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Tested Mailbag: Mercury Spacesuit-Inspired Shoes4:5745,010
PROJECTIONS, Episode 38: Sprint Vector and In Death!21:3818,557
Organizing a Stop-Motion Film Production at Aardman Animations6:24187,444
The Falcons Have Landed - This is Only a Test 435 - 2/8/181:37:2621,507
Giant LEGO Computer Console Model!12:43102,377
Planes, Trains, and Escape Rooms - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 2/6/1832:3028,825
Animating Stop-Motion Characters at Aardman Animations15:80111,869
Show and Tell: Fat Shark 101 FPV Quadcopter6:5449,467
Taking the Piss - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 2/2/1829:4030,636
Adam Savage Meets Aardman Animations Director Nick Park!6:2088,767
Flame Throwers and Flavored Diet Coke - This is Only a Test 434 - 2/1/181:49:7019,071
The Stop-Motion Puppets of Aardman Animations!23:11169,219
What's Space Camp like? Offworld, Episode 2: Space Camp (1986)22:1823,410
Unboxing Adam Savage’s Maker Box!9:23203,639
PROJECTIONS, Episode 37: HTC Vive Pro Hands-On Demo and Impressions!13:41160,466
The Future of Shoplifting - This is Only a Test 433 - 1/25/181:41:4125,056
The Clay in Stop-Motion Animation at Aardman Studios10:15210,258
Week at Weta Workshop! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/23/1830:9051,412
Just for the Taste of It - This is Only a Test 432 - 1/18/181:32:3316,511
Tested Mailbag: Power Loader LEGO MOC!4:3481,321
Weekend in Wellington - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/16/1828:1039,099
No Transitions Necessary - This is Only a Test 431 - 1/11/181:43:2415,592
Testing the Shaper Origin Handheld CNC!13:23101,774
The Shape of Water SPOILERCAST - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/9/1835:1819,525
Offworld, Episode 1: Contact with Dr. Jill Tarter26:3018,313
Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Gods of Egypt Stunt Weapons!6:33245,584
Show and Tell: Microscape's City Miniatures4:17125,740
Future Car - This is Only a Test 430 - 1/4/181:32:5317,597
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Blade Runner 2049 Binoculars!30:19557,440
Happy New Year! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/2/1831:2139,803
Tested in 2017: Adam Savage's Favorite Things!5:53347,557
Our Favorite Projects with Frank Ippolito!3:5255,114
Tested in 2017: Ryan's Favorite Things!2:5355,996
PROJECTIONS, Episode 36: Best of VR Picks + Visit to Pixar!42:5116,066
Tested in 2017: Sean's Favorite Things!5:4358,262
Plasma Cutting a Tested Logo Sign!10:3746,731
Tested in 2017: Joey's Favorite Things!7:2542,707
Tested in 2017: Simone's Favorite Things!6:18158,018
Tested in 2017: Kishore's Favorite Things!5:9058,887
Tested in 2017: Jeremy's Favorite Things!5:4753,680
Tested in 2017: Norm's Favorite Things!7:30123,933
Adam Savage Opens His Imgur Secret Santa Gift!3:53172,722
Adam Savage Opens His Reddit Secret Santa Gift!9:48480,285
Tested: TPCast Wireless VR Review!21:5548,781
White Elephants - This is Only a Test 429 - 12/21/171:53:5513,051
Building a CNC Router and Plasma Machine!27:58114,580
Testing: Multi-Material and Multi-Color 3D Printing!29:4058,055
Behind the Scenes: LED Studio Lighting in Tested Productions!13:1030,724
The Last Jedi SPOILERCAST - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 12/20/1748:35105,455
3D-Printing the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Messenger Droid Helmet9:4475,109
Tested Mailbag: Surprise Christmas Tree Ornament!2:7021,725
We Need Your Input and Feedback!1:0048,619
Making a San Francisco Sutro Tower Scale Model!7:0040,904
Tested Live Show 2017: Mechanical Pong!15:8039,373
Tested Live Show 2017: Science Friday's Undiscovered24:9012,332
Tested Live Show 2017: The Most Important Part of Sausage15:3920,529
PROJECTIONS, Episode 34: Doom VFR + Doom 3 BFG VR19:2822,570
Making a Body Form for the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Messenger Droid Cosplay9:2847,702
The Night Before Jedi - This is Only a Test 428 - 12/14/171:40:5015,019
Tested Live Show 2017: Allen Pan Deconstructs Thor's Hammer!17:5236,338
A Wide-Ranging Discussion - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 12/12/1754:1525,890
Tested Live Show 2017: Simone's New Applause Machine!13:4852,060
PROJECTIONS, Episode 33: Rift Core 2.0 + Front Defense: Heroes!33:2140,992
Adam Savage's LEGO Han Solo Blaster!13:25188,178
Christmas Light Wars - This is Only a Test 427 - 12/7/171:30:2816,484
Tested at the BALLS 2017 Rocket Launch Event!13:3748,929
Antique Malls - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 12/5/1729:2326,713
Glen English's Scratch-Built Motorcycle Replicas14:4284,215
Making the Creature Costume for "Yoshua"7:3759,974
The Making of Adam Savage's Chewbacca Mask!23:80192,816
Going Full 4K - This is Only a Test 426 - 11/30/172:00:4419,573
Lifelike Animatronic Abraham Lincoln!10:43311,795
Adam Savage Explores Star Trek Costumes and Props!15:26109,645
PROJECTIONS, Episode 32: The Rig VR and Virtual Boy!32:2034,728
Regal Robot's Awesome Star Wars Furniture and Art!16:45117,448
A Tested Thanksgiving Miracle - This is Only a Test 425 - 11/23/171:56:3315,578
Thor: Ragnarok SPOILERCAST! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 11/22/1732:4325,750
Adam Savage Learns about Prop and Animatronic Restoration!15:5691,652
Hands-On with HoloPlayer One Display!10:3473,176
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Making a Wooden Bowl6:27235,563
Scatch-Built Miniature Models of LA City Streets6:4086,049
The Art of Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps7:15286,275
Artist Jason Freeny on Toy Design and His Anatomical Sculptures8:7038,641
PROJECTIONS, Episode 31: Windows Mixed Reality + SteamVR20:2444,466
The Speed of Electrons - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 11/16/1727:5024,526
Adam Savage Tours the Jim Henson Exhibition!32:13159,431
What is Star Wars Will Never Die - This is Only a Test 424 - 11/16/171:44:5716,523
Adam Savage Teases His Maker Box!1:1146,148
Adam Savage on Blade Runner 2049's Massive Water Set!8:36365,753
Heavy Poly's Hoverbike Resin Garage Kit!5:1038,894
PROJECTIONS, Episode 30: Jedi Challenges AR Review18:4348,645
Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Lower 489:1762,197
Rock-afire Explosion Billy Bob Figure Prototype!8:2356,674
The Making of Hela's Headdress from Thor: Ragnarok5:50455,148
Sculpting the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Messenger Droid Mask8:5059,716
Hands-On with LG's 43-Inch 4K Monitor7:4483,701
Machination Studio's Mechanized Armored Walker!9:46137,757
One Week with iPhone X - This is Only a Test 423 - 11/9/171:40:1520,881
Adam Savage Explores the Blade Runner 2049 "Farmhouse" Set!2:4181,649
Adam Savage Visits The Crucible Maker Space4:3925,121

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