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Alessandra DeMartino (Alex)- God Help the Outcasts COVER and MUSIC VIDEO3:40194,862
Good for You by Selena Gomez | Music Video Remake3:42236,414
Niki and Gabi Croc Rock June 2015 | Croc Rock 20159:8096,033
Surprising Lyla | Niki and Gabi4:00129,069
MEET US + SEE US LIVE!!! Meet-up announcement4:2583,775
A sleepover with Gabi and Allie9:46127,671
Just a Little Bit of Your Heart ⎢Gabriella DeMartino4:37320,418
Niki and Gabi at Pickles January 201513:43473,303
Love Me Harder Music Video Remake + Cover by Gabriella DeMartino ft Blaise Delfino3:51789,465
Love Me Harder Music Video + Cover TEASER1:2345,408
Halloween II: The Remains of Michael Myers | 00RemakeGirls Film11:34194,1191 list
Chandelier (unofficial) Music Video Remake3:43448,019
The People You Meet in an Elevator | Original Comedy Sketch5:36203,8381 list
The Phantom of The Opera Cover / Remake6:4799,144
Neon lights Music Video Remake3:52152,072
Honeymoon Avenue Cover by Gabriella DeMartino4:36291,082
Pretty Little Liars Remake: "Back to the Beginning"5:28438,0801 list
Wrecking Ball live cover - Niki and Gabi3:361,431,057
Skyscraper | Niki and Gabi Cover3:461,476,694
Love Somebody- Maroon 5 Cover Music Video3:50218,948
Warrior- Demi Lovato Cover by Niki4:33159,735
The Way - by Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller REMAKE/PARODY3:59512,584
Come and Get it Music Video Remake and Cover- Niki, Gabi & Alex4:41171,098
Madness by Muse Video Remake ft Brandon Grube4:4862,577
Springbreakers Movie Parody2:32342,3211 list
Hit The Lights Music Video Remake3:2273,518
Keeping up with the Kardashians SPOOF "Touchy Subject"5:46968,2481 list
Brandon & Gabi Prank1:3065,006
I Knew You Were Trouble Music Video and Cover4:28326,177
Live Cover Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber - Niki and Gabi5:39252,195
Damaged- Danity Kane Music Video Remake4:1048,993
Maroon 5- Daylight Music Video Remake ft Brandon Grube4:4830,247
The People You Meet at the Movies- Comedy Film7:32134,7611 list
Gabi Live Cover- Wipes Your Eyes by Maroon 55:1741,527
Short Film- The Sleepwalking Adventure2:34133,3801 list
Halloween Remake BLOOPERS4:2643,7551 list
Halloween Remake: The Reappearance of Michael Myers9:4682,6601 list
Call Your Girlfriend Music Video Remake- Niki and Gabi3:4573,820
The Mask Prank by Gabi3:1761,6541 list
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Remake and Parody3:27243,3221 list
Meet up with Miranda2:5617,829
Exciting News!0:4936,736
Boyfriend Tag! - Brandon & Gabi9:55295,081
Original Film: "The Unknown Fate"12:409,614
First Music Video Ever: Chemicals React (old home video) 20052:5626,198
Want U Back Music Video Remake3:351,187,455
ReMakeUp: Kendall and Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial5:42133,726
Catch Me- Demi Lovato Cover by Niki and Gabi3:13150,977
Comedy Film: How Celebrities Name Their Babies3:46304,0191 list
Demi Lovato Concert Experience with Gabi and Niki12:2727,929
Payphone Video Remake Feat. Brandon Grube4:3660,653
Pretty Little Liars in 4 Minutes4:29485,2891 list
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Spoof: "The Surprise"5:30304,3241 list
Give Your Heart A Break Video Remake8:001,587,310
"Call Me Maybe" Remake - Carly Rae Jepson3:24187,586
Short Film: Monday Mornings2:52335,7101 list
You're the Reason (Acoustic) Cover- Niki and Gabi4:50181,235
What Guys Think Girls Do at Sleepovers5:242,827,6181 list
California King bed- Rihanna music video remake4:1456,181
I Don't Need A Man by The Pussycat Dolls Remake3:3946,099
Skyscraper- Demi Lovato Music Video Remake3:57183,118
beggin on your knees music video remake3:19393,074
Friday Rebecca Black Music Video Remake5:48229,8671 list
Pretty Little Liars Theme Song remake!0:21325,434

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