TWBA: Art Guma becomes emotional while talking about his family4:172,478
TWBA: Fast Talk with Art Guma1:262,558
TWBA: Art Guma and his relationship with Criza Ta-a1:156,843
It's Showtime Online: Girlie Laspinas shares a photo with Pilita Corales in Show and Tell3:5876
It's Showtime Online: Girlie Laspinas shares preparation to keep the title3:1332
It's Showtime Online: Alien Macabenta tells interesting story about his unique name7:5031
It's Showtime Online: Princess Roland shows her special ear piercings7:5031
It's Showtime Online: Patricia Montecarlo reveals she joined Miss International Queen in Thailand5:1355
It's Showtime Online: Patricia Montecarlo shares good vibes in 'Bekibularyo'4:39376
It's Showtime Online: Allysa Masarque is a vlogger5:413
Tawag ng Tanghalan Update: John Mark Saga's preparation for his next performance1:41393
Ngayon at Kailanman: Eva is avoiding Inno | EP 753:1568,712
FPJ's Ang Probinsyano: JP wants to visit Jordan's wake2:165,396
Camp Star Hunt: Star Dreamers, nahirapan sa pagkakamada ng mga bote3:501,921
Camp Star Hunt: Star Dreamers, nagsalo sa isang boodle fight sa camp1:59805
Camp Star Hunt: Star Dreamers, nagmadali sa paglilinis ng mga bote2:10416
Camp Star Hunt: Star Dreamers, ikinuwento ang diskarte sa paglilinis ng mga bote1:14717
Camp Star Hunt: Team Ali at Team Red, nagharap sa paglilinis ng mga bote5:291,115
It's Showtime Online: JC, Jane and Gab bravely answer questions in 'Usapang Halik'7:32810
PHR Presents Los Bastardos: Matteo, humingi ng tulong kay Gigi | EP 353:1025,853
e-HUB: Celebrities Against Catcalling #MeToo3:143,036
It's Showtime: MNL48 performs their new single3:2110,721
It's Showtime Miss Q & A: Koko Artadi wins Beks in ChukChak award2:3139,477
Tawag ng Tanghalan: Hurado Mitoy has a simple joke for Vice3:20124,158
It's Showtime Miss Q & A: Ate Girl Jackque impersonates Moira4:22106,757
It's Showtime Miss Q & A: Vice stops Anne from singing2:1179,291
It's Showtime Miss Q & A: Vice is finally reunited with his former classmate4:34343,259
e-HUB: The Story Behind Fan Culture3:263,543
Acting | Funny One Ibang Klasiks7:54956
Tawag ng Tanghalan: Tina Marano | Ano’ng Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa3:004,165
Tawag ng Tanghalan: Crismille Vallente vs. John Mark Saga6:9044,107
Tawag ng Tanghalan: John Mark Saga remains the golden microphone holder1:393,567
Playhouse: Harold seeks love advice | EP 552:1818,047
Playhouse: Lea challenges Marlon on a one-on-one basketball game | EP 552:4619,616
Star-studded song & dance number of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano cast10:208,909
Wansapanataym Outtakes: Switch Be With You - Episode 31:562,350
Kapamilya Confessions Highlight: Elisse Joson takes the "Are you a Certified Kapamilya Challenge"5:171,080
Banana Sundae Daily Scoop: Shampoo0:421,386
Friday 5: 5 Stella and Rebecca's intense face off in Ngayon at Kailanman7:2660,972
Mea Culpa Trailer: Coming in 2019 on ABS-CBN!2:40144,449
Kapamilya Toplist: 15 times Elisse Joson proved she is the newest 'kontrabida' everybody will hate10:363,554
Magandang Buhay: Francine chooses to stay positive in life despite of difficult challenges3:5810,373
Magandang Buhay: Popshie JM's message to Francine4:276,198
Magandang Buhay: Andrea lives with her grandparents back then4:378,242
Magandang Buhay: Andrea's sweet message for Lola Susan4:396,490
Magandang Buhay: Francine and Andrea share how they bond on and off cam5:2621,036
Kapamilya Toplist: 13 moments of Jacky and Lino that make us want them to be together again in Halik15:3633,237
Push Now Na Exclusive: Francine Diaz reveals having a crush on Marlo Mortel9:452,355
Kapamilya Toplist: 15 times Connor and Lupita proved they are the hottest tandem in Los Bastardos18:531,941
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 10018:332,717
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9921:701,412
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9817:371,397
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9718:101,076
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9616:32967
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9518:00890
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9419:51999
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9318:131,282
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9216:411,510
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9116:271,830
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 9015:701,384
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 8916:101,565
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 8818:391,206
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 8718:441,293
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 8620:221,191
Pangako Sa'Yo | Full Episode 8519:151,174
Kapamilya Toplist: 15 scenes that showed Patty and Harold growing friendship in Playhouse16:454,564
Sorpresaya: Episode 15 | CineMo14:401,843
ASAP Chillout: MayWard take the KierVi Pose Challenge2:555,349
ASAP Chillout: Vivoree and CK spread kilig vibes in ASAP Chillout2:472,359
ASAP Chillout: Jerome Ponce on working with Vivoree and CK4:30751
ASAP Chillout: Titigan Challenge with Vivoree and CK2:122,165
ASAP Chillout: Vivoree and CK talk about their ABS-CBN Ball experience3:44800
Tawag ng Tanghalan Update: John Mark Saga is still the defending champion1:424,805
Magandang Buhay Momshie Advice: Leave a legacy you'll be proud of1:903,923
Halik Recap: The Proposal16:28295,177
Ngayon at Kailanman: Eva & Rebecca’s much awaited reunion | EP 744:29657,263
Ngayon at Kailanman: Eva remembers her bitter past | EP 746:25366,295
TWBA: Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres' 20th anniversary2:4129,528
TWBA: Richard Gomez and Sharon Cuneta's sparks after 15 years4:3029,997
TWBA: Juliana Gomez reveals 5 fun facts about his dad, Richard Gomez1:2913,626
TWBA: Is Richard Gomez ready for Juliana to have a boyfriend?1:2624,309
TWBA: Richard Gomez has a message for the guy who will date his daughter1:4111,437
Push Bets Live: 'Family is Love' Trade Event Part 19:431,025
Camp Star Hunt: Star Dreamers, mas titindi ang tapatan sa junkshop challenge1:313,409
Push TV: Jaya, dinepensahan ang paglipat ni Regine Velasquez-Alcasid sa ABS-CBN3:313,656
Wansapanataym: Switch Be With You December 2, 2018 Teaser0:3142,067
Goin' Bulilit December 2, 2018 Teaser0:312,732
Ang Hari FPJ on ABS-CBN "Ang Padrino" December 2, 2018 Teaser0:312,130
Banana Sundae @ 10 December 2, 2018 Teaser0:311,734
ASAP Natin 'To December 2, 2018 Teaser0:312,906
ASAP Natin 'To: Week 2 Recap0:311,014
SUPERBOOK December 1, 2018 Teaser0:31593
This Week (November 26-30) on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!1:101,860

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