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Perfect - One Direction - GAC & KHS Cover3:9012,293,408
One Thing - One Direction - Official Acoustic Cover - Julia Sheer3:24508,104
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (MattyBRaps Cover)2:2045,781,059
One Direction - Story of My Life (MattyBRaps & Carlos Guevara Cover)2:3216,436,441
Best Song Ever (Kat Krazy Remix)0
Kiss You- One Direction Cover By Gardiner Sisters5:226,424,123
They Don't Know About Us (One Direction) - Kevin Karla & La Banda (spanish version)3:255,947,219
Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition)0
"One Thing" by One Direction, cover by CIMORELLI5:3843,243,637
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction (Boyce Avenue cover) on Spotify & Apple3:5629,123,281
Story of My Life - One Direction (Boyce Avenue cover) on Spotify & Apple4:3221,664,944
Shawn Mendes - "Drag Me Down" (One Direction Cover)2:5416,284,495
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful Cover by Before You Exit3:379,738,737
One Direction - "Drag Me Down" (cover by Our Last Night ft Matty Mullins)3:4911,175,094
Best Song Ever - Megan Nicole (cover) One Direction4:608,450,334
One Direction - Story Of My Life (Andie Case Cover)4:608,250,926
Little Things (spanish version) - Kevin Karla & La Banda (Lyric Video)3:409,004,342
What Makes You Beautiful3:190
Live While We're Young3:20448
Live While We're Young3:20171
What Makes You Beautiful3:180
Story of My Life4:500
What Makes You Beautiful3:210
Little Things3:390
What Makes You Beautiful3:210
One Thing3:180
Story of My Life4:600
Up All Night3:150
You & I (Piano Version)3:430
What Makes You Beautiful3:190
Gotta Be You4:500
Night Changes3:450
One Thing3:150
One Thing3:160
What Makes You Beautiful3:180
Save You Tonight3:270
Steal My Girl3:490
One Thing (Acoustic)3:400
What Makes You Beautiful3:180
Story of My Life (Radio Edit)3:380
I Wish3:380
What Makes You Beautiful3:190
Story of My Life (Radio Edit)3:380
One Thing3:180
I Should Have Kissed You3:370
Na Na Na3:600
Live While We're Young3:213,336
Back For You2:5928,114
Best Song Ever3:2140,834
Tell Me a Lie3:1619,745
Perfect (Stripped)3:52546,481
Little White Lies3:19132,035
I Would3:2343,649
What makes you beautiful3:202,178
Little things3:391,514
Loved You First3:6036,266
Best Song Ever (Kat Krazy Remix)3:60222
Live While We're Young3:19226
Story of My Life (Radio Edit)3:400
Save You Tonight3:2512,541
Live While We're Young3:21231
Live While We're Young3:19121
Night Changes3:460
Stole My Heart3:2648
Steal My Girl3:494,650
Save You Tonight3:2747
Little Things3:390
Na Na Na3:6052
Night Changes3:470
Night Changes3:470
Best Song Ever (Kat Krazy Remix)3:60117
What Makes You Beautiful3:180
You & I3:58402
Story of My Life4:601,902
More Than This3:48326
Na Na Na3:701
What Makes You Beautiful3:1947
Kiss You3:300
Live While We're Young3:2135
What Makes You Beautiful3:190
What Makes You Beautiful3:19137
What Makes You Beautiful3:1945
Best Song Ever3:211,018
What Makes You Beautiful3:182
Drag Me Down3:130
One Thing3:18327
Little Things3:410
What Makes You Beautiful3:192,815
Gotta Be You4:50207
Gotta Be You4:50428
I Wish3:3623,042
One Thing3:181,971
Don't Forget Where You Belong4:20138,351

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