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LATE SHOW ME MORE: Happy Valentine's Day!1:1911,991
Late Show First Drafts: Valentine's Day 20206:59272,793
Sam Heughan: Expect Lots Of Drama In The New Season Of "Outlander"6:40162,312
Jon Batiste Sings Classic Valentine's Day Black History Month Love Songs2:1077,650
James Marsden Honestly Does Not Know What Is Happening On "Westworld"8:16219,377
Maybe Coming Soon With John Oliver6:42610,882
South Carolina Primary Has Native Son Stephen Colbert All Fired Up8:701,603,271
NBA Superhero Alter Egos With Dwight "Superman" Howard3:3334,326
Will Ferrell Reveals The True Story Behind His Top-Secret Guest Appearance On A CBS Drama4:21318,138
Will Ferrell: The Oscars Are Like Hollywood Jury Duty12:26757,445
Will Ferrell Writes The Sweetest Valentine's Day Notes For His Wife8:22610,356
Kim Jong-Un Is Miffed About That Oscars Snub1:17176,128
Biden Campaign Shook, Democratic Field Narrows After New Hampshire Primary10:111,635,176
"Trump's Anatomy," Coming This Fall To CBS0:56285,765
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Trump Is Doing A Far Superior Version Of "Veep"5:45382,398
Moses Sumney: "Cut Me"4:2347,642
Meanwhile... Horny Man Threatens To Sue NFL Over Sexy J.Lo & Shakira Halftime Show6:551,313,367
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "Downhill" Is About Good People Making Bad Choices And Seeking Redemption8:43418,639
Trump's New Hampshire Rally: Ivanka Is Beautiful, Coronavirus Will Go Away By Itself10:342,697,486
John Oliver's Quest For U.S. Citizenship Culminated In An "Utterly Petrifying" Citizenship Test7:462,333,284
Introducing The President Trump Foundation Line0:54370,314
Liverpool F.C. Superfan John Oliver Likes His Team's Chances This Year4:35826,800
Alex Ebert: "Stronger"4:9076,776
John Oliver's First Crush Was Eeyore From "Winnie-the-Pooh"4:20921,316
A Vengeful Trump Strikes Out At His Enemies, Fires Vindman & Sondland During "Friday Night Massac…17:142,143,592
LATE SHOW ME MORE: Don't Ruin This For Me!1:24136,714
James Taylor Was In The Studio When The Beatles Recorded "The White Album"8:39327,817
Michael Kiwanuka: "Light"4:0059,875
Meanwhile... Red Lobster Offers Heart-Shaped Box Of Cheddar Biscuits For Valentine's Day4:55836,874
They Really Shouldn't Have Let The Iowa App Developers Handle The Oscar Votes0:50121,364
Joe Mantegna Had To Explain What A TONY Award Is To His Mom When He Won7:46278,621
Joe Biden's Poor Performance In Iowa Signals Opportunity For Mike Bloomberg's Campaign11:282,007,612
Pete Buttigieg: A Majority Of Americans Want Higher Wages And Healthcare5:53436,762
Pete Buttigieg Is The First LGBT Person To Win Delegates In Any Presidential Contest10:80905,165
Patton Oswalt Is Shocked When Stephen Colbert Tells Him To Skip "The Hobbit"9:20757,172
Patton Oswalt Hates When People Destroy A Starbucks Fixings Area2:11211,160
Trump Gives Mitt Romney A Cool New Nickname1:49359,787
Trump Proves He Hasn't Changed In Two Aggressive, Bizarre Speeches9:222,408,999
Jim Carrey Reimagines His Greatest Comedic Moments With Dramatic New Performances6:371,653,598
We Know Why Nancy Pelosi Tore Up Trump's Speech1:80455,865
Meanwhile... Gritty Is Cleared Of Assault Charge4:20779,779
Jim Carrey's Paintings Reflect the Reality Of American Politics. And Mangoes. Lots Of Mangoes.4:46688,608
Jim Carrey Makes Late Show History With Grand New Orleans-Style Entrance7:311,590,925
GOP-Controlled Senate Finds Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict14:303,261,197
Stephen's Audience Q&A: How I Became The King Of Glory2:43264,351
Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig: Trump's Is A Presidency Of One7:40547,169
How Did Iowa Get So Thoroughly Caucus Blocked?7:121,527,442
John Leguizamo: What's A Caucus Anyway?8:54393,970
Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Trump's 2020 State Of The Union Address11:212,778,683
Hey Iowa, We Fixed Your Voting Problems1:80162,195
Rob McElhenney: How "Always Sunny" Landed Danny DeVito As Co-Star11:90926,026
James Taylor's Advice For Young Songwriters3:18151,671
James Taylor: "Break Shot" Refers To The Moment When Things Go From Organized To Chaotic5:57188,257
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Goes To Washington To Cover Trump's Impeachment Trial9:901,403,597
Mr. President, Can You Find Kansas City On A Map?1:19431,918
GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial12:342,117,043
LATE SHOW ME MORE: Not Everybody Does This1:23131,550
The Border Wall Is Falling Down1:29800,377
La'Darius, Gabi & Jerry From "Cheer" Bring You "Mat Talk For Regular People"3:36356,927
Fortune Feimster Learned How To Talk Like A Lady At Debutante Class7:15326,397
Algiers: "Dispossession"4:2029,544
Edie Falco Has A Special Relationship With The Cops In Her New York Neighborhood9:38289,661
Democratic Primary Gets Weird As Iowa Caucus Draws Near10:432,001,988
Two-Man Sport-Shout: Super Football Edition!1:23101,103
John Bolton Is Committed To Getting His Story Out, Even If It Takes Down President Trump7:101,213,557
Ask-O-Matic Technology Allows Stephen Colbert To Visit Iowa Voters Without Leaving His Couch7:46536,520
Michael Stipe Once Told Donald Trump To "Shut Up" At A Concert7:35610,643
American Witness Warrior1:17169,081
Michael Stipe Got Back Into Making Music After Being Inspired By Extinction Rebellion2:11114,404
Samantha Bee: We're Going To Try To Have Fun At The 2020 Conventions7:27573,685
Trump Impeachment Trial Enters The 11th Hour With No Word On Witnesses5:501,393,163
Steve Martin & Martin Short Are Ready To Replace Harry & Meghan As Senior British Royals8:56624,435
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers: "California"3:23178,969
Meanwhile... Bacon Patch Helps Vegans Cope With Meat Cravings3:42808,612
Steve Martin: "Old Town Road" Is A Huge Hit In My House6:52543,910
Steve Martin Washes Up Before His Late Show Performance1:23184,836
According To Alan Dershowitz, Anything Trump Does Is Legal If It's Done In Pursuit Of His Reelect…14:402,708,941
Jay Hernandez Dropped The Mustache For His Portrayal Of "Magnum P.I."5:31230,149
Antonio Banderas May Bring A Spanish-Language "Chorus Line" To Broadway2:21167,930
The Age Of Impeachment1:36292,052
Antonio Banderas: Your Heart Is A Warehouse For Feelings9:20519,138
Jon Batiste & Stephen Colbert Reflect On The Loss Of Kobe Bryant7:181,565,013
Bolton Revelations Put Pressure On GOP To Allow Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial12:202,392,392
LATE SHOW ME MORE: Shall We, Maestro?1:17183,918
John Mulaney & The Midnight Snack Pack3:44163,591
Chris Cuomo: I Want Kellyanne On TV Because She Is Very Close To Donald Trump3:56629,563
David Alan Grier Once Shared A Dressing Room With Two Unknown Actors: Denzel Washington & Samuel …6:17153,686
GOP Senators Refuse To Hear Evidence In Trump Impeachment Trial1:17342,608
Jon Stewart Climbs Out From Under Colbert's Desk To Debut "Irresistible" Movie Trailer8:442,290,617
Chris Cuomo Thinks Bolton, Mulaney Would Tell The Truth If They Testify6:50801,627
Trump Fan-Boy Matt Gaetz Left Off The President's Team Of GOP Impeachment Warriors11:182,726,425
Two-Man Sport-Shout! NBA Edition1:3290,135
John Mulaney And Stephen Colbert Explore Each Other's Deepest Anxieties13:301,494,552
Notorious B.I.G. Inspires A Rap Battle At Trump's Impeachment Trial1:25308,858
Trump Brags About Obstructing Congress By Withholding Ukraine Evidence4:421,595,399
Tyler From "The Sack Lunch Bunch" Surprises John Mulaney On The Late Show4:34498,016
John Mulaney Explains How David Byrne Inspired His Comedy2:45304,665
Rep. Adam Schiff Passionately, Courageously Lays Out The Case Against Donald Trump12:102,271,987
Patrick Stewart Chose A Pit Bull Terrier As Captain Picard's #1 In "Star Trek: Picard"9:36785,407
Dick Cavett Introduces Stephen To Marlon Brando's Favorite Cocktail6:53227,234

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