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15 Surprisingly Dark Series Finales in Kid-Friendly Shows!21:3621,722
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15 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries in the World!22:6085,916
If These 15 Beach Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!19:53324,306
15 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained!20:10123,018
15 Candies That Have Been Banned Around The World!16:10521,798
15 Most INCREDIBLE Medieval Castles In The World!21:36124,180
15 Gay Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay!18:56160,203
15 Fascinating Ancient Egypt Secrets You Need to Hear!19:4313,752
15 Most Terrifying Creatures of the Deep Sea!18:3828,388
15 Descendants of Historical People Who Still Live Today!20:36259,096
15 Most Incredible Things Found In Antarctica!20:36252,829
15 Mysterious Monuments That CANNOT Be Explained!21:43354,928
15 Creatures That Seem To Be Coming From Hell!20:4286,678
15 Most Dangerous Birds on the Planet!20:36201,175
Official Footage of 200 Million Year Old Prehistoric Shark - Oldest Living Creatures Who Still Live19:47131,139
15 Cancelled Disney Movies We Wish Got Made!20:13195,203
15 Scariest Videos Of Haunted Things Moving On Camera!17:5252,691
15 Creatures You Can Eat While They Are Alive!19:28161,461
15 Famous People Who Lost All Their Money And Went Broke!19:49155,990
15 Most Mysterious Discoveries Made In Egypt!20:80409,015
15 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today!19:80182,247
15 Wolves You Won’t BELIEVE Actually Exist!18:21821,346
15 Heaviest People in the World Who Lost a TON of Weight!20:19232,657
15 Creatures that Left a Message and Impacted the World!19:57213,145
10 Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs in the World!18:11776,380
15 Darkest Secrets of The Royal Family!19:60137,665
10 Most AMAZING Hotel Rooms You Won't Believe Exist!10:2610,384
10 Biggest Waves You Wouldn't Believe If Not On Video!10:3119,387
10 Most Unique Birds on The Planet!10:3511,262
10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World!10:56169,998
5 SURPRISING Secrets Disney Employees Will Never Tell You!10:3449,921
5 Most UNUSUAL Things Athletes Did To Win!10:8018,303
5 Strangest Things Found In The Desert!10:4025,891
5 Most Humongous Lego Creations Ever Made!9:359,336
This Is What Horror Movie Actors Look Like in Real Life!10:41398,192
10 Most Unique Fish In The Ocean!10:401,299,944
5 World's Tallest Buildings That Broke The Sky!11:60907,201
10 Most Insane Pools In The World!11:1011,633
10 Most Incredible Repairs Done With 3D Printers!11:5710,765
10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use To Manipulate Photos!12:5010,237
5 Most Elite Special Forces In The World!11:123,712,685
5 Celebrities Who Spent a FORTUNE To Look Completely Different!10:8011,203
10 Spongebob Squarepants Characters In Real Life!11:25314,185
10 Most Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist!11:4013,613
10 Most Incredible Abandoned Mansions In The World!11:5910,923
5 Abandoned Ghost Towns That Will Make You Shiver!10:3524,550
5 Most Incredible Plastic Surgeries In The World!10:1020,729
10 Most Insane Houses In The World!11:80115,279
10 Monsters That Can Kick King Kong's Ass!10:2015,669
5 Most Powerful Secret Weapons In The World!11:28116,231
5 Banned Children's Toys From Around The World!10:5312,883
10 Most Unique Frog Species In The World!11:2616,639
10 Cartoon Secrets You Would've Never Imagined!10:1912,498
10 Most Painful Animal Stings in the World!10:2567,818
10 Mysterious People Who Remember Their Past Lives!11:5313,364
10 Most Unusual Kids In The World!11:90133,494
5 People Who Became Real Life Barbie And Ken Dolls!10:409,586
15 Pokemon Characters Caught In Real Life!12:20507,272
5 Darkest Spongebob Secrets That Change Everything!11:20177,903
5 People Who Saved Humanity That You Never Knew!11:1721,679
10 Weird Science Experiments That Will Make You Bite Your Nails!11:4014,282
5 Homeless People Who Were Rescued!10:1511,163
10 Most Unbelievable Coincidences In History!10:5417,258
15 Creepiest Kids Drawings You Will Ever See!11:4448,600
5 Strangest Weddings In The World!10:2819,737
5 Most Dangerous Attractions In The World!10:2122,659
10 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed In Movie Shoots!10:5051,260
5 Most SURPRISING Transformations Ever Seen On My 600-lb Life!10:2420,872
10 Most Wanted People The Authorities Are Looking For RIGHT NOW!11:43505,227
5 Cartoon Characters Who Secretly Revealed Their Faces!10:204,135,302
The Airplane That Landed With 92 Skeletons on Board!12:41958,605
10 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Today!10:42676,243
10 Weirdest Shoes You Have Never Seen!10:2212,321
10 Albino Creatures That Have Rarely Ever Been Seen!11:2017,237
10 Monsters That Can Kick Godzilla's Ass!11:2020,966
10 Abnormally Large Creatures In The World!11:9061,908
5 Secret Codes That Have Finally Been Revealed!11:5711,317
10 Babies Caught Doing Strange Things On Ultrasound!10:3039,785
10 Famous Clowns Without Makeup!11:1015,617
10 Most Unique Animals In The World!10:6019,279
10 Most Exclusive Abandoned Cars In The World!11:3910,311
5 Times Disney Lied Straight To Your Face!10:1610,914
5 Strangest Planets Ever Discovered In Space!10:2590,177
10 Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed!10:23170,439
5 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs Anyone Can Do!11:109,328
5 Places You Should Never Ever Swim!6:2511,495

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