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Fact Friday #5 - Pigeon Faster Than Internet!!! Crazy Tech Facts8:10115,709
Tech Talks #991 - 12 Crore TV, Redmi K30 4G, Nokia TV Launch, TIkTok Problem, D2H Magic Stick, A9 II9:20159,439
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MediaTek Dimensity 1000 5G - Amazing Flagship 5G Processor - Explained9:10130,473
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Top Upcoming Smartphones - December 20197:16360,695
Tech Talks #988 - Realme Sad News, Flipkart Fraud, AirTel Jio Vodafone Idea Price, ISRO Spaceport9:28301,955
ColorOS 7 Update & First Look - New Updates and Features Highlight8:42439,746
#153 Sunday Tech Masala - Realme X2 Pro Vs Redmi K30??? #BoloGuruji12:50151,939
Tech Talks #987 - Sleep and Win 1 Lakh, Realme 6 Specs, Redmi Note 7 Pro Blast, Huawei Ban Issue7:40179,828
STOP Wasting Your Money on Smartphones - Premium Vs Midrange Logic9:46499,510
Tech Talks #986 - Best Camera, Dubai Police Cybertruck, S11 Bright Light Sensor, Instagram Down8:51169,927
Fact Friday #4 - More Mobile Phones Than Toothbrushes??? Weird Tech Facts7:12100,851
Tech Talks #985 - Laptop Blast, Color OS 7, Realme X50 Specs, Motorola One Hyper, Nokia Smart TV8:29150,489
Your Smartphone will DIE Soon - Why Smartphones Get SLOW???7:35233,758
Tech Talks #984 - Redmi K30 Live Photo, 5G Big Issue, ISRO CATROSAT-3 Launch, Jio Fiber, PUBG Cars8:28191,808
SIM SWAP Fraud!!! Save YOUR BANK Accounts NOW8:28329,623
Tech Talks #983 - Redmi K30 Series Launch Date, vivo x30 60x, Facebook Dark Mode, mAadhaar, S117:42177,177
The Secrets of vivo India Revealed + Giveaway Ft. Nipun Marya #vivo5years14:39551,798
Tech Talks #982 - Poco F2 108MP Launch, Realme Stock Android ColorOS7, Realme X50, Nokia TV, S118:70198,489
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case - Costly BUT Convenient!!!6:18444,195
#152 Sunday Tech Masala - Buying Tesla Cybertruck??? #BoloGuruji22:30125,648
Tech Talks #981 - iPhone 12 Pro, OnePlus Huge Data Breach, Galaxy A81, Mi Note 10 India, Galaxy S118:54261,861
Pink Ball Cricket? Why Pink Ball? Pink Ball Vs Red Ball? Pink Ball Price? Explained6:20226,920
Tech Talks #980 - Xiaomi 5G Factory, K30 Live Photo, Galaxy A71, Oppo M1 Chip, Google $1.5M Prize9:34161,853
vivo U20 Unboxing & First Look - The Complete Package???6:33441,292
Realme 5s Unboxing & First Look - Best in Budget???5:57589,573
Fact Friday #3 - Why Is Facebook Blue??? Crazy Tech Facts8:45109,812
Tech Talks #979 - Realme New Phones, Free Internet, Paytm KYC Fraud Alert, vivo U20, Galaxy A518:22171,372
Top 10 Best Selling Phones of All Time8:44325,724
Tech Talks #978 - Jio Price Rise, Xiaomi 100W Charger, Realme Earbuds, K30 Live Photo, X2 Pro11:10245,122
Realme X2 Pro Unboxing & First Look + GIVEAWAY | The REAL Champion???7:001,349,537
Tech Talks #977 - Realme X2 Pro Price, ISRO Military Satellite, Note 7s Blast, AirTel Price Rise8:40211,627
Smartphone Repairs - Why So Expensive??? The HIDDEN Secret7:45144,476
Tech Talks #976 - Indian Army Whatsapp Ban, TikTok Music, Realme CEO iPhone Use, Xiaomi 5G 20208:34186,022
Whatsapp Hacked4:35305,173
#151 Sunday Tech Masala - I Smoked 21 Cigarettes in 1 Day #BoloGuruji16:34122,264
Tech Talks #975 - 26 Lakh iPhones Arrest, Redmi K30 in 2020, Cheap 5G Phones, Realme 5s SD6658:27184,388
Don't Buy CHEAP Phones5:50428,740
Tech Talks #974 - 5 Lakh Prize, 4 lakh Fraud, Realme X2Pro Blind Sale, ISRO Gaganyan, Secret TikTok8:14173,313
Fact Friday #2 - 1 Photo = 8 Hours | Crazy Technology Facts9:80144,759
Tech Talks #973 - Chandrayaan 3 Launch, Poco F2 Launch, 47 Lakhs Airpods Pro, Moto Razr, PUBG Labs8:36205,684
Moto Razer 2019 - Expensive and Enervated - 1500$ Folding Phone - My Opinions7:15490,420
Tech Talks #972 - Redmi K30 5G, Realme 5S Specs, Galaxy A01 Leaks, New MacBook Pro 16", TikTok7:50183,710
All About 5G - The Next Gen Network - 5G Explained!!!8:53177,357
Tech Talks #971 - Galaxy A51, Realme 5S Launch, Honor V30, Anti Bacterial Bulb, Xiaomi Mouse 28:38170,555
Top 10 Crazy Tech Patents Of Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft!!!8:55118,206
Tech Talks #970 - OnePlus 8 Pro Live, Free Internet, Xiaomi Penta Pop Up Cam, Mediatek 5G, S118:56184,731
Electric Airplanes in Future - NASA X-57 Maxwell Electric Aeroplane - Safe or Unsafe?6:42110,762
#150 Sunday Tech Masala - My FAKE TikTok Account!!! #BoloGuruji21:17139,995
Tech Talks #969 - Poco F2 Pro Launch, Galaxy Fold Giveaway, A71 5G, Snapdragon 865, Realme 69:13223,111
Giving Away The 1,64,999Rs Smartphone - Samsung Galaxy Fold6:55344,559
Tech Talks #968 - Whatsapp BAN, Realme Biggest Launch, Redmi Launch, IMX686, OnePlus 8 Pro10:41218,160
Fact Friday #1 - Computer Running on Water - Interesting Tech Facts8:13139,871
Tech Talks #967 - Realme Youth Wireless Buds, Poco F2 Launch, China 6G, vivo X30, Nokia Smart TV8:57170,365
Smartphone - Telephone - Calculator | A Crazy Difference4:5397,329
Tech Talks #966 - Realme X2 Pro Launch, Samsung New 108MP, Oppo Reno 3, PUBG New Map, Robot8:44158,391
Folding 3D 360 Camera - Insta 360 EVO Unboxing & First Look - Crazy Camera8:20169,819
Tech Talks #965 - Facebook ID Verification, Mi CC9 Pro, PUBG Season 10, Color OS7, Mi Watch, LASER9:40178,823
The Magic of Charging - Wireless Reverse Charging - How does it work???5:40148,101
Tech Talks #964 - Priyanka Gandhi Hack, OnePlus Watch, Realme Dual 5G, Galaxy A51, Mi 2500 Store9:29208,412
The Dark Reality of Online Earning Apps8:40352,058
#149 Sunday Tech Masala - iPhone 11 Giveaway ka kya hua??? #BoloGuruji20:41205,661
Tech Talks #963 - TikTok Smartphone, Color OS 7, Chandrayaan 2, MediaTek Cheap 5G, Razr 20199:35191,026
Your Whatsapp Data is Unsafe!!! Pegasus Spyware Attack By Israeli Company6:10245,436
Tech Talks #962 - Xiaomi Slofie, Whatsapp Fingerprint, vivo S5, Moto Razr 2019, NPCIL Attack, W209:19173,534
Top Upcoming Smartphones - November 20197:55587,815
Tech Talks #961 - Realme 6 Launch, PUBG Season 10, Whatsapp Pay, 16 inch Macbook, Mi Note 108:46224,243
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Unboxing & First Look - The Premium Performer7:31476,665
Tech Talks #960 - Galaxy Fold 2, OnePlus 8 Launch, Xiaomi Sale Record, Moto 360, vivo S5, Mavic Mini10:35162,445
Airpods Pro Unboxing & First Look - Airpods Pro Vs Airpods? Noise Cancelling "PRO"9:90675,830
Tech Talks #959 - Airpods Pro, Mi Note 10 108MP, PUBG Anti Cheat Ban, Google Paper Phone, CC9 Pro8:22191,563
Gaming Addiction - A Real Health Problem??? Gaming and Mental Health?7:25130,878
Tech Talks #958 - Samsung Crazy Phone, Mi CC9 Pro 108MP 5 Cam, Call Of Duty Vs PUBG, Note 8T8:15235,146
5G Will Cause Cancer? 5G Radiation Problems???6:28242,518
#148 Sunday Tech Masala - Diwali Edition #BoloGuruji11:52248,832
Tech Talks #957 - TSMC 3nm, vivo 6G Patent, 3D Mona Lisa, Mi Pay, Hydrogen Phone, Rats Car, 5G8:59155,386
The Hidden Feature in iPhone 11 - U1 Chip - UWB Positioning - Endless Possibilities6:20210,540
Tech Talks #956 - Xiaomi Toilet, Samsung 12GB RAM, TCL Dual Fold Phone, Google Play Malware8:22151,806
World's Smallest Camera!!! 40KiloPixel Images - Engineering Marvel5:39192,019
Tech Talks #955 - WiFi in Trains, Car+Drone, Exynos 990 Processor, vivo Diamond Camera, MiTV10:13137,648
What is Dual Frequency GPS System??? Hidden Smartphone Feature!!!7:21133,578
Tech Talks #954 - Realme 5S, Realme Stock OS, SD865 Phone, Satellite Internet, PUBG New Map9:27177,959
Beats Powerbeats Pro Unboxing & First Look - Better than Apple Airpods???9:30307,502
Tech Talks #953 - Snapdragon 735, iPhone Xr Made in India, Xiaomi Dual In Display, TikTok Video9:25251,711
Qualcomm Vs MediaTek? Snapdragon Vs Helio? Who Wins Now? 5G???7:36313,696
Tech Talks #952 - Jio All in One Free IUC, Xiaomi Budget 5G, Moto 75inch, 19 Hour Flight, 16inch Mac10:21222,681
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Unboxing & First Look - Best Under 10K???7:201,584,271
#147 Sunday Tech Masala - New Setup Tour & More...#BoloGuruji24:22113,084
Tech Talks #951 - Jio Free IUC, TikTok Accident, PUBG Diwali Dhamaka, Redmi Note 8T, Airpods Pro9:37333,911
#Powerof10 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy S10 - Best Festive Deals - 10x Giveaway11:30373,276
Tech Talks #950 - 11 iPhone 11 Giveaway, OnePlus 8 Pro 4 Cam, Apple Ring, A90 5G, Moto Razr 20199:60223,852
11 iPhone 11 Giveaway - Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary8:381,761,706
Tech Talks #949 - iPhone Surprise, Galaxy Fold 2, Bajaj Chetak, Xiaomi Expensive Product, Moto G88:44175,196
Google Pixel 4 Unboxing & First Look | RADAR + Crazy Camera | Pizza Edition8:231,711,903
Tech Talks #948 - Redmi Note 8 Pro, Pixel 4 Launch, Realme X2 Pro Date, ISRO NavIC + Qualcomm8:28172,777
Redmi Note 8 Pro Unboxing & First Look + Giveaway | Quad Cam Performance Monster10:103,805,945
Tech Talks #947 - Realme X2 Pro, Honor Sale Offers, Redmi Note 8 Pro, OnePlus Folding Phone, Pixel 48:30198,908

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