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Drunk College Party Simulator14:5959,787
Our Perfect (and last) Valentine's Day14:80820,143
Are We Already Dead?13:51807,624
Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Definitely Not Serious Haha12:31991,620
Becoming a Master of Mime30:291,042,004
Nutball: The Most Dangerous Game10:321,312,869
Making an Indoor Tornado to Flex on Mother Nature13:501,388,297
Literally Laying On Literal Broken Glass12:34910,262
Unregulated Axe Throwing15:351,185,975
Literally Eating Fire18:551,569,795
An Extremely Sour, Not-at-all Sour Meal11:481,412,719
Professional Fire Cupping (Going Even Further Beyond)21:181,772,241
Ethan Redefines Male Beauty20:301,409,782
Turning Mark Into an E-Boy8:501,227,706
Discovering the Secret to Eternal Life21:901,070,771
Looking at Long Lost Memes16:101,573,956
Hacking The Very Fabric of the Universe18:291,571,819
DIY Cheese16:531,608,797
Strange (and legal) Things You Can Do With Your Body After Death13:511,272,494
Mark Punishes Ethan3:311,265,599
Mark and Ethan Learn About The Human Body19:361,363,271
We Turned Our Bodies Into Art16:241,143,997
We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams25:491,702,801
Bad Bad Beans13:901,492,085
What Happens When A Youtube Channel Dies?18:591,696,746
This is What Being Tased Feels Like10:701,480,983
We Cryogenically Freeze Ourselves11:801,700,899
This Is How We'll Die...20:551,548,362
DIY Geriatric Simulator17:361,492,444
2 Absolute Beginners Experience the Dancing Glory that is Salsa22:121,181,580
You Breathe You Die15:371,476,211
Mark Steals Ethan’s Face16:301,993,635
Fixing Mark's Hole with Ramen but Every Time We Add Glue We Get 5% Closer to God10:371,676,224
Learning to Breathe Underwater16:582,087,383
We Take a Lie Detector Test to Uncover Our Darkest Sins14:322,031,208
Mark and Ethan Go Casket Shopping20:101,818,127
Ethan Finally Becomes a MAN26:262,507,330
We Took an IQ Test16:101,808,739
Recreating Ourselves as a Cursed Mannequin14:501,563,567
The Sensory Overload Tank10:491,657,287
Who Can Make Themselves Taller?11:401,703,443
We Have The BEST Thumbnails on YouTube and No One Can Tell Us Otherwise17:531,420,407
DIY Bungee Jump (please don't try this)13:252,058,419
We Eat Bugs17:371,502,530
Hiding Our Sins from Amy's Holy Peepers8:491,914,958
We Took The Polar Plunge4:551,735,632
2 Grown Men Attempt the Presidential Fitness Test21:452,217,203
You Blink You Lose13:501,676,709
Duct Tape Crucifixion (Amy, Please Don't Watch This Video)13:491,627,224
Emotional Pain vs Physical Pain... Which is Worse?22:201,780,497
Beating Inanimate Objects to Death12:102,039,613
Preserving Ourselves In Wax15:383,117,624
Forcibly Turning Mark Into Santa Claus Against His Will9:801,375,154
Santa's Mukbang (Drinking 1 Gallon of Eggnog)14:131,715,519
Harnessing Our Dogs' Unlimited Energy11:441,538,460
Donating Toys to Charity w/ JackSepticEye8:121,241,508
What Was The Most Painful Thing We've Ever Endured?19:111,668,936
Taped and Afraid14:581,554,319
Ethan’s Relaxing and Totally Normal Nail Salon12:491,310,211
Giving Away Our 1,000,000 Subscriber Gold Play Button8:90945,772
Ethan Explores Mark's Haunted Basement9:461,459,020
We Had To Drink Each Other’s Pee15:451,772,901
You Made Beautiful Music for The Barrel... But Only One Could Win9:43973,442
We Made Nude Paintings of Eachother10:121,719,700
Mark Reviews The Impossible Burger But There’s a Looming Sense of Impending Doom7:131,982,685
Floating in a Real Sensory Deprivation Tank13:102,438,802
Acupuncture Is NOT Painful17:103,245,689
The Great Meat Mistake16:161,589,232
Ethan Gives Mark a Viking Funeral11:431,676,996
There's Still Hope...2:271,114,145
Ethan Destroys Mark's Van with a Bat6:421,717,994
Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room25:253,194,196
We Buy a Professional Hypnosis Video and React To It15:341,886,405
The Chubby Gummy Challenge11:571,331,539
Mark Turns Ethan into a Mummy to Prepare Him for the Great Beyond15:901,693,844
An A.I. Predicts How We're Going to Die9:441,792,420
1 Man 100 Accents10:451,502,618
Drawing Memes from Memory10:531,634,544
Helium Therapy14:561,904,457
Play-Doh Thanksgiving10:351,422,522
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (a slime surprise...)12:242,174,295
2 Truths and 1 Lie -- Waxing Edition16:492,381,061
Mark and Ethan Summon a Ghost18:202,027,626
Baby Hands Operation8:291,700,846
Doing Each Other's Makeup in the Dark12:801,490,166
Ethan Will Be Kicked in the Balls7:302,310,318
The Worst Kind of Cupping10:172,094,407
The Bad Kind of Cupping13:365,221,774
The Good Kind of Cupping11:591,870,290
Making Our Own Sensory Deprivation Tank13:441,935,729
Hot Dog'd to Death11:181,515,543
Purging Our Sins with a Neti Pot11:182,149,044
Cooking with Sex Toys12:421,927,506
Unus Annus1:524,830,905

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