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DNA Tests People Regretted Taking11:539,667
Incredible Discoveries Found Underground That Changed History14:20296,117
Ingenious Home Design Solutions13:11167,953
Photos Proving Why Japan Is So Hard to Understand12:13223,053
Strangest Babies Of The Animal Kingdom13:43214,202
Rarest Eye Colours Spotted in Humans13:15256,882
Risk Taking People with The Heaviest Balls Of Steel11:1462,457
What Famous Historical Figures Really Looked Like13:35149,089
Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things11:34524,438
Proof Nature Takes Over Abandoned Places In Amazing Ways14:20258,099
Oldest Creatures That Reveal The SECRETS Of Immortality12:46534,184
Tips That Could Save Your Life if You Get Lost In The Wilderness11:29534,664
Check Your Wallet. This Coin is Worth Over $1,700,000.13:46166,846
People Who Took Laziness to Another Level - Part 211:57279,138
Facts that Can Save Your Life Someday11:46321,501
Terrible Accidents That Turned Out Just Great12:20551,394
Places That Will Give You Nightmares12:17246,128
Times People Truly Cared About Our Planet And You Can Start Doing The Same12:48287,435
Most Satisfying Inventions You Must See Before You Die11:181,284,606
Weirdest Items Ever Sold On eBay13:58538,848
Genius Graffiti Art That Will Make You Smile - Part 212:48627,928
Psycho Parents who DESTROYED their Kids' Electronics8:5191,635
Embarrassingly Dumb Criminals Who Must Not Want Their Freedom11:45443,373
Habits That indicate You're a Genius15:14205,809
Ancient Rare Objects Found Underground14:36522,435
Incredible Discoveries Made By Construction Workers12:51912,991
Most Uncomfortable Things You’ll Ever See12:22534,409
Hilariously Tragic Startup Business Fails13:53419,082
Unlucky Inventors Who Never Got to Cash in On Their Creations14:13607,493
Psychics Embarrassingly Exposed As Fake16:24188,352
People Embarrassingly Exposed By The Internet - Part 212:11206,693
Things You Will See For The First Time in Your Life11:451,048,037
Craziest Failed Prison Escape Attempts10:42309,295
Creatures That Are Taking Over The World13:37266,701
The Untold Truth About Childhood Favourites12:46265,969
Fast Food Facts You Don't Want to Know12:32482,369
What if ALL Of Australia Burned?14:23192,639
UFOs Fly Like THIS Area 51 Scientist Reveals12:37157,071
Experimental Towns and Communes13:15160,084
Privacy Life Hacks You Need In Your Life11:40366,947
Dumb Ideas & Solutions That Actually Work13:40847,516
Satisfying Times Karma Came For Awful People [Part 3]11:51557,986
Amazing Discoveries Found Preserved13:80142,036
Clever Adverts That Gained Serious Attention13:29202,706
Police Discoveries That Will Give You Goosebumps13:54663,927
Mysterious Things Found in the Desert13:50333,076
Scariest Pixar Movie Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood12:11319,933
Weirdest Things People Spotted On The Subway11:54223,500
Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist12:34385,194
Survival Riddles If You're Left Home Alone At Christmas (Part 2)13:46796,979
Survival Riddles If You're Left Home Alone At Christmas (Part 1)13:25430,036
Christmas Riddles That Will Test Your Christmas Spirit (Part 2)14:11511,841
Proof You've Been Lied to About Christmas This Entire Time13:56120,411
Simpsons Predictions Yet to Come True13:19261,998
Christmas Riddles That Will Test Your Christmas Spirit (Part 1)14:31758,990
After Drowning In The Deep Sea For 30 Minutes, The Unthinkable Happened...12:12119,891
Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Interviews of All Time20:221,631,520
Billionaires Before They Were Rich12:20315,276
One In A Million Coincidences You'll Have To See To Believe13:431,813,422
What If We Discovered Alien Life?12:49145,389
Body Language Secrets Of World Leaders Revealed14:22115,230
Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died - Darwin Awards Winners [Part 4]13:421,456,492
How You Could Be Buried Alive Like This Woman12:3577,279
Scientists EXPOSED Doing Strange Experiments12:56303,846
Rare Historical Photos in Colour You Must See14:41172,989
Genius Graffiti Art That Will Make You Smile11:462,985,882
Stubborn Homeowners Who Refused To Move12:382,283,745
Strangest Last Meal Requests On Death Row11:169,737,092
Craziest Events Caught on Live TV Nobody Expected15:42130,163
Items You May Own That Could Make You Rich13:23972,211
Worst Kickstarter Crowdfunded Inventions People Threw Money At12:28157,561
What If All Insects Suddenly Attacked All Humans?13:32170,768
Most Expensive Mistakes in All History14:274,120,435
Leaked Military Photos You Weren't Meant To See15:46259,024
Strangest Things People Found In The Woods12:59266,822
I Stayed Awake For 264 Hours12:43159,257
Most Embarrassing Live TV Moments12:70994,593
Satisfying Times Good Karma Came For Good People12:36942,777
Mastermind Hackers That Outplayed Everyone13:47281,140
Movie Cars Made in Real Life14:30755,765
Things That Hurt Real Bad, But People Do Anyway13:39137,957
Once You See It You Can't Unsee It12:13699,576
Dark Rick And Morty Theories Every Fan Should Know11:58269,072
Photos That Need To Be Explained11:40157,822
Pictures You Won't Believe AREN'T Real13:44185,815
You Can Eat These Artistic Masterpieces13:21136,272
Genius Inventions Proving You're Living in the Future14:421,803,486
Satisfying Times Karma Came For Awful People - Part 212:403,247,817
Plans That Didn't Go As Expected13:201,323,418
Powerful Firefighting Inventions We Need More Of13:43181,211
Streamers SWATTED Live During Their Stream10:366,832
Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth14:42133,332
Unwelcome Strangers Found Living in Other People’s Homes11:43144,505
Historical Photos You Must See Before You Die (Part 3)12:41272,193
Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died - Darwin Awards Winners [Part 3]11:451,288,935
VFX REMOVED! Complex Hollywood CGI & VFX Secrets Revealed15:2086,266
True Facts That Will Shock You14:10165,283
Unbelievable Moments Streamed Live On Twitch14:30118,738
Historical Photos You Must See Before You Die (Part 2)11:54346,988
Amazing Moving Buildings11:80398,813

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