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Patrolman Arthur and pesky flies Arthur's car stuck in the ground Funny story for kids3:21221 712
Arthur and Melissa ride on tractor exavator Kids pretend play with car toys and tractor toy10:40324 029
Best story about Arthur favorite kids cars and Melissa like Police officer7:40542 622
ПОДАРКИ подписчики УПРАВЛЯЮТ МНОЙ ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ Активные игры для детей33:29109 778
Screechers wild Cars Toys Melissa and Arthur pretend play Screechers battle6:56231 747
Tractor Excavator helps Big Car stuck Kids story by Arthur and Melissa5:10632 398
Magic Playhouse with Surprises Funny kids story from Melissa and Arthur3:4785 555
Arthur ride on toy Hors to the Party with Friends unexpected Gift from Genie Talking Hors Toy5:19184 508
Melissa and Arthur Best videos about Cars and Kids Superheroes11:19140 863
Outdoor Playground for children Slides Playhouse for kids Outdoor activities with Arthur and Melissa5:51151 433
Meliss play with a new toy car from Minnie Mouse Video story about toys6:55383 926
Superhero girl Melissa hurries to help her friend Arthur3:32296 490
Arthur and Melissa pretend play POLICE5:333 941 463
New electric Car Toy Gift for Arthur from Mario Unboxing and Assembling children's car6:33434 973
Arthur and Melissa Pretend Play Car shop and Police11:201 471 614
Car stuck in the sand Arthur rides on children's Car Jeep and tows electric car3:39618 304
Arthur and Melissa unboxing and assembling a new car for children Kids ride on power wheels5:512 864 690
Big SURPRISE Gift Present a new Car Toy for Arthur's Happy Birthday5:55965 578
Arthur & Melissa both want the same TOYS4:342 514 493
CAR SHOP Arthur sells the old cars and buys a new electric car6:311 644 674
New Police CAR Arthur and Melissa pretend play Policeman and Rider4:521 362 779
The Story about ADVENTURES with Arthur Melissa and favorite CARS Toys4:171 015 295
Melissa and Arthur pretend play CAR WASH5:184 001 892
Arthur and Melissa Funny Adventure as Patrolman3:19874 008
Arthur pretend play Superhero Unboxing and assembling sportbike toy Captain America4:131 975 760
GIANT GIFT Present Toy for Melissa Cool car SURPRISE from Arthur Monster Truck6:457 395 399
BIG SURPRISE New Car for Arthur Gift Present from Melissa6:2114 493 543
Arthur builds Inflatable Playhouse for Princess Melissa5:402 150 151
Melissa and Arthur pretend play Disco party4:36497 271
Melissa wants to be a Disney Princess4:4892 957
Arthur and Melissa The BEST videos about CARS and FRIENDSHIP10:4133 392 423
Arthur's Gift Present Toy - a New Kids Playhouse for Melissa5:21516 831
Melissa chooses professions2:10233 682
Melissa and Arthur Pretend Play with Princess Carriage Inflatable Toy5:26253 486
Arthur and TWINS sisters / Melissa cloned herself!4:12104 415
Does Santa Claus exist? Kids almost caught Santa3:30366 574
Kids read a Book about Aladdine / Fairy Tale from Melissa and Arthur5:39287 108
Melissa, Arthur and Papa ride on power wheels cars at the Ferrari Land3:39465 677
Pirate found the Treasures of the Princess and other Adventures with Melissa and Arthur11:50354 193
Melissa dress up for Birthday Party5:19142 331
Melissa and Mommy pretend play Beauty saloon4:80204 751
Melissa Pretend play toys and Dress up for HALLOWEEN Party3:5597 284
Melissa and Arthur playing at the Sheep farm4:55114 994
These dolls are everywhere! Arthur came up with how to get rid of them!4:49122 928
Arthur and Melissa at the birds show / Parrots racers on the bikes and other birds5:22350 478
Melissa and Arthur rides a pony and feeding animals3:41214 211
Melissa plays hide and seek with baby doll Nastya4:50141 584
Adventures Melissa and Arthur at the House of Giants / Magic mirror3:47325 388
Melissa and Arthur pretend play with Toys for Girls and Boys11:22193 155
Arthur helps Melissa to find five little monkeys3:45349 947
Melissa and Arthur choose a profession at the playcenter3:37342 785
Melissa and Arthur ride on children's cars Compilation10:90497 481
Melissa, Arthur and Papa play Golf toys for kids! Family fun playtime3:19194 956
Melissa and Arthur pretend play Ice-Cream Cafe3:34186 568
Melissa helps Mommy! Kids Pretend Play with Cleaning Toys!5:50250 976
Melissa and Arthur playing in Cafe3:45250 147
Melissa pretend play Police Profession and other jobs - firefighter, model, artist3:24238 590
Melissa ride on children's car and stuck in the ground Arthur tows on the jeep Wrangler4:34104 521 758
Melissa and Arthur pretend play at the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM3:52736 565
Melissa and Arthur pretend play with cars and ride on power wheels Compilation11:2620 001 467
The cars toys run away from Artur!4:34441 863
Kids and adventure with Realy toy Dog3:51279 157
Melissa and Artur playing at the farm Family fun trip2:31217 466
Arthur and adventure / Kids pretend play car toys / Video for kids, children by MelliArt3:5836 426 079
Arthur rides on Tractor to helps Melissa with her Car Toy3:40807 495
Melissa had a problem with her flowers / Can Artur to save them?3:41399 174
Arthur pretend play auto mechanic and repair the children's Car Toy3:14807 214
Arthur decorating the children's Playhouse for Melissa with flowers3:55782 659
Arthur ride on power wheels car toy and stuck in the ground / Melissa tows car3:56765 975
Arthur and Melissa pretend play with Favorite toys Car, Doll and kids Playhouse3:24749 990
Happy Birthday, Arthur! Cool Gift present Surprise toy for kid4:332 712 134
Arthur and Melissa pretend play and build Playhouses for children5:334 501 979
Kids Melissa and Arthur ride on power wheels / The car ran out of petrol Arthur helps the Girl4:4332 256 446
Arthur unboxing and assembling gift present cool car for Melissa4:0075 363 201
Arthur unboxing and assembling a new car for kids5:706 155 149
Melissa unboxing and assembling ATV quad bike / Video for kids by MelliArt4:11826 402
Melissa Pretend Play with Playhouse for children and baby Doll / Funny kids video by MelliArt4:503 127 471
Arthur pretend play and ride on the new Car toys4:2035 101 437
Arthur and red toy Car wash4:196 531 194
Motorbike stuck in the mud! Arthur ride on power wheel tractor to towing sportbike3:401 926 360
Funny babies Dolls don't want to sleep! Melissa play with toys for Girls3:58216 161
Daddy's car broken down! Melissa rides on power wheel Tractor to help man3:51611 279
Funny Melissa washing kid's car and ride on power wheels/ Video for kids, children by MelliArt3:15130 111
Melissa and Arthur ride on car to help man / The Wheel went down / Video for kids by MelliArt5:502 134 691
Tractor Excavator ride on power wheel / Melissa driving on tractor and makes the order6:3163 593 549
Melissa, Arthur and Papa ride on children's Bike and Cars6:549 197 051
Arthur pretend play with a new car toy7:806 752 849
Arthur's car stucked in the sand! Melissa ride on power wheels to help brother4:40596 103
Melissa's Car Jeep stuck in the sand / Arthur ride on power wheels Tractor tows car4:22298 576
Funny kids Melissa and Artur fun playtime / Mavic Pro Drone First start / Video by MelliArt5:5693 480
3 Markers Challenge / Melissa and Daddy coloring pictures13:27676 656
Melissa and Arthur unboxing and assembling a new car / Ride on car over the snow / by MelliArt3:30888 937
Gold play button or silver for MelliArt channel / Best reward for 1 million subscribers from youtube4:17791 169
Daddy, Melissa and Artur ride on power wheels in the snow / Video for kids, children by MelliArt5:60426 789
Melissa and Arthur doing shopping at the supermarket toy store / Video for kids by MelliArt4:38280 617
Melissa and Arthur super fun day in Dubai / Vlog Video for kids, children by Melliart4:27397 648
Melissa unboxing surprise balls / Dolls collection by Melliart / Video for girls by MelliArt15:10548 995
Melissa and Arthur unboxing and play with big L.O.L Surprise Dolls Toys5:30516 314
Melissa and Artur in the Motiongate Dubai amusement park / Family fun playtime4:135 487 898
Melissa and Artur in the Legoland Dubai theme park / Funny holidays4:5414 116 585

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