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Will A Record Made From Candy Play Music?11:4043,370
Super Glue And CINNAMON Has An UNEXPECTED Reaction14:38973,725
Kaye Effect Experiments Gone CRAZY10:22417,915
We Carbonated A Hot Dog (and Other Random Things)13:52822,450
Can Cotton Candy Rope Support Your Weight?11:15729,193
Create PERFECT Laminar Flow at Home With A Balloon11:60969,977
Deep Frying 50 Pens... What Could Go Wrong?11:70580,818
We Found the Secret to Roasting Perfect Marshmallows11:70665,789
We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?14:00851,093
What the Heck is Bismuth? (Growing Metal Crystals)13:401,385,445
Will A Violin Survive Hydro-Dipping?10:30604,237
What Went Wrong In Our Freeze Dryer?13:141,069,213
Turning My Hand Into A Jolly Rancher12:50720,760
Igniting a Nitro Match Dandelion Chain Reaction!10:13828,873
3 SCALED UP Chain Fountain Experiments (Mould Effect)10:29590,041
We Microwaved a Watermelon for Half an Hour!10:571,255,915
Garbage Disposal Smoothie... Will It Blend?10:52450,846
What REAL Diamonds Did To Our Blender12:171,022,742
INDESTRUCTIBLE Bread... What's The Secret Ingredient?13:27692,247
How DANGEROUS is Using a Microwave Without a Door?12:131,877,733
GIANT Green Fire Tornado11:18578,607
We Carbonated Mayonnaise10:22486,163
Learn Glass Blowing With Jolly Ranchers!12:281,148,661
Oxygen Absorbers Did This To My Apple!10:36444,907
How Powerful Is An Elephant Toothpaste CANNON?12:18668,109
Skyballs Explode Glitter!!!11:42451,456
GIANT Rocket! Propelled With Liquid Nitrogen11:24635,946
Internet’s WEIRDEST Paper Airplanes!12:26672,281
How To Make An EPIC Bonfire With Steel Wool11:11634,472
Forging A Sword Out Of 2000 Jolly Ranchers11:261,303,497
Epic Snow Sledding On A Blowup Couch10:35589,838
Giant Metal Boomerang... Did It Come Back?11:381,246,832
Is RICE The Best Way To Save A Wet Phone?11:10658,839
Testing How The Army Creates HEAT With WATER10:29941,795
Gas Powered Air Vortexes Made From a Trash Can11:23840,239
Should You Polish Your Cast Iron Into A Mirror Finish?11:59951,386
6 VIRAL Video Experiments Put To The Test!12:162,063,002
Can Waterproof Matches Light AFTER They're Underwater?10:90783,484
We Put 1000 Expanding Dinosaurs In A Hot Tub!11:402,011,998
Weaving A ROPE Out Of STEEL!10:121,053,964
Make A Custom Knife From Scratch10:41449,333
This RANDOM Technique Makes Your Fried Chicken CRISPIER!10:16605,366
How Big Does a Freeze Dried 1 lb. Gummy Bear Get?12:39975,688
How Much Water Is In A Cucumber?12:30735,919
What Can You Do With 100 Tubes of Toothpaste?10:27802,232
Why Aren’t We Posting Videos?10:23680,636
How Does Steak Cook In A Vacuum?10:401,445,894
What’s the Fastest Way to Light 100 Candles?11:13687,135
What Could This Giant Key Unlock?10:23564,029
Can We Make Fire Burn Downwards?11:14509,879
Can You Actually Build These Impossible Structures?10:581,187,503
Is It Safe To Eat Snow?12:49959,173
What Happens When You Freeze Dry Shaving Cream?11:43608,812
Why Does a Candle Make Water Rise?13:54813,526
How Powerful Is A Pocket Longbow?8:20442,549
What Does Metal REALLY Do In A Microwave?12:532,232,915
What Happens When You Dry Age SPAM?11:541,604,280
Can We Perfect a Kinetic Sand Recipe?11:381,134,082
Can Band-Aids Hold Up A Person?11:13760,224
Do Cut Resistant Gloves Actually Work?12:301,114,943
What Happens When You Put Glue on a Faucet?10:541,801,737
Flash Freezing Molten Salt!11:20633,353
Can Cough Drops Become Cotton Candy?13:20828,737
What Can We Levitate Using the Coanda Effect?13:431,512,773
How Fast Can We Put Out a Chemical Fire?11:17508,424
Does Popcorn Pop in a Vacuum?13:17906,269
What Can You Clean With 100 Magic Erasers?13:202,179,899
Does Colored Corn Turn Into Colored Popcorn?12:13815,952
Are These 3 Bubble Myths REAL?!10:201,626,810
Testing the World's Worst Roomba!11:70712,997
What Happens When You Freeze Dry a Popsicle?11:101,259,408
50 Sticks of Deodorant Melted Into One!11:101,814,921
Can You Turn Colored Pencils Into Paint?12:60979,753
Can Eggshells be Used to Build a HOUSE?13:19752,825
World’s Largest Bacon (2 FEET Long)!11:00708,619
Do These Cat Hacks Actually Work?13:241,229,161
Does Watermelon Make Your Turkey Juicier?10:32756,187
Can You Make GIANT Lucky Charms?10:18627,850
Glow in the Dark Fluid Dynamics11:54464,114
Can You Deep Fry an ENTIRE Thanksgiving Meal? (Including the Bubbly!)11:18536,992
Why Do Some Turkeys Ignite in a Deep Fryer?10:33667,462
Turning My Foot Into a Jolly Rancher10:314,053,782
Pickling Eggs in Highlighter Fluid?!15:42651,253
Making Upgraded Magic Mud!10:36542,830
The Easiest Way to Break Car Windows?10:491,370,194
USB Powered FIRE Tornado Experiment!10:36725,951
Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?11:412,648,328
What Happens When You Freeze Dry Marshmallow Creme?12:163,104,342
Improved and CHEAP Vacuum Sandblaster!10:48805,105
We Filled a Field with Bubble Blowing Whales!10:10697,104
What Happens When A Ball Is Filled With Helium?10:241,705,269
We Ran a BETTER Tumbler for One ENTIRE Week11:551,402,774
Can Breath Mints Become Cotton Candy?10:104,940,993
Using House Plants to Dye Your Clothes (Debunking Viral Videos)13:501,721,504
Carve a Perfect Pumpkin In One Second With SCIENCE10:30534,090
Are These Shoes REALLY Indestructible?12:271,605,732
Giant Gummy Pumpkin: Can You Eat it All at Once?11:24989,104
What’s Inside of a Lava Lamp?11:551,764,830
REAL Flying Harry (No Strings or Photoshop Required)11:13477,897
Why You SHOULD Put Fire In Your Mouth12:35908,368

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