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Chiseled Chest Cable Workout12:16127,538
How Afterburn Training Got Me A Ripped Sixpack15:29571,311
How to Build Strong Chiseled Chest with Partial Reps15:54194,576
Halloween Tricep Workout Featuring Mike The Bunny12:59100,107
5 min Home Ab Workout - 3 Body Weight Ab Exercises8:29324,963
Get Cut Triceps - Negative Tension Workout "Part 2"11:33121,121
Mike Chang SHAVES IT ALL OFF8:42273,214
Dumbbell Press vs Dumbbell Fly - Are You Doing it Right?6:70148,295
Negative Tension for Boulder-Sized Bicep Day13:24148,664
How Working Out Makes You More Successful6:48111,050
5 "Negative Tension" Sets for Extreme Shoulder Gains14:20115,265
Gain Major 'Assets' with this Killer Ab Routine18:33131,703
How to do Yoga for Muscle Gains16:22161,704
How to BLOW UP Your Chest with Tri-Sets16:80301,749
The Best Way To Do Tricep Extensions6:35134,926
My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn't Know6:19153,174
Double Squeeze Technique to get MORE MUSCLE DEFINITION7:23145,710
How to Get a SixPack - Bulking Up vs When to Lean Down7:10184,087
Why most guys fail to get a six pack - Step by step process to get ripped15:34552,299
The Best Time to Eat for Six Pack Abs9:49203,397
How to Easily Improve Your Overall Performance19:45128,075
Two Person Ripped Abs Workout16:15142,434
Shoulder Blasting Workout for Faster Gains15:39214,150
3 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone - Leg Workout17:56308,828
Mike Chang does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge1:30693,350
Cutting-Edge Deadlift Concept for FASTER Results13:31170,343
Build More Muscle with Valerian Root5:2886,474
The ONE and ONLY Thing You Need for a Ripped Body15:13152,646
"Chest Every Night" -- Late Night Workout0:56147,440
9 Min Chest Cardio Workout15:60547,495
4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING10:23656,329
Can Eating Fat Get You Ripped?11:30205,244
How To Build Muscle for Beginners8:20353,963
How to Build Bigger Biceps at Home - 5 Bicep Exercises for Mass13:14330,917
Eat Carbs to Get Six Pack Abs2:58158,516
What You Should Know if You Stop Working Out6:25322,894
Mike's Killer Muscle Building Chest Workout15:43237,333
How to 'Think' Your Way to Fitness Success13:39119,999
5 Exercises for HUGE Shoulder Gains12:511,212,094
Action vs Fear6:14146,216
Mike Chang's INSANE Leg Workout13:57248,764
Top 5 Muscle Building Videos of 201311:22142,460
Mike Chang's Top 5 Workouts of 201311:50192,088
Massive Biceps Workout17:53501,023
Do This One Exercise To Get Massive Biceps9:431,702,145
Mike Chang's Chest & Abs Challenge16:32250,710
Home Chest & Back Workout - PowerBlock Dumbbells & Bench18:23342,562
Increase Sex Drive By Juicing8:41144,686
LIU CHANG vs SCRUB ZERO - Mortal Kombat Parody1:23406,073
Mike Chang's 10 Minute Workout Challenge13:32241,490
3 Tips To Build Muscle By Juicing -- Mike Chang & Drew Canole16:47188,890
Mass Building Shoulder Workout13:16502,209
Free Juicer Giveaway From FitLifeTV - A Gift From Drew Canole0:3565,662
Mike trains Crazy on chest day - E.R.O.M Training13:32790,973
Workout Smarter to get a Ripped Body7:46233,603
Ripped Chest And Back Routine9:31432,645
Get Ripped By Juicing -- Mike Chang & Drew Canole Show You How To Get Ripped By Juicing Vegetables12:50221,636
Beginner Home Back Workout14:53235,750
How To Create A Pull Up Bar At Home11:21985,250
Core Strengthening Ab Workout13:57267,867
How To Set Up Your Life To Get Six Pack Abs7:70236,554
The Biggest Fat Burning Cardio Mistake8:52233,675
Abs And Core Team Workout10:58178,011
I believe I can do things other people think are impossible.4:13196,550
The Diet That Got Me Ripped10:10453,579
Killer Mass Building Bicep Workout15:561,035,950
Fruit Juice Makes You FAT4:16403,972
Bodyweight 250 Rep Chest Workout13:33310,937
Motivational Fitness Video: What Does Intensity Mean To You?2:33378,125
Monster Mass Tricep Workout18:451,031,553
The Real Reason You Should Workout13:40594,412
Crazy Mass Building Back Workout15:31653,924
CRAZIEST thing you DIDN'T know about WEARING SHOES21:38341,843
How To Avoid Losing Muscle While Dieting7:27181,978
3 Mistakes Advanced Lifters Make8:24180,261
Brutal Cardio Ab Routine17:52337,284
Mike Chang Does The #NaeNae1:15494,188
Afterburn Fuel Giveaway #30:49164,044
Top 3 Mistakes Intermediate Lifters Make11:35203,991
3 Common Beginner Workout Mistakes8:54757,562
The Fastest Way To Get Ripped22:56769,469
Crazy Six Pack Abs Workout18:50744,543
Advanced Ab Training Workout15:41241,331
How Lifting Light Weights Can Build Muscle6:20390,726
Killer Lower Ab Workout17:52977,104
Complete Workout & Nutrition Guide For Teens45:53609,885
Guinness World Records Workout11:43423,264
Ripped Chest Workout30:291,389,389
WORKOUT BUDDIES - Mike Chang's Rap Debut!3:341,856,492
Hardcore Six Pack Ab Training24:44800,349
Mass Building Bicep Workout22:591,829,141
T-Shirts And Afterburn Fuel Giveaway Winners- And NEW CONTEST1:3591,344
Dumbbell Home Back Workout - 45 Min Workout For V Taper Back18:29707,983
Will Skipping One Workout Make Me Fat?4:48209,115
1 Super Important Tip For Six Pack Abs8:41433,107
How To Prevent And Recover From Lower Back Pain4:29163,105
Crazy Leg Workout23:521,062,778
How To Get Rid Of Love Handles13:462,954,031

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