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What We Got for Christmas 2014 | Brooklyn and Bailey9:521,564,251is in 2 lists
#AskBandB + HUGE iPad Giveaway!15:32688,4191 list
Merry "Emoji" Christmas from BrooklynAndBailey1:53493,5981 list
3 DIY Friend Christmas Gifts + #ShareTheGift Nativity Collab8:14701,394is in 4 lists
Ugly Christmas Sweater Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey9:20666,379is in 3 lists
The Oreo Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey8:562,829,3681 list
Identical Twins Get Wisdom Teeth Removed | Funny Reactions32:476,252,838
RoseArt Graphic Skinz Design Studio | Fab or Fail5:431,295,570is in 2 lists
Bailey's Get Ready With Me | Cheer Edition5:501,312,587
Pumpkin Ice Cream Dessert | Fall Treat Ideas6:19458,669is in 5 lists
2014 Fall Favorites | Brooklyn & Bailey9:33476,734is in 2 lists
4 DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costumes | Brooklyn & Bailey4:38689,765is in 2 lists
Mario & Luigi | Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes5:41702,189is in 2 lists
DIY Mason Jar Luminaries | Halloween Craft Ideas4:44395,539is in 3 lists
Meet My Little Brother | Brooklyn and Bailey14:241,334,743
DIY Graphic T-Shirts | Brooklyn and Bailey4:35894,5001 list
The 7-Second Challenge w/ Chelsea Crockett10:361,329,9891 list
Chubby Bunny Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey9:481,679,6961 list
Bailey's Aug 2014 Favorites | Brooklyn and Bailey8:57541,557is in 2 lists
DIY Decorative Notebooks | Back-to-School Supplies6:90821,045
Twinepathy Tag w/ AndreasChoice & BrittanysChoice19:231,165,456is in 2 lists
What's in Our Backpacks 2014 | Back-to-School Supplies16:481,622,204
2014 Back-to-School Fashion | Brooklyn and Bailey6:10612,730
Our Summer Trip to Utah & EFY Camp7:90550,0051 list
Summer Reading | July 2014 Book Review3:22241,0591 list
Airplane Essentials | Tips for Traveling5:231,388,462
f34c DIY Frozen Banana Pops | Cool Summer Treats f34c6:14941,345is in 2 lists
VidCon 2014 Vlog & Meetup | Brooklyn & Bailey14:26476,289
Brooklyn's "Natural" Everyday Makeup Routine11:231,235,833is in 2 lists
Meet Our Baby Sister | Brooklyn and Bailey12:423,410,056
f454 Know-Your-Dad Tag | Father's Day Special f45417:80904,968
f49c May Favorites 2014! f49c6:59665,605is in 3 lists
P.O. Box Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey11:39833,8091 list
The Not-My-Arms Makeup Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey8:262,156,043is in 4 lists
The Gross-Out Jelly Bean Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey15:254,830,999is in 2 lists
May 2014 Book Review | Brooklyn and Bailey4:56204,085
Spring Fashion Looks | Brooklyn and Bailey7:21605,990
Easter Basket Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey10:37672,824is in 2 lists
DIY Vibrant Easter Egg Colors | Brooklyn and Bailey12:705,202,348is in 2 lists
Brooklyn & Bailey's Toddler Girl Room Tour {2003}4:421,347,098
How to Put In Contact Lenses | Contacts 101 with Brooklyn8:291,006,619
Spring Break with Twins Brooklyn and Bailey9:251,987,128
DIY Spring Treat Ideas for Friends | Brooklyn and Bailey6:181,243,4891 list
Watch Brooklyn and Bailey on Nick News' "Webstars II"2:53314,329
Learn How to Make Chocolate Mint Cookies | Brooklyn and Bailey4:49566,801
Spring Nail Polish Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey8:40532,554
Brooklyn and Bailey Twin Tag!17:532,853,342
New Teen Girl Room Tour | Brooklyn and Bailey9:102,088,634
Beginner Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial | Brooklyn and Bailey7:11440,7461 list
Valentine's Day Fashion Lookbook | Brooklyn and Bailey4:60433,6941 list
Brooklyn Gets Her Braces Off!8:801,805,7551 list
f497 2-in-1 Valentine's Day Nail Tutorial f4973:55254,0021 list
The Fault in Our Stars and Legend | Book Reviews5:34279,578
What We Got for Christmas 2013 | Brooklyn and Bailey6:512,091,8131 list
EXCITING NEWS: Brooklyn and Bailey on Nickelodeon?0:46293,5421 list
Our Family Christmas Traditions | Brooklyn and Bailey6:46986,385
4 Christmas Season Fashion Ideas | Brooklyn & Bailey4:20308,497is in 2 lists
Sweater Weather TAG with Brooklyn and Bailey16:39448,1221 list
Reindeer Root Beer and Droppings | Friend Christmas Gifts6:58257,598is in 4 lists
Our Parents on the Catching Fire {The Hunger Games} Set!9:20407,9901 list
Bailey Gets Her Braces Off!5:272,730,1411 list
Favorites for Your Christmas Wish List9:101,270,700is in 3 lists
Fall to Winter Fashion | Brooklyn and Bailey7:16521,9771 list
Eensy Weensy Spider Nearly Scares Mom to Death6:301,651,8551 list
Shadow Figure Movie Short | Easy Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial12:80473,451is in 3 lists
Midnight Eyeball Nail Art | Brooklyn and Bailey4:58256,527is in 2 lists
f383 DIY Pumpkin Carvings | Cute Halloween Ideas f3836:10840,615is in 2 lists
Fall Treats | DIY Autumn Party Food Ideas4:33680,164
♡ Get Ready With Me {Brooklyn} ♡6:341,892,325is in 2 lists
Divergent and Delirium Book Reviews | Brooklyn and Bailey4:40228,938
Thrift Store Fashion Show {Ep. 1} | Brooklyn and Bailey3:47496,1691 list
DIY American Football Nails | Nail Art Tutorial | Brooklyn and Bailey3:36405,5641 list
Back-to-School Fashion | Brooklyn and Bailey5:44846,874
VidCon 2013 Recap | Brooklyn and Bailey8:10192,628
Babysitting 101 | Tips and Guidelines for Beginners7:48917,921
Coming-Trends Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey7:00531,300
Galaxy Glow Jars | DIY Decorating Ideas5:261,412,9601 list
Family Foam Days | Fun Summer Activities6:50736,0261 list
DIY Red White and Blue Treats | 4th of July Ideas6:24514,1711 list
DIY Flip-Flop Accents | Brooklyn and Bailey6:56504,6561 list
Night Time Routine | Brooklyn and Bailey4:551,771,438is in 2 lists
Studio Tour | BrooklynAndBailey & CuteGirlsHairstyles6:21765,882
The Cricket Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey6:441,854,681is in 2 lists
Ring Finger Accents | Nail Tutorial | Brooklyn & Bailey3:59376,4561 list
2013 Dance Recital | Brooklyn and Bailey4:232,185,762
May Book Review | Brooklyn and Bailey3:43179,658
Indoor Skydiving | Brooklyn and Bailey5:32701,454
4 Ways to Wear a Scarf | Brooklyn and Bailey4:60526,969
Mascara for Beginners | Brooklyn and Bailey3:26915,781is in 2 lists
Stair Sliding Fun | Brooklyn and Bailey3:45840,472
April Book Review | Brooklyn and Bailey4:18234,983
Teen Girl Room Tour | Brooklyn and Bailey6:202,232,497
The Beetle Rap | Brooklyn and Bailey3:24861,627
Welcome to BrooklynAndBailey! | Intro Video5:381,869,151

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